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Introducing the RLO Swipe Series!

RL Oceania is proud to present the RLO Swipe Series! The recently released mobile game has ignited competition on a brand new playing field. We’re excited to host the first major Oceanic tournament series for Rocket League Sideswipe, with a staggering $25,000USD Prize Pool! The RLO Swipe Series will see two separate tournament series, a 1v1 series every Tuesday night and a 2v2 series every Wednesday night. The schedule will follow 7 weeks of regular tournament play, where anyone from Oceania can step on the pitch and compete for weekly prize money and points. Following the 7 weeks, the top 8 players or teams from each series will be invited to the Playoffs, where they will compete for a Grand Prize Pool of almost $16,000 USD, across the two series! The Playoffs will see the return of the Hybrid Bracket, where the top seeds will be given an advantage into round one. We’ve chosen this bracket to heat up competition in the points standings and raise the stakes during the weekly tournaments.

So when do we kick off? The RLO Swipe Series will begin on Tuesday, the 14th of December with the first 1v1 tournament. Following that, the first 2v2 tournament will take place on Wednesday the 15th of December. The two series will run at the same respective times every week, with tournaments starting at 7:00pm AEDT. The full schedule is as follows:

Our regular commentary crew return to cover every day of the RLO Swipe Series over on our Twitch channel! We’ll be broadcasting all the action, from start to finish, with the first show starting at 7:00pm AEDT, on Tuesday, the 14th of December!

Alongside our broadcasts, our website will have all the info you need to compete in the RLO Swipe Series, with the full schedule, points standings and how to compete in the tournaments.

Paired with everything else, will be our new Discord Server, dedicated to Rocket League Sideswipe and the RLO Swipe Series. Here you’ll also be able to find all the info on the tournament, as well as mingle with other members of the community, find teammates and show off your best clips!

We look forward to seeing everyone step up on the new playing field and are excited to see what the future holds for the RLO Swipe Series!


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