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Welcome to the RLO Power Rankings.

The top Oceanic teams are ranked by a committee of Community Leaders, who base the rankings off tournament results from Majors, Minors and Premier events in the local and international circuits. During the regular season, we will look to update the power rankings around every two or so weeks, however, during offseason periods updates will understandably be made sparingly.

The eighth edition of the RLO Power Rankings looks at the results from the following tournaments:

RLCS X - Winter Split: Regional 3 RLO Masters - January 2021


1. - Ground Zero ( - )

Express, Torsos, Amphis, Jimmah (C)

Standing Strong!

Ground Zero once again sit at the top, after taking out the Winter Split with a dominant 1052 points. The lead now stretches to 201 points over Cringe Society in 2nd place in the overall standings.

The champions were denied the opportunity of the 3-peat title for the Winter Split, following a questionable 'Rule 1' lead their semi-final series into a game 7. Good fortune would go against them as the series was reverse swept by the Ninjas.

The upset isn't anything to be concerned about at the moment, as they continue to show dominance in the RLO Masters.


2. - Dire Wolves ( +2 )

ZeN, Fiberr, Misty, Vive (c)

Wolves on the hunt!

The wolfpack has found themselves in second for the first time, after an great start to the 2021 campaign.

The roster came out of the gates firing with a dominant victory in Week 1 of the RLO Masters, before finishing 2nd in the following week to Ground Zero.

However heartache struck the team as they narrowly missed a victory in Regional 3, falling to a hot Ninja team.

Needless to say Dire Wolves is currently the most threatening roster going into the Major and Spring Split.


3rd - Cringe Society ( - )

Decka, Drippay, Julz, ENiGMA (C)

Cringe Society continues in third after starting 2021 with a mixture of good and poor performances in the RLO Masters.

The roster is yet to show any threat of stealing a victory in either RLCS or Masters, but could they be leading the entire region into a false sense of security?


4. - Renegades ( -2 )

Shaky start to 2021!

Renegades have struggled to find the winning edge after the Christmas break, which has seen rivals such as Team Fenrir, break them down in both the RLO Masters and RLCS.

Renegades were nearly sent packing in the Swiss Stage of the last regional, only getting through with a victory over Team Process in the 5th Round, a spot which they had never been before. This then resulted in a poor seed, finding themselves pitched against Ground Zero in the Playoffs, who proved to be too strong.


5. Attack of the Invisible Ninja ( -1 )

Walcott, SPYDOGE, Le Duck, Scruffy (S)

Ninjas strike from the shadows!

The Ninjas have returned to 2021 seeking revenge on any team who stands in there path.

The rise to the top step in Regional 3 was backed by a dominant victory over Mindfreak, before facing the defending champions, Ground Zero, in the semi-finals.

A valiant rallying by SPYDOGE and Le Duck decimated the momentum of Ground Zero, completing a Game 7 Reverse Sweep, the 12th in Professional Rocket League history to ever been achieved.


6. - Mindfreak ( -1 )

Fever, Requiem, Cavemanben, Lethalforlife (C)

Mindfreak take a slide.

The slightest of drops comes from the lack of consistent results in RLO Masters and RLCS, where dominance is expected.

During the Swiss Stage, Mindfreak took a 3-0 record to qualify for the Playoffs, coming after two 3-2 victories over Ground Zero and Renegades. The disappointing result came from the 4-1 demolition from the Ninjas, which sees them take a slight step down.

Going into the Major they are once again the darkhorses, but we all know what happens when you sleep on these guys.


7. - Solicit ( - )

Snowy, Tango, Vortexioz

OCE's most consistent roster.

Solicit once again struggle to move further up the leaderboard after another Top 8 performance in RLCS.

The roster finally was able to achieve a second placing in RLO Masters in Week 1, which saw a 3-2 reverse sweep against Ground Zero to qualify. This is the first time the roster has ventured into the Top 2 of any competition since forming.


8 - Team Fenrir ( - )

Spratt, Lerky, Riv, Dumbo (C)

Fenrir causing mayhem!