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RLO Power Rankings | Edition #14 (21/10/2021)

Welcome to the RLO Power Rankings.

The top Oceanic teams are ranked by a committee of Community Leaders, who base the rankings off tournament results from Majors, Minors and Premier events in the local and international circuits. During the regular season, we will look to update the power rankings around every two or so weeks, however, during offseason periods updates will understandably be made sparingly.

The fourteenth edition of the RLO Power Rankings looks at the results from the following tournaments:


1. - Renegades ( +1 )

CJCJ, Kamii, Fever, Zukoe (S), LBP (C)

New Champions

Renegades off-season charge to the top was cemented by their dominant performance throughout the first OCE Regional of RLCS '21-22.

Throughout all stages of the Fall Regional, Renegades' only downfall came during the Invitational Qualifier with a 2-3 loss to R!OT Gaming.

During the Playoffs, Renegades on Championship Sunday chose violence, with a clean sweep against Dire Wolves 4-0 before then shattering records with the biggest goal differential of +22 goals to Ground Zero. The record is the largest to be recorded for a series in an RLCS main event.

Renegades would go on to win the Grand Final 2-1 overall (4-0, 3-4, 4-0) against the defending Oceanic Champions.


2. - Ground Zero ( -1 )

Express, Torsos, Amphis, Jimmah (C)

Knocked off Top Step

The reigning OCE Champions from RLCS X have been suddenly knocked off their perch by the Renegades, with a lacklustre performance in the Grand Final of the first Regional.

Ground Zero's long-awaited return to competitive play following the off-season, was perhaps too long, evident by a tight series with The Grogans and R!OT Gaming in the Invitational and Playoffs stages of the Fall Regional.

Whilst Ground Zero was dominant throughout late 2020 and the majority of 2021, the tide has begun to swing in Renegades favour, with what shapes up to be an interesting battle for the top spot in OCE.


3rd - R!OT Gaming ( +1 )

Kaka, Finn, Tango, Joshuadx7 (S)

Pushing for Top 2

Sparking havoc in the Invitational Qualifiers, R!OT Gaming finished Day 1 as the 2nd seed going into the Main Event following 3-0 victories against Panik Gaming and Forkidden. The qualification series against Renegades went to game 5, with R!OT Gaming holding their nerves, showing the motivation from the team which has been consistent all throughout the off-season.

However, a shaky performance in the Swiss Stage saw R!OT qualify as the 6th seed going into the Playoffs.

During the Playoffs, R!OT Gaming launched out of gates against the Bandits. Following the successful series, they were then tasked with knocking off the defending Oceanic Champions in Ground Zero, in which they exposed many weaknesses in the armour by sending them to Game 7, though falling agonisingly short.

Whilst they didn't walk away with the victory, their ability to knock off Renegades and almost steal a victory off Ground Zero has established themselves as a clear contender to steal a Major qualification spot this Split.


4. - Dire Wolves ( -1 )

Fiberr, Misty, Walcott, Vive (C)

Overwhelmed by Rodents

A shaky display in the Swiss Stage against Rancid Rats Reborn has seen Dire Wolves slip down to fourth place on the board. Following an impressive off-season, strong expectations were placed on this roster.

Sadly, following the shaky result against the Rats in the Swiss Stage, the Wolfpack was forced to into a rematch against the Rats in the Playoffs.

Whilst experience from the veteran, Walcott, assisted in the roster being able to close out a 4-2 victory, the roster was unable to regain any positive momentum going into the final day, being swept by the Renegades.


5. Juicd Bandits ( +4 )

Spratt, Zayd, Hawk

Juicd Up!

Storming to victory in both the Invitational and Main Event Swiss Stage, has resulted in the darkhorses sharply shooting up the board to their respective and well-earnt 5th position.

Following victories against Wildcard, Rancid Rats, Team Bliss and R!OT Gaming, the roster has shown that they have found the correct chemistry to enable the mechanical ability of Hawk, as he is complemented well by the all-rounder playstyle of both Zayd and Spratt.


6. - Wildcard Gaming ( -1 )

Decka, Cavemanben, Siki

Full of Mystery

Whilst it's very early days for the current RLCS Season, there were some disappointing results to be highlighted by the Wildcard roster which you wouldn't expect from such individuals

The Invitational Qualifier was a day to forget, with the team going from 2-0 (+6) to finish the day 2-3 (-3). Victories against Big GOOSE and Dire Wolves were positive, but losses to Juicd Bandits and Rats Reborn were upsets that were not expected to occur for a team expected to be Top 4.

Thankfully, peace was restored in the Closed Qualifier, with victories against Bougee's Angels, Fire Breathing Duckies and The Grogans.

