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Its time to pack your bags and get the show on the road as the 2020 RLO Masters November Finals are about to kickoff! Here’s everything you need to know about this month's finals.


Sponsored by Psyonix, the RLO Masters hosts a multi-division monthly tournament circuit featuring two division's, the Open and Masters. The Open division challenges new and upcoming talent that are looking to level up their skills. The Master's division sees the battle of the OCE titans, week in, week out.

After 4 weeks of competition, the Monthly finals brings the top 8 teams from each division. the Open Division teams will be competing for their spot in the Master's Division, whilst the Master's Division teams will be fighting to be crowned Oceania's November Masters!


In the Master's division, all of the fan favourites are here! After 4 weeks of competition, the Renegades have taken 3 of the weekly titles. While they are second on the leaderboard in terms of Circuit Points, they are definitely one of the favoured teams to win the November championship.

With Mindfreak, Dire Wolves and R!OT Gaming all qualifying within 20 Points of each other, they will be looking to prove themselves by climbing up the ladder and maybe even securing a monthly championship.

Quater-final Matchups:

Cringe Society vs. R!OT Gaming

Canberra Havoc vs. Overt

Renegades vs. Dire Wolves

Ground Zero vs. Mindfreak

In the Open division, you may see some familiar faces, one of those being Vort Central, the current 6th placed team in RLCS X. They have officially started their journey through the Open Division, after declining their invitation into the Master's last month.

Although Southern Stars ceased their operations last week, the team will be sticking together under the new name 'Apples are Sour'!

Additionally, Team Fenrir, previously known as Calciyum, will be one of the favoured teams to take the event after garnering 492 Open Circuit Points this month.

Quater-final Matchups:

Team Fenrir vs. Vort Central

Spectral Gaming vs. Flaps

reLAXin vs. Wazooo

Apples are sour vs. Slow Brain Good Brain


Date & Time:

Tuesday, 1st December, 6:30pm AEDT (8:30pm NZDT, 3:30pm AWST, 8:30am CET & 12:30am PDT)

Master and Open Broadcasts:

Just like we did for the Weekly events, the Master's Division will be broadcasted on the official RL Oceania Twitch channel along with the regular community caster channels! Make sure to follow us on Twitch so that you don't miss any action from the pitch.

As both the Masters and Open divisions will be playing at the same time, we're partnering up with additional community streamers, Mercury and Frewty to bring you all the action from the Open division.

In addition to all of this, the Master's Hub will not only be your go-to place to keep up with all the information on the tournament but also provides you with our specially designed 'Watch page'. This will make it easy for you to swap in-between the Masters and Open Division streams so that you never miss any of the action.


If you watched the ANZAC Invitational, or the Rocket League Spring Series, then you have already seen what the format looks like! If you didn't get the chance to watch, here's a quick breakdown on what will be happening.

The Monthly Finals will feature an 8 Team Double Elimination Bracket. It's simple, if you win you move on, if you lose twice, you're out of the November Finals! After 13 intense series and a Grand Final, we will crown Oceania's November Masters!

We're also powering up the prizes! just like the October Finals, we'll see an overall prize pool of $2,000USD in the Master's Division and $450USD in the Open Division.

Masters Division.

  • 1st Place: $750USD

  • 2nd Place: $500USD

  • 3rd Place: $400USD

  • 4th Place: $350USD

Open Division

  • 1st Place: $240USD + Masters Division Qualification

  • 2nd Place: $120USD + Masters Division Qualification

  • 3rd Place: $90USD

Make sure to tune in to the 2020 RLO Masters November Finals on December 1st at 6:30pm AEDT (8:30pm NZDT, 3:30pm AWST, 8:30am CET & 12:30am PDT), over on Twitch and the Masters Hub. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the updates and upsets as they happen. We'll see you on Tuesday!


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