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RLO Power Rankings | Edition #13 (7/10/2021)

Welcome to the RLO Power Rankings.

The top Oceanic teams are ranked by a committee of Community Leaders, who base the rankings off tournament results from Majors, Minors and Premier events in the local and international circuits. During the regular season, we will look to update the power rankings around every two or so weeks, however, during offseason periods updates will understandably be made sparingly.

The thirteenth edition of the RLO Power Rankings looks at the results from the following tournaments:

Please note that currently this edition is in reflection of current off-season teams and results and is subject to change with the continuation of roster movement.


1. - Ground Zero ( - )

Express, Torsos, Amphis, Jimmah (C)

Scratchy Showcase

Ground Zero made their first appearance in the off-season last weekend when participating in RLO For The Kids.

Whilst the roster finished a convincing second place, both series against R!OT Gaming and Dire Wolves were nail-biting, showing signs of cracks that need to be filled. With Dire Wolves taking a 4-1 victory in the Grand Final, the cat is officially out of the bag and with RLCS commencing this week, anyone could make a successful run at the defending champions.


2. - Renegades ( - )

CJCJ, Kamii, Fever, Zukoe (S), LBP (C)

Dominating Gauntlet

Domination in The Gauntlet is not an unfamiliar phrase associated with Renegades.

Their continued ability to pull victories against Dire Wolves and R!OT Gaming has been impressive during the offseason.

However, cracks and weaknesses were exposed during RLO For The Kids, with a surprisingly close series against Bros On Their Toes, Whilst it must be noted that this series was played with their substitute Zukoe, the following series against Dire Wolves with a full-strength side didn't show much improvement.

With Ground Zero still getting back into the swing of things, the top spot is still up for grabs.


3rd - Dire Wolves ( +1 )

Fiberr, Misty, Walcott, Vive (C)

Finding Form

The wolfpack have been out for blood in the last fortnight.

Facing elimination in The Gauntlet, the roster dominated in back-to-back weeks, promoting themselves into consideration for the top 2 in the region. Fuelling the conversation was their dominating performance in RLO For The Kids with a 3-1 and 4-1 victory over both Renegades and Ground Zero.

All eyes are on the wolfpack into if they can showcase this form going into the first Regional.


4. - R!OT Gaming ( -1 )

Kaka, Finn, Tango, Joshuadx7 (S)

Donkey's Signed

Previously known as Donkey Squad, the newly signed R!OT Gaming have continued to demonstrate their claim of 4th best, after defending the title against Wildcard Gaming in The Gauntlet - Week 4.

As the off-season concludes the rivalry between the guys and Dire Wolves stands at 3-5 in favour of Dire Wolves following recent matchups in The Gauntlet and RLO For The Kids.

It's officially anyone's opportunity to claim top spot going into the First Regional, will these boys bring the riot?


5. Wildcard Gaming ( +1 )

Decka, Cavemanben, Siki

Wildcards Indeed

FINALLY!! Cringe Society have been signed by Wildcard Gaming.

Wildcard Gaming returns to Rocket League after 4 years where they originally entered into North America. The roster was determined to showcase their initial signing with a dominating performance in Week 3 of The Glove, where they had to battle through all stages of the event.

Through their valiant effort in Week 4 of The Gauntlet, the roster narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Finale of the Gauntlet and will have to battle through the Wildcard Qualifiers this upcoming Thursday.

Will the wildcards win the wildcard ticket into the Gauntlet Finale? Time will only tell.


6. - Forkidden ( NEW )

Superlachie, Bananahead, Scrubbed

Youngsters Reunited

The youngest roster partnership in Oceania have returned.

With the roster reuniting, we are keen to see if they can return to their previous form, where they almost knocked off the champions in Ground Zero during RLCS X. The unknown of how this team will perform and last is a question that will likely be answered early into the season.


7. - Vort Central ( - )

Vortexioz, Snowy, Cobbo, Lunr (S), 7111 (C)

Consistency Forming

The most consistent duo in Oceania's history continues to strike with Vortexioz and Snowy showing that they'll be another Top 8 contender this coming Season.

