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As we teased the other week, The Gauntlet will be returning in 2020, in partnership with Gamer Aid Australia, in an aim to raise funds for Australian fire relief charities.

As many of you already know, Australia has been suffering from a devastating bushfire crisis since September last year. The destruction and devastation of these fires is a national tragedy to the land many of us call home. Our desperation to help has brought us together with Gamer Aid Australia to provide the necessary support to our neighbours who need it most. All funds raised as part of The Gauntlet will be distributed across the Rural Fire Services of Australia and the WIRES Wildlife Relief Fund.

The New Gauntlet Championship

As we look to further the impact of The Gauntlet and the entire competition, we will be expanding on the season by adding a championship points ladder and conclusive championship playoffs week. Starting on the 11th of February, we will see 7 weeks of regular competition, as we saw in the previous season. The Glove will return to Tuesday nights as a qualifier to the Gauntlet which will also return to Thursday nights. The RLO 3v3 will be again held as the gateway for new teams into the Glove.

To see the full schedule and information on how the new championship works, head here.

Fundraising Guide

Starting now, until the very end of the Championship Playoffs, we will be hosting a number of ways to get involved with the charity fundraising. This includes giveaways, limited edition t-shirts and much more coming soon!

Fundraising Giveaways

During every Gauntlet, Glove and RLO 3v3 broadcast, we will be running giveaways over the course of the season. Here, we will be giving away Sennheiser headsets, Gauntlet t-shirts and in game items! Giveaways will be held every time we reach a donation milestone and will be announced during broadcast breaks. To enter giveaways, all you have to do is be watching the broadcast when we reach donation milestones. A winner will then be randomly selected. To donate to the fundraiser and help reach new donation milestones, head here.

Fundraising T-Shirts

That’s right, t-shirts! Along with the giveaways, another way of getting involved with the charity fundraising is by purchasing our special edition Gauntlet t-shirts. You can head over to our website to choose from a range of t-shirt designs. All profits from t-shirt sales will be forwarded to the Gauntlet’s fundraising pool.

We’re really excited to get the Gamer Aid Gauntlet started, we hope to see you on Tuesday, the 11th of September, for the first Glove! To keep up to date on the schedule, teams and fundraising, keep an eye on The Gauntlet Hub.


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