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Welcome to the RLO Power Rankings.

The top Oceanic teams are ranked by a committee of Community Leaders, who base the rankings off tournament results from Majors, Minors and Premier events in the local and international circuits. During the regular season, we will look to update the power rankings around every two or so weeks, however, during offseason periods updates will understandably be made sparingly.

The fourth edition of the RLO Power Rankings looks at the results from the following tournaments:


1. - Cringe Society (+1)

Decka, Drippay, Torsos

Stronger society! A strong performance from Cringe Society was evident during the entire Regional event #3 of RLCS, until Ground Zero rampaged to victory in the Grand Final. The much expected battle between Cringe Society and Renegades wasn't seen in RLCS but was previewed in The League on Wednesday with a 4-3 victory.

With the OCE Major upcoming this weekend its open season for the top step between the trio of regional winners.


Tied 2nd - Renegades (-1)

CJCJ, Kamii, Siki

Renegades take a small slip on the leaderboard after an uncharacteristic week of performances. Renegades were stopped twice by Ground Zero Gaming during RLCS X and additionally Cringe Society in The League.

With the pressure of already locked up qualification for OCE Major, the roster to be a little more relaxed in their performance as they reset for peak performance this upcoming weekend.


Tied 2nd - Ground Zero (+1)

Amphis, Express, Julz

RLCS Season 9 Champions return to the top! Ground Zero make history by becoming the third different roster in a single region to win an RLCS X regional in the same split. Ground Zero continues to improve with Amphis taking control in the Grand Final with compliments from Express and Julz feeding him the ball.

The OCE Major is now shaped up to be a three horse race, meaning the Swiss stage will have added pressure of obtaining the best side of the bracket.


4. - Mindfreak ( - )

Cavemanben, Fever, Requiem

Mindfreak just clings onto this spot after being upset by Gaming Gamers in RLCS X. Finally taking a loss to teams outside the Top 4, it now provides an opportunity for any roster sitting on the bubble to be a power mover up the board going towards the Major.


5. - Gaming Gamers (+1)

Fiberr, Leviathan, ZeN, Vive (s)

Super sub coach power mode activated! Vive stood in for Top 16 and Playoffs in Regional #3 on the weekend and it strongly helped in the roster taking down Mindfreak in a showing which shows consistency beginning to form.

Riding the wave of confidence they will look to be a clear darkhorse for the OCE Major.


6. - Vort Central (-1)

Snowy, Tango, Vortexioz

Vort Central once again continued to appear in the Playoffs in RLCS. The boys continue to be a consistent top 6 roster who is just looking for an opportunity to take a win off the top teams. With the upcoming Major this weekend, it will be a great opportunity to finally be able to make Playoffs and go one step further than during the regular season.


7. - Canberra Havoc (+2)

Le Duck, SPYDOGE, Walcott

Falling just short! Canberra Havoc kicked off Top 16 with 2 consecutive wins with one against Mindfreak before taking 3 straight loses and being knocked out of contention for Playoffs.

The final defeat against Solicit in game 5 came after participating in a 7:43 minute overtime in game 3.


8 - Sneakybois (+3)

CJM, Riv, Finn

Sneakybois formally known as Blessed Esports sneaked into the Playoffs of event #3. They had massive turnaround performance from the previous regional, with defeating Dire Wolves in the final round in game 5.

Looking to go under the radar will be the gameplan for Masters and OCE Major.


9. - FURY (-1)

Scarth, KennySalmon, Matro, Lunar (s)

The momentum for FURY took a slight hit with the absence of KennySalmon due to taking a holiday during event #3. Lunar the newest addition to the team as manager and substitute had a great outing for his debut with the roster, but with nerves hitting him in Round 5 they were unable to clutch it out and went down to Vort Central in game 5.

With KennySalmon now returned they are back to full strength and will be looking to return to the form from event #2.


10. - Solicit (-)

Cobbo, Yeatzy, Zayd

Continuing to add heart racing drama saw Solicit formally No Dramas finally achieve a Playoff birth in RLCS.

After all the drama in the past two regionals, it's an achievement that the boys have worked so hard to earn. Hoping to not be the last success story for them, we hope they will be able to repeat it all for the OCE Major.


11. - Dire Wolves (-4)

Ghost, Misty, Spratt

The Dire Wolves roster continues to miss out and with now struggling to achieve a Playoffs birth they take a massive slide. They continue to be a strong force in The League - Division 2 with being 2-0 after wins against Solicit and Adelaar.

The OCE Major is the final real chance this roster has of overcoming the hump of not making the Playoffs. Will they be able to achieve this without going to game 5? You can only hope.


12. - Southern Stars (NEW)

Kevin07, Sour, String.

The newest addition to the PR Board is Southern Stars.

The roster has risen this Split from an academy roster to the main roster and now finds themselves showcased on the PR Board.

The roster has had back-to-back Top 16 placings which is a great confidence builder for a roster looking to become more solidified on the board.


ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship

Fall Event 3 Results

1st Ground Zero Gaming 2nd Cringe Society 3rd/4th Gaming Gamers 3rd/4th Renegades 5th/8th Sneakybois 5th/8th Mindfreak 5th/8th Vort Central 5th/8th Solicit

9th/11th FURY

9th/11th Canberra Havoc

9th/11th Dire Wolves

12th/14th Hazard Esports

12th/14th Obunga

12th/14th Southern Stars

15th/16th Vertex ESC

15th/16th We've read Ninja's book


BlueBird Rivals

Mini League Season 2 Current Standings

1st Max's Rancid Rats (3-0) 2nd Hazard Esports (3-0) 3rd Team Ferox (2-1) 4th Yeah (1-2) 5th Dab Police (0-3) 6th Venture Esports (0-3)


The League

Division 1 Current Standings

1st Cringe Society (2-0) 2nd Ground Zero Gaming (2-0) 3rd Mindfreak (1-1) 4th Renegades (1-) 5th Canberra Havoc (0-2) 6th FURY (0-2)


The League

Division 2 Current Standings

1st Dire Wolves (2-0) 2nd Sneakybois (2-0) 3rd Southern Stars (2-0) 4th Team Ferox (2-1) 5th Gaming Gamers (2-1) 6th Long Blue Cordial (0-2)

7th Solicit (0-3)

8th Adelaar (0-3)


Wrap Up

That's a wrap for the RLO Power Rankings fourth edition, be sure to keep up to date on our Twitter for live updates on tournaments, rosters and news.

Join the discussion around the power rankings in our Discord!

Power Ranking Committee:

Joshua "Basincc" Rickwood - RLO Events Director, Dire Wolves Manager

Max "FormalCasting" Vonneumann - RLO Broadcast Team Manager

David "Yumi_cheeseman" Lane - RLCS Analyst

Cameron "CJCJ" Johns - Professional Player for Renegades

Sean "Vive" Green - Gaming Gamers Manager/Coach, 6Mans Moderator

© RL Oceania 2020

RL Oceania also holds no rights to various organisation logos and material.


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