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RL Oceania is excited to present the RLO Masters! Sponsored by Psyonix, this monthly tournament circuit is the new foundation of Oceanic Rocket League, where players can compete for a total of US$3500+ in monthly cash prizes.

Starting on the 8th of October, teams of all skill levels will have the chance to step up to the plate in either one of two divisions. The Masters Division will be reserved for Oceania’s best, as they battle week in week out, whilst the Open Division welcomes any up and comers who are eager to break the bubble! 

During each month teams across both divisions will compete for prize money and circuit points in weekly events. These weekly events will follow a double elimination group stage into a single elimination playoffs format. At the end of each month, top performing teams will be invited to the monthly finals. Here, players can compete for even more prize money. Along with this, teams in the Open Division finals will also be fighting for a chance to compete in the Masters division, replacing lower performing teams in the Masters Division.

Head here to register for the October Open weekly events!

Outside of the player experience, fans can catch the action over on, every Thursday night for weekly events and the first Tuesday of every month for the Monthly finals. Along with this, we’re opening up portions of the competition for community and associate broadcasts to cover additional matches each and every week!

To apply to be a community broadcaster, head over to our application page here and scroll down to the community broadcasts.

Coupled with the broadcasts, we’re also hosting a range of other tournament information over on our hub. The hub includes the current monthly standings, upcoming events and more!

On a bittersweet note, this does mean that our beloved RLO 3v3 Series will be discontinued until further notice, as the new RLO Masters events will take its place.

Make sure to follow us on twitter @RLOceania for updates on the tournament. We can't wait to bring you some of the best Oceanic Rocket League action!


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