Whilst never in full control, the ability to scrap together qualification for the Playoffs stage is a positive outcome for the roster which had an up and down fortnight at the office.


7. - Forkidden ( -1 )

Superlachie, Bananahead, Scrubbed

Slowly Rebuilding

Whilst the roster is the same on paper from RLCS X, the roster which caused a lot of pain for other teams earlier in the year has lost that poisonous aggressive bite they previously had.

Narrowly qualifying for Top 8 in both the Invitational and Swiss Stage for the Main Event, has community figures and power rankers worried about the inconsistency of the roster, impacting the longevity of their ability to challenge for a Major spot.


8 - Rancid Rats Reborn ( NEW )

delusioN, SSteve, Lerky

Return to Top 8

SURPRISE!! The Rats are back and they looked to make a powerful statement in Fall Regional 1.

Defeating two titans in Wildcard Gaming and Dire Wolves throughout the event, has placed everyone on notice as the roster continues to develop and produce a revamped playstyle.

With the additional motivation to make a statement following their controversial time off, the roster will look to continue making a name for themselves.


9. - Team Bliss ( -1 )

Vortexioz, Snowy, Cobbo, Lunr (S), 7111 (C)

Consistency Playoff Streak Broken

Vortexioz and Snowy's streak of reaching the Top 8 in an RLCS Regional have been snapped following their unfortunate loss in the Swiss Stage against R!OT Gaming. The streak lasted 12 events during the entirety of RLCS X and was sadly broken in a 3-0 sweep in the first Regional.

With the roster capable of returning to form, the team will be hot favourites, out for revenge against teams such as Forkidden, Rancid Rats and Wildcard Gaming who are within their reach.


10. - The Grogans ( -1 )

Requiem, Mock, TBA, Shorez (S)

Nervous Beginnings

The roster which had so much potential, starts their RLCS '21-22 campaign on shaky ground following a disappointing first regional.

The Grogans are the only team across all stages, the Invitational Qualifier, Closed Qualifier and Main Event to play ALL 15 playable swiss rounds, highlighting their inconsistency.

Following the conclusion of the first Regional, it was advised following a statement from the team that Shorez will be stepping down to a substitute role within the roster to obtain experience as an understudy of their unnamed replacement who is yet to be announced.

With this being the first roster change in OCE this season, the team will be stripped of their current points and be sent back through the Open Qualifier.


11. - Team Eros ( +3 )

RemiK, Gussy, Sour


12. - Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies ( NEW )

Baked Potato, Laxin, Mel kin, Leviathan (S)


13. - Big GOOSE ( NEW )

Tobee, Scout, Shmoopernator

14. - HMS Endeavor ( NEW )

Homie, Change, Ceeva

15. - 1620 Kings ( -3 )

Kuma, Jaffa, xAimz


JBL Quantum Team on the Rise

Following their outstanding performance in RLCS 2021-22 Fall Regional 1, Juicd Bandits has shown outstanding growth and grit against the bubble and top four teams in the region. Superb results on a consistent basis see them awarded with the 'JBL Quantum Team on the Rise'.

We look forward to observing their continued development ahead of the next RLCS Regional event.


RLCS 2021-22 - Fall Split: Regional 1


1st Renegades 2nd Ground Zero 3rd/4th R!OT Gaming 3rd/4th Dire Wolves 5th/8th Forkidden 5th/8th Rancid Rats Reborn

5th/8th Wildcard Gaming

5th/8th Juicd Bandits

9th/11th The Grogans

9th/11th Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

9th/11th Team Bliss

12th/14th Big GOOSE

12th/14th HMS Endeavor

12th/14th Team Eros

15th/16th 1620 Kings

15th/16th Rust-eze


The Gauntlet

Playoff Standings

1st Renegades 2nd R!OT Gaming 3rd Dire Wolves 4th Team Bliss 5th Trident Esports

6th/7th Wildcard Gaming

6th/7th Sup


Wrap Up

That's a wrap for the RLO Power Rankings fourteenth edition, be sure to keep up to date on our Twitter for live updates on tournaments, rosters and news.

Join the discussion around the power rankings in our Discord!

Power Ranking Committee:

Joshua "Basincc" Rickwood - RLO Events Director

Max "FormalCasting" VonNeumann - RLCS Commentator

David "Yumi_cheeseman" Lane - RLCS Analyst

Cameron "CJCJ" Johns - Professional Player for Renegades

Sean "Vive" Green - Dire Wolves Coach/Manager

Article Edited By:

Benjamin "Dover" O'Connor

© RL Oceania 2021

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