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RL Oceania presents the RLO Masters, sponsored by Psyonix.
A New Monthly Rocket League Tournament Circuit.

Melbourne, Australia: Today RL Oceania and Psyonix announced The RLO Masters, a new multi-division monthly tournament circuit that lays the new foundation of Oceanic Rocket League and offers players to compete for a total of US$3500+ in monthly cash prizes.

"RLO is extremely honoured to be working on the RLO Masters. The team has been putting in so much amazing work recently and this is our next big step,” says Ben “Dover” O’Connor, Director at RL Oceania. We're hoping the Masters will provide a strong platform for the competitive scene to continue growing and producing great talent for the region.”

During each month teams across both divisions will compete for prize money and circuit points in weekly events. These weekly events will follow a double elimination group stage into a single elimination playoffs format. At the end of each month, top performing teams will be invited to the monthly finals. Here, players can compete for even more prize money. Along with this, teams in the Open Division finals will also be fighting for a chance to compete in the Masters division, replacing lower performing teams.

Outside of the player experience, fans can catch the action over on, every Thursday night for weekly events and the first Tuesday of every month for the Monthly finals.

Along with the RL Oceania broadcast, RLO will be working closely with team’s / organisation’s & community member’s to create exciting new levels of content. One of these being team / organisation & community broadcasts. The team / organisation broadcasts are exclusively for the Masters Division and the community broadcasts are exclusively for the Open Division. This will provide the Oceanic community with new levels of content to help grow the player and fan base of Rocket League in Oceania.

Following the announcement of The RLO Masters. We would like to also announce that our previous RLO 3v3 Series will be discontinued for the foreseeable future, as The RLO Masters will be replacing this event.

Features and benefits of The RLO Masters include.

• Provides the competitive scene with a platform to sustain a larger list of teams.
• Provides a clear path to the “Pro” Level.
• Provides the community with new levels of content. This includes Team/Organization & Community Broadcasts.

The RLO Masters will begin on the 8th October 2020. For more information on the RLO Masters, visit

About RL Oceania: RL Oceania is a community based organisation that provides weekly events and services to the Oceanic Rocket League community. This year RL Oceania has hosted and/ or serviced 8+ events in 2020, this including The Gamer Aid Gauntlet, OCE RLCS Qualifiers, Rocket League Spring Series, Anzac Invitational and more. One of these recent projects being the RLO Grand Slam a $46,000USD Prize Pool event sponsored by Psyonix.

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