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2 Weeks Into the High School Cup, Where to from here?

We’re now 2 weeks deep into the new and improved AEL High School Ecosystem. The May-Hem tournament has come and gone, teams have been split into their divisions and we’ve seen our first week of League Play take place.

Let’s take a look at what’s happened so far, and what we have to look forward to in this season of High School action. Read more for in-depth details on how each team progresses, but for a recap on the basic tournament structure, watch this below video.


The inaugural May-Hem tournament is now in the history books, with Mentone Grammer’s Toners taking the title! 15 teams competed in a Swiss bracket, fighting for their place in Divisional League Play.


From the results of the May-Hem Tournament and other factors such as previous results and in-game ranks, every team was placed in one of three skill divisions.

The divisions are as follows.

These teams will now be competing in a double round-robin over 5 weeks to decide who advances to the Divisional, State, and National Finals.


To kick off the action in Term 3, each Division will host knockout finals featuring the top 4 teams to determine their respective Division Champions. The format of the Divisional finals is as follows.


The mid-part of term 3 will see our State Finals take place. With each state hosting a different amount of teams, the format for each State Final is a little different. - States must host 2 or more teams to be eligible to host a State Finals. - Each State Final will follow a Gauntlet Bracket, to determine their State Champion. How teams qualify into the Gauntlet bracket in each state is a little different, so let’s break that down. QLD State Finals and State Play-ins

The High School Cup hosts 9 Queensland teams, thus, the Queensland State Finals will feature a State Play-In Followed by a Gauntlet bracket.

The Queensland State Play-In will see the top 2 Queensland teams from Division 3, face off against the 2 Queensland teams from Division 2. They will compete in a knockout bracket to decide the last qualified team for the Queensland State Final.

The Queensland State Final will consist of the 3 Queensland-based teams from Division 1 and the winner of the Queensland State Play-In.

NSW State Finals

The High School Cup hosts 5 New South Wales teams, thus they will host a full State Finals bracket. The bracket will consist of all 3 New South Wales teams from Division 2 and the top New South Wales team from Division 3.

Victoria State Finals

The High School Cup only hosts 2 Victorian teams. Mentone Grammar's Toners and Yarra Valley Grammar's Watermelons. These two teams will face each other in term 3 to decide the Victorian State Champion.


To cap off the season, the High School Cup will host a National Finals. Our 3 State Champions will be joined by a team from the National Play-In, to battle it out for all-out glory.

National Play-In

The National Play-In serves as a path to the National Finals for teams that are from states that don't have enough teams to host a State Finals (only 1 team). Murray Bridge High School is the only team from Division 3 that meets this criteria, thus they automatically qualify for the first round.

Lynwood SHS and Marist Regional College are the other 2 teams that will contest over the upper seeds in Division 1.

National Finals

Once all the State Finals and National Play-Ins are over, we only have the National Finals left!

We look forward to seeing who comes out on top in this year's High School Cup!


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