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Rocket League Power Rankings 8/7 - 14/7

Archived with permission from the previous publishers, N0lks1, Fachy and B-Bearz.

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 5 people consisting of:

Chrisis - twitter

Lead Rocket League commentator for Gamestah.

Fachy - twitter

Player for Velocity.

Cyrix - twitter

Player for Another One.

yumi_cheeseman - twitter

Player for Gameroos and commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Sebadam - twitter

EU Pro Player for Crown & Jewels.

Tournament Results

  1. Alpha One

  2. SaltyCheese

  3. 3 / 4 Tied Reload eSports

  4. 3 / 4 Tied Team FuroX

  1. Royal Alliance

  2. Xylem

  3. 3 / 4 Tied 2KF1 Gaming

  4. 3 / 4 Tied Team Savage Panda

  1. Legacy eSports

  2. Blitzkrieg

  3. 3 / 4 Tied Trinity

  4. 3 / 4 Tied Lemons But Nothing

  1. Erase FD

  2. Trinity

  3. 3 / 4 Tied Legacy

  4. 3 / 4 Tied Hot Teens

News from around the region:

  • #Justgirlythings have been picked up, and are now named Phoenix Gaming

  • Ignition have been picked up, and are now named Subzero Gaming



1 - Nuovo Gaming

SnarfSnarf, Montyconnor, Bango, Jcookewhat* | Nil movement

Nuovo continue an undefeated streak winning in the Cybergamer Professional League beating Another One 5-0, scores being: 3-2, 4-3, 5-0, 3-2 and 4-1. The games started off as being close and both teams being fairly close-footed however Another One started to slip up and Nuovo continued their dominance through fast play and generally better coordination. Impressive win to sweep a #5 team.

In other news... Nuovo Gaming have been seen morphing into the Power Rangers. - Sebadam


2 - Abyss eSports

Express, Addzey,TheSchoolBus, Debat* | Nil movement

Abyss started the week entering RLO on Sunday and to everyone's surprise were beaten 1-2 by Reload in a massive upset. The loss caused a bit of controversy with Reload supposedly having a person on their team spectating. Whether you think that is an advantage is up to you. Either way, a team as strong as Abyss should be winning this game.

Later on in the week Abyss came up against Alpha Sydney in a highly anticipated CGp match. They managed to win in a tight 3-2 scoreline that game down to the last game. If Abyss can keep up their consistency against top teams they will definitely be in for a shout for that #1 spot.

- Cyrix


3 - Alpha Sydney

Dumbo, Stoney, Dicky | Nil movement

Just one competitive showing for Alpha this week, in CGp. This match-up was always going to be close between Alpha and Abyss both holding 3rd / 2nd ladder spots respectively.

The match-up was a Series of 5 (All 5 games played) and it took that many to decide a winner. Alpha won the first 2 games and Abyss won the next 2 in a row poised for a reverse sweep. Into the last minute of game 5 and the scoreline was 1-1, skipping to 25 second Addzey pop's the ball into the air at midfield where Dumbo and Stoney both fly for while Dicky is in the opponent's half as well. The ball pinches between the two hitting the crossbar coming straight back out, leaving the net open for Express to score eventually winning them the game. What i'm trying to show by recounting that is that the smallest mistake i.e going for the same ball can mean the end of a series that could have easily gone either way. - Fachy


4 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Orion, Eren, Penor* | + 1

This week we don't get a CGp game from Legacy because it being played last week due to schedule clashes. So Legacy decide to give us a taste of their fast 1,2 passplays in Gameroos Tuesday and Gameroos Thursday.

