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Welcome to the RLO Power Rankings.

The top Oceanic teams are ranked by a committee of Community Leaders, who base the rankings off tournament results from Majors, Minors and Premier events in the local and international circuits. During the regular season, we will look to update the power rankings around every two or so weeks, however, during offseason periods updates will understandably be made sparingly.

The eleventh edition of the RLO Power Rankings looks at the results from the following tournaments:

We would like to make everyone aware that this edition is in relation to prior information being made available of multiple roster changes which have occurred since the conclusion of RLCS Spring Split. In future editions all of these transfers will be reflective in upcoming Power Rankings


1. - Ground Zero ( - )

Express, Torsos, Amphis, Jimmah (C)

Cream of the Crop!

Ground Zero Gaming were on a warpath during the OCE Major, as they decimated every roster opposite them on the pitch. The roster only lost a single game to LG Dire Wolves in the Playoffs stage, as they went on take another split championship.

With the Oceanic Championship right around the corner, they will be heavily favoured to walk away as victors, in what has been a historic streak of victories in the OCE Region.


2. - Cringe Society ( +1 )

Drippay, Decka, Julz, Siki (S), ENiGMA (C)

Clutched Up.

When all the chips were down in Game 7 of the Semi-finals against Renegades, only 1 team would walk away with a ticket into the Oceanic Championship.

After an attempted reverse sweep by the slow-starting Renegades, the roster was able to stack the box and continue their OCE RLCS X journey.


3rd - Renegades ( -1 )

Kamii, CJCJ, Fever, LBP (C)

Defeated at the Final Hurdle.

Valiant efforts by Renegades in Regional 3 saw them leapfrog Cringe Society with the opportunity to secure qualification into the OCE Championships.

Sadly, the miracle climb back to the champions circle fell agonisingly short as the newly acquired Fever was unable to slot the crucial game 7 goals.

The off-season is going to be a great place for this rosters chemistry to grow, as early signs see them potentially knocking off Ground Zero later into 2021.


4. - LG Dire Wolves ( +1 )

Fiberr, Misty, Vive (C)

Super Sub Activated!

Prior the commencement of Regional 3, it was announced that ZeN had been released from Dire Wolves in a move which would see Vive promoted to core, a familiar role to the one he played at the conclusion of the Fall Split.

Regional 3 saw the newly dubbed rivalry of Gaming Gamers consisting of ZeN, Hawk and Laxin matching up against the roster in the Knockout Gauntlet. Sadly for Dire Wolves, the Gaming Gamers were able to serve the fatal blow and deliver revenge for ZeN's departure.

The Spring Major sent Dire Wolves into the group of death consisting of R!OT Gaming, Cringe, Ground Zero and Overt, who all could potentially miss out on Playoffs on an off-day. Fortunately, the roster was able to clutch up and reach the Playoffs, where they dismantled Mindfreak 4-0 and took a single game off Ground Zero Gaming.


5. Mindfreak ( +1 )

Requiem, Cavemanben, Zayd, Lethalforlife (C)

Onwards to the Off-Season

If you were to sum up Mindfreak's Spring Split it could be graded as a 'C'. The departure of Fever definitely has plagued this roster's consistency, unable to be a continuous threat to the teams above.

Whilst the addition of all-rounder Zayd has filled the void to some capacity, inconsistent results in the Major alone showed that even with other teams using substitutes they could be dismantled.


6. - Canberra Havoc ( +1 )

Snowy, Vortexioz, Tango, Tarbs (S)

New Heights in Regional 3

Canberra Havoc has finally broken into the echelon bubble team after reaching new heights in Regional 3.

Throughout the entire RLCS X season it has been evident that this roster has continued to grind and be competitive. When at their peak, they can even give Ground Zero a run for their money. The series against GZ in the Semi-finals shows 4-1, but each map was decided by only a single goal.

Sadly following recent news made public by the players, the off-season will be an opportunity for them to explore new options.


7. - Team Eros ( +1 )

Spratt, Mock, Cobbo, Cruzza (C)

Breaching from the Underworld.

