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Introducing the RLO Swipe Series: Championship Playoffs!

7 weeks of competition, hundreds of players and thousands of games played. All culminating to find the Oceanic Rocket League Sideswipe Champions. This is the RLO Swipe Series: Championship Playoffs!

Meet the Competitors.

[Day 1] 1v1 Championship Playoffs:

  • Deathlikepeak87

  • Jordyryl


  • Matro

  • OceaN

  • Scarth

  • schmory

  • Trademrk.

[Day 2] 2v2 Championship Playoffs:

  • Scarth / Matro

  • Deathlikepeak87 / OceaN

  • Semicircle

  • Imagine losing

  • Underdogs

  • Sour S'mores

  • Les Renards

  • Gold Coast MelonChasers

Spotlight: Regular Season

The undisputed king of the Regular Season: schmory.

After 7 weeks of regular competition, schmory has not only qualified for both the 1v1 and 2v2 Championship Playoffs, but has also won every event in the 1v1 Regular Season, all without losing a single series! If that doesn't excite you we don't know what will. During the Championship Playoffs schmory will be in contention for 100 Game Wins within the RLO Swipe Series Tournament, a first in the world for the game's esport!

Kings of 2v2: Scarth / Matro.

The path for the 2v2 Series hasn't been as linear as the 1v1 Series. With this in mind, Scarth and Matro have been putting in the hard yards to become the Regular Season Champions. With 3 straight weeks of event wins, this powerhouse duo will be fighting for the title of best duo in Oceania!

Where to watch:

Like the Regular Season, the RLO Swipe Series: Championship Playoffs will be broadcasted on the official RL Oceania Twitch channel at 7pm AEDT each night! With the broadcasted game feed being provided by players through discord, we may run into a few pixilated screens. Please bear with us as we work through these challenges while the game is in its early stages. We will still try our best to deliver an incredible show for you to enjoy.

Rewards / Prizing:


Drops have arrived!

You heard us right, this time we're not just rewarding the players but you as well! Tune into Day 1 and/or Day 2 and watch for a minimum of 2 hours to gain a Rocket League Reward*. Don't worry, if you haven't completed your reward progress during the Championship Playoffs, you can still complete it by watching any participating streamer after the show!

How to get started:

  1. Head to

  2. Connect your Epic Games Account to your Twitch account

  3. Watch the Championship Playoffs for 2 hours and claim the reward Unlock Drop

Prize Pool:

1v1 Championship Playoffs:

1st: $2,000 USD

2nd: $1,000 USD

3rd-4th: $700 USD each

5th-6th: $500 USD each

7th-8th: $300 USD each

2v2 Championship Playoffs:

1st: $3,000 USD

2nd: $2,000 USD each

3rd-4th: $1,250 USD each

5th-6th: $800 USD each

7th-8th: $400 USD each

(In total the RLO Swipe Series: Championship Playoffs will award $15,900USD) * (A Rocket League Reward is an item that is rewarded in the main Rocket League game, not Rocket League: Sideswipe)

Let the Championship Playoffs commence!

So, now that you know all the players, where to watch and the storylines. We can't wait to find out with you, who the best truly is.

Make sure to follow @RLOceania on Twitter for everything to do with Rocket League & RL Sideswipe Esports in Oceania. We’ll see you on February 1 & 2 at 7pm AEDT (9pm NZDT) as we crown the best Rocket League: Sideswipe Players in Oceania!

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