Tuesday was a breezy for Legacy going undefeated against the likes of Trinity in the semi-finals 2-0 and Blitzkrieg a new up-and-comer in the finals, again 2-0. Thursday seemed to be going the same way up until the semis where Legacy fell 2-0 to Trinity who they had just beaten on Tuesday. This might set in a little bit out doubt going into RLOC finals this Saturday and Sunday where they will have to really be playing at their best if they hope to take away first prize. - Fachy


5 - Another One

Cyrix, Stig, OssyOsbert, Plitzinator* | - 1

Another One show their first hiccup this week by taking a 0 - 5 loss to the #1 team Nuovo Gaming. After a few weeks of absolute fire, Another One are going to be absolutely devastated. They were definitely looking to at least get a couple of games in their series to keep their top 4 CyberGamer dreams alive, but they still have a slim chance with a 5 - 0 against velocity next week. On the plus side though, these boys have won their second RLO in a row bringing in their seeming supersub Dumbo from Alpha Sydney to take 1st place prize in a highly viewed Grand Final 3 - 0ing Salty Cheese. It should give them a good confidence boost and momentum into the end of the season. - yumi_cheeseman


6 - Control eSports

Daisu, Turtle, Drippay, Floppers* | Nil movement

Control didn't play a single match this week, holding on to their spot in 6th place. There used to be a time where you couldn't make enough tournaments for Control to play in, but they have somewhat pulled back of late. Hopefully they keep up their performance going into next week of CyberGamer, and RLOC Saturday. - yumi_cheeseman


7 - Team FuroX

Kapow_power, Ultra, Outlast, Turbul4nc3* | + 2

Furo, having not yet played this week's CyberGamer match only made an appearance in RLO A's bracket and Gameroos Thursday. Gameroos saw Furo only making a appearance in the group stage, which because of that only being a Bo1 and pinch goals can decide the game/series we don't take into account for rankings. RLO showed a little more success beating out the muck-up team of SsTeVe, EyeDeeKay and Epanai 2-0, but unfortunately falling to the again, muck-up team of Dumbo, Cyrix and Stig. This must be FuroX's lucky week with substantial shifts happening with teams above them, due to poor results they get a + 2 this week now they just have to keep it. - Fachy


8 - Gameroos XD

Yumi_Cheeseman, Aoe_emp, DabeastXD, SToRMCLoRD* | + 2

Again this week only a CyberGamer showing from Gameroos with a unsurprising 4-1 against Jam Gaming who were running Lunchpacker as the new core for their team after B-bearz departure. Besides from that Gameroos will be competing in the RLOC finals this weekend after making it out of the Invitational Qualifier 3 weeks ago. Their pitted in group B alongside Legacy, A1 and Alpha Sydney. This will be a tough group for them against these high calibre teams, but Gameroos have always seemed to perform better against the higher teams rather than the lower ones, so really anything is possible. - Fachy


9/10 Tied Velocity

Fachy, Siki, Seeker, Fake* | - 2

Velocity were up against Heart & Swole this week in a must win match. With both teams battling hard, Velocity went down 3-2 in a match-up that could have went either way but one I think Velocity should be winning. Velocity were also in Gameroos Tuesday but were uneventful just missing out by a game to make the finals.

Overall Velocity are a tricky one. They definitely have the talent there but they just can't seem to put up any decent results. I'm not sure what it is to be honest. From an outsider's perspective they seem to be having communication issues and troubles with rotations which is hindering their defence.

- Cyrix


9/10 Tied InVidious

Sparks, Coleslaw, FrenchFries | - 2

Another week with no showing from Invidious sends them down 2 places again. They weren't available for this week's Cybergamer match, playing it last week. With one week remaining in CyberGamer, they need to 5 - 0 Alpha Sydney and hope that Legacy get 5 - 0'd by Nuovo to be able to make it to the top 4. Things are looking bleak for Invid, but we're hoping they come back over the next few weeks and reclaim their place near the top. - yumi_cheeseman

Teams to watch

Chrisis: Trinity

Fachy: Trinity

Cyrix: FuroX

yumi_cheeseman: Trinity

Sebadam: Heart & Swole

Here's how the committee ranked the top 10:



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