The roller coaster of the Spring Split for the Team Eros boys has finally ended. Though the first event of the Spring Split saw them tied 9th, they have since consistently finished tied 5th and have been continuing to display individual growth.

Individual player stock for the upcoming off-season has definitely risen and with news of exploring new options in recent weeks, it will be interesting to see where each player lands.


8 - R!OT Gaming ( +1 )

Walcott, SPYDOGE, Scruffy

Peace on the horizon

The riots have now calmed down as the RLCS X campaign has concluded, following a Spring Split that was derailed by the departure of Le Duck.

Credit is to be given to Scruffy, who was thrown into a tough situation for a majority of the Spring Split lacking experience against the best, whilst being televised to thousands of viewers across the world.

The off-season provides a great opportunity for the roster to evaluate a new third, whilst additionally providing Scruffy a great opportunity to be snatched by an off-season bubble team formation if R!OT wish to release their safety blanket.


9. - Overt ( -5 )

Superlachie, Bananahead, Scrubbed, Viiexn (S)

Spinning down the pile.

Inconsistency with the roster not competing at full strength and the constant rotation of players with their substitute results in Overt's demotion to 9th.

When at full strength, this roster can be considered a Top 6 roster, but will the players be acquired by other teams looking for a youthful upgrade during the off-season?


10. - Donkey Squad ( +1 )

Matro, kaka, Finn

Major experience.

Donkey Squad were provided with a great opportunity to improve and develop during the OCE Major, after an outstanding performance in Regional 3.

Results on paper didn't provide them with a single victory in the Major, though the effort from rookie, kaka, along with Finn, who debuted in Fall alongside the veteran Matro, shows signs for a bright future ahead.


11. - Dumbo's Team ( -1 )

Dumbo, Le Duck, Riv, Sage (S)


12. - Team Skyfire ( NEW )

Ghost, Zukoe, Kenny Salmon


13. - ReLAPsin ( -1 )

CJM, Baked Potato, RemiK

14. - Ignister Esports ( NEW )

Aza, Homie, Change

15. - Panik Gaming ( NEW )

Joel, Eli, Moss, Junior (S), Fluqz (C)



Spring Split - Regional 3 Results

1st Ground Zero Gaming 2nd Renegades 3rd/4th Canberra Havoc 3rd/4th Mindfreak 5th/8th Deus Inferos 5th/8th R!OT Gaming 5th/8th Cringe Society 5th/8th Donkey Squad

9th/12th Forbidden Gaming

9th/12th Gaming Gamers

9th/12th Dumbo's Team

9th/12th Team Skyfire



Spring Split - Oceania Major Results

1st Ground Zero Gaming 2nd Cringe Society 3rd/4th LG Dire Wolves 3rd/4th Renegades 5th/8th Team Eros 5th/8th Mindfreak 5th/8th R!OT Gaming 5th/8th Canberra Havoc

9th/10th Overt

9th/10th Donkey Squad


The League - Season 2 Results

1st Renegades 2nd Ground Zero Gaming 3rd Cringe Society 4th Mindfreak 5th Canberra Havoc 6th Max's Rancid Rats

7th/8th Donkey Squad

7th/8th Deus Inferos

9th/10th Co-Workers

9th/10th Mako

11th/12th LG Dire Wolves

11th/12th R!OT Gaming


Wrap Up

That's a wrap for the RLO Power Rankings eleventh edition, be sure to keep up to date on our Twitter for live updates on tournaments, rosters and news.

Join the discussion around the power rankings in our Discord!

Power Ranking Committee:

Joshua "Basincc" Rickwood - RLO Events Director, LG Dire Wolves Assistant General Manager

Max "FormalCasting" Vonneumann - RLO Broadcast Team Manager

David "Yumi_cheeseman" Lane - RLCS Analyst

Cameron "CJCJ" Johns - Professional Player for Renegades

Sean "Vive" Green - LG Dire Wolves Coach/Manager, 6Mans Moderator

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