Welcome to the RLO Power Rankings.

The top Oceanic teams are ranked by a committee of Community Leaders, who base the rankings off tournament results from Majors, Minors and Premier events in the local and international circuits. During the regular season, we will look to update the power rankings around every two or so weeks, however, during offseason periods updates will understandably be made sparingly.

The seventh edition of the RLO Power Rankings looks at the results from the following tournaments:

RLCS X - Winter Split: Regional 2

1. - Ground Zero ( - )

Express, Torsos, Amphis, Jimmah (C)

Finishing the year strong has been Ground Zero, as they go back-to-back with RLCS Regional Championships.

Ground Zero was in a world of their own during the second regional, as they defeated Mindfreak, Dire Wolves and Renegades in the Playoffs stage to take the championship. This dominant display secures a spot for the Winter Major which is fast approaching in early 2021.

2nd - Renegades ( - )

CJCJ, Kamii, Siki

Renegades finished just short of jumping back on the top step of the podium in the latest regional, falling short to Ground Zero.

The roster looked in control down on the bottom of the Playoffs bracket. This came after being upset by 'Slow Brain Good Brain' in the first round of the Swiss Stage. The surprising loss has shown that the recent roster shuffles going into this split has brought the field closer together, and making the competition even more entertaining.

3rd - Cringe Society ( - )

Decka, Drippay, Julz, ENiGMA (C)

A dominating performance in the Swiss Stage didn't carry over in the Playoffs, unfortunately for the Cringe Society.

The Quarter-Final series between Solicit and Cringe "could have gone either way", as highlighted by one of our Power Rankers, with the series decided by 1 goal games. This comes as a surprise given the strength of the Cringe Society line up.

A similar performance was displayed in the following series against Renegades, which again was decided by 1 goal games.

Could this be the sign that the roster is reserving a complete dominant run for Regional 3?

4. - Dire Wolves ( - )

ZeN, Fiberr, Misty, Vive (C)

Strong improvements were shown from Dire Wolves as they cruised to a 3 - 0 record in the Swiss Stage, with a perfect 9 - 0 game record. The wins against Hazard, Team Process and Mindfreak showed the dominant mechanical display from the roster.

Moving into the Playoffs, they put on a show against Team Fenrir with some phenomenal goals to boot. The outstanding performance has us wondering whether they can give us a repeat in Winter Regional 3 and make it to the Grand Finals.

5. - Mindfreak ( - )

Fever, Requiem, Cavemanben, Lethalforlife (C)