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JBL Quantum Grand Slam 2023 - Competitive Update

Melbourne, Australia: 29.08.2023

Today we are announcing that due to unforeseen circumstances Pioneers (KCP) will no longer hold a qualification slot for the JBL Quantum Grand Slam: Group Stage and therefore will no longer be competing.

Due to this event we have worked with our team and have come to the conclusion that the slot will be given to a team that placed 9th - 12th in the Closed Qualifier. Therefore the team originally named Tres Hermanos consisting of players: Bathtub, joryx & Syn have accepted the slot and subsequently renamed themselves as The Replacements.

This action will have no competitive impact on Group A or B due to Pioneers' now The Replacements did not compete in a series to date within the Group Stage as they were scheduled to begin commencing their run from this upcoming weekend following returning from Gamers8 and RLCS Worlds.


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