The roster has continued to reach playoffs or breach into The Gauntlet as the qualifying team from The Glove, though being immediately eliminated. The roster has its final chance to showcase its ability in the Gauntlet Wildcard this Thursday. The early prediction is a matchup with Wildcard Gaming for the qualification spot.


8 - The Grogans ( NEW )

Requiem, Mock, Shorez

Taste Testing

The news coming from the fans this off-season following the disbandment of Mindfreak was "where will Requiem land?" and finally those questions have been answered.

Requiem will be teaming with Mock and Shorez, who are both fresh faces to the RLCS stage, after competing on low bubble team rosters during the offseason. With no result based performance indicators, this roster will be someone to watch in the Qualifiers of RLCS this week.


9. - Juicd Bandits ( NEW )

Spratt, Zayd, Hawk


"My darkhorses of Regional 1" quotes Basincc, following the announcement of Spratt, Zayd and Hawk this week by Bandits ESC. The roster formally competing under Ex-Dreamhack has been an irregular feature of The Glove with members being unavailable or substituted out during competition.

With the experience Zayd showed when he stood-in for Renegades during the Winter Split, combined with Spratt's overall improvement last season, the pair's combination could provide a good ol' shake up in the standings!


10. - JoE ( NEW )

SPYDOGE, Le Duck, Moss

Regular Partnership Returns

Former teammates during RLCS 8, 9 and X in SPYDOGE and Le Duck have formed a new roster with the acquisition of former Panik Gaming member Moss.

With the playstyles we know from both SPYDOGE and Le Duck, it will be intriguing to see how Moss slots into a spot which had previously been filled by Walcott.


11. - Bros On Their Toes ( NEW )

Airmac, Azmo, Negative

All For The Kids!

RLO For The Kids almost displayed the first biggest upset in Oceania history in quite some time, with Bros on Their Toes almost knocking out the Renegades in the Quarter-Finals.

The series nearly sparked a reverse sweep before Renegades held on in a close Game 5 with a 2-0 scoreline. With a strong performance from Airmac and Azmo leading the offensive aggression, this roster with more playtime under their belt, look to soon turn some heads.


12. - Trident Esports ( NEW )

Smash, Viictus, RoToR

Flying Under the Radar

The biggest storyline coming out of The Glove - Week 4 is Trident Esports, formally known as Deez.

With the final qualification spot on the line for the Wildcard event in The Gauntlet, Deez entered the week needing to win the event in its entirety or be sent home empty handed.

They battled through the entire bracket knocking off Panik Gaming, Beastin Out, Smasha5000 and Big GOOSE in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final wasn't without its struggle where the boys had to battle back from 1-2 in the series, eventually walking away the victors. The final goal count of the series was 17-14, a series that sent the defence under the microscope.


13. - Bad Habits ( -5 )

Kuma, Jaffa, xAimz

14. - Team Eros ( NEW )

RemiK, Gussy, Sour

15. - Wazooo ( NEW )

Tigr, Kachow, Scarth, Morse (S), Brabes (C)


JBL Quantum Team on the Rise

Following their outstanding performance in The Glove in Week 4, Trident Esports has shown outstanding growth and grit against the bubble teams. Superb results on a consistent basis see them awarded with the 'JBL Quantum Team on the Rise'.

We look forward to observing their continued development ahead of the next RLCS season and Gauntlet Wildcard.


The Gauntlet

Final Standings

1st Renegades 2nd R!OT Gaming 3rd Dire Wolves 4th Sup 5th Wildcard Gaming

6th Trident Esports

7th Vort Central

8th Rancid Rats Reborn

9th Bad Habits


RLO For The Kids


1st Dire Wolves 2nd Ground Zero 3rd/4th R!OT Gaming 3rd/4th Renegades 5th/8th Da Girlz 5th/8th Vort Central

5th/8th 4TheKids

5th/8th Connoisseurs


Wrap Up

That's a wrap for the RLO Power Rankings thirteenth edition, be sure to keep up to date on our Twitter for live updates on tournaments, rosters and news.

Join the discussion around the power rankings in our Discord!

Power Ranking Committee:

Joshua "Basincc" Rickwood - RLO Events Director Article Edited By:

Benjamin 'Dover' O'Connor

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