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The OCE Power Rankings - 23/01/17 - 29/01/17

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:


Former player, with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.


Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.


Rocket League addict.


Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

It’s with many apologies that it has been several weeks since our last power rankings release. I myself recently returned from holidays only recently, having been given assurances from the primary manager that the power rankings would be taken care of. Unfortunately, all attempts at communication since then have proved fruitless. However, a very special thanks goes to yumi_cheeseman for going beyond the call of duty and continuing his power ranking stream throughout the temporary hiatus, which you can catch every Monday night on his Twitch channel.

Nonetheless, the committee are eager to get back into the groove of things, especially since having won 2016’s Best Community Driven Content for OCE Rocket League. There has been some minor shuffling of teams and players over the break, as well as the return of Legacy eSports from their temporary competitive interlude. We have also seen several highly competent teams form recently to compete in newly announced major tournaments, one of which is already underway and another just recently announced.

Tournament Results

CyberGamer 3v3 1. Alpha Sydney

2. Velocity

3/4. The Last Spartans

3/4. 1More

2KF1 3v3

1. Sand Castle

2. (CrumbPie, Spiral, Nerd)

3/4. (Flawe, Bloomie, Myst)

3/4. Just Dreameh Things

CyberGamer Premium 3v3

1. Alpha Sydney

2. Masterminds

3/4. Velocity

3/4. Team Reticent

HYPE 3v3

1. Athletico

2. Team Reticent

3/4. Sand Castle

3/4. Legacy eSports ESL Go4RocketLeague

1. Sand Castle

2. 1More

3/4. Alpha Sydney

3/4. Athletico Throwdown Challenge Qualifier 2

1. Sand Castle

2. SSU eSports

3. Drongos

4. Legacy eSports


1. Alpha Sydney

2. (Penor, Zepsy, MickyB)

3/4. 1More

3/4. Just Dreameh Things


1. Vapour eSports

2. Bellends

3/4. Orbital

3/4. Lads

News from around the region:

  • 1More no longer represented by Abyss ESC and have parted ways with Addzey.

  • Trinity reform with JCoffee, Waterblitz, MeGoring & Whitewolf.

  • SSU eSports are representing the roster of Shadey, ellusive, Zest and Epanai (ex-988 Ping).

  • Legacy eSports have returned to competitive play.