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RL Oceania proudly presents, the return of The Gauntlet, previously hosted by yumi_cheeseman.

We take great pride in announcing that The Gauntlet, previously hosted by yumi_cheeseman, will be resumed under the supervision of RL Oceania.

We want to thank yumi, not only for the work he’s done in organising the original Gauntlet, but as well as everything he’s contributed to the game and the community. We hope that we can take on the mantle of The Gauntlet and do it justice.

The original Gauntlet format returns in an 8 week season commencing on the 12th October and will conclude on the 5th December.

Teams will be able to qualify through the RLO 3v3 Series every Saturday. The winner of each RLO 3v3 will go on to face four teams in The Glove on Tuesday nights. Finally, the winner of The Glove will advance to The Gauntlet to face the final four teams on Thursday nights. The winner each week will receive a minimum of $100. This can be increased each week depending on community donations, if you wish to donate please do so here.

This also means that the RLO 2v2 tournaments will now be running on Wednesday nights to accommodate the Glove and The Gauntlet within the weekly schedule.

You’ll be able to catch all the action from The Glove and The Gauntlet over on the RL Oceania Twitch Channel, hosted and produced by the regular community favourites. Player stats, rankings, results and much more can be found on The Gauntlet Hub! We hope you are all as excited as we are. Good luck to all the teams, we will see you next week!


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