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RL Oceania Competitive Ruling - 16/12/2023

Following the commencement of the SKRIMZWORLD Cup 2023, it has been brought to the attention of the RL Oceania tournament team that competitive player, ‘Nasty’, has breached clauses 1, 2, and 3, under the ‘In and Out of Competition’ section within the RL Oceania Player Code of Conduct.

The aforementioned clauses are as follows:

1. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner when interacting with the community.

2. Players are expected to address other community members with honesty and respect.

3. Any form of abuse, violence or unfriendly antagonising is strictly prohibited at all times.

RL Oceania does not condone such behaviour under any context. We are deeply disappointed by the actions of this player. This type of behaviour has no place in our community whatsoever.

As a result of the breach in the Player Code of Conduct, effective immediately, ‘Nasty’ has been banned from competing in all RL Oceania competitions and associated events until December 17th, 2024.

His team, ‘Padme’, who are currently competing in the SKRIMZWORLD Cup, will be afforded the opportunity to continue competing. They have been granted an exemption to find a substitute to replace ‘Nasty’ on their roster with restrictions to maintain competitive integrity.


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