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Rocket League Power Rankings 15/7 - 21/7

Archived with permission from the previous publishers, N0lks1, Fachy and B-Bearz.

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Chrisis - twitter

Lead Rocket League Commentator for Gamestah.

Tibore - twitter

Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Cyrix - twitter

Player for Another One.

yumi_cheeseman - twitter

Player for Gameroos, Commentator and Rocket League enthusiast.

Lawler - twitter

Analyst & Commentator for RLCS.

Weekly Round Up

Massive week for Oceanic Rocket League with the biggest tournament in its history being played this last weekend, with a total prize pool of $4,500. Tournament in question was the RLOC hosted by Peanut Gallery which claimed its fair share of international attention. The cast was even privy to the analysis of JohnnyBoi_i, who thoroughly enjoyed a certain 4 man wiff… Either way this rounds out one of the biggest week for Oceanic Rocket League and it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Tournament Results

  1. Athletico (ex Nuovo)

  2. Gameroos

3/4 Tied - Abyss eSports / Legacy eSports 5/8 Tied - Control eSports / Another One / FuroX / Alpha Sydney

  1. Legacy

  2. Lemons But Nothing

3/4 Tied - Abyss eSports / Rocket League Oceania

  1. Legacy

  2. Reload

3/4 Tied Blitzkrieg / Scoregasms

News from around the region:

  • Nuovo have been sponsored, and are now named Athletico.

  • JAM gaming have officially disbanded, a sad day indeed.

  • Final two stages of the RLOC were played out this past weekend.

  • Final rounds of CGp were played, with the exception of Legacy and Nuovo which has been rescheduled to next week.



1 - Athletico

Bango, SnarfSnarf, Montyconnor, Jcooke* | Nil movement

The newly-sponsored Athletico are riding high at the moment. Unbeaten since the HEYGRL Grand Final, they took out the next major competition, the Winter Champs, playing under the Nuovo banner. In that Grand Final, they went up against an on-fire Gameroos who were looking to complete the season with a fairytale ending. But Athletico had different plans, dug deep and took out the match and the biggest pot we’ve seen in Oceania so far. They’ll be looking to make it a clean sweep - HEYGRL, WInter Champs and Cybergamer Season 3. - Chrisis


2 - Abyss

Express, Addzey, TheSchoolBus, Debat* | Nil movement

Abyss have been giving us all lessons in consistency throughout the season. They’ve been rewarded with a slow but steady climb up the rankings, finding their way to second spot… and with it, gaining a target on their backs from all those they’ve passed. The RLOC Grand Final was meant to be their opportunity to take on Nuovo in a rematch, but the steady-as-she goes team met up with Gameroos, who were sprinting towards the Grand Final themselves. But don’t mistake Gameroos victory over Abyss as the signal that anyone can now beat them. Losing a big game like that has its own lessons and expect Abyss to round out the Cybergamer Season with a strong finish. - Chrisis


3 - Legacy

Soma, Eren, Orion, Penor* | + 1

Legacy managed to make it through to the final Day of the RLOC but it was a much shorter event than they would have desired after going down in a tight 6 game match to Nuovo (Now Athletico). Legacy since then has managed to show some amazing form as they took out both Tuesday and Thursday Gameroos tournaments this week. This is making them a force to be reckoned with in the OCE.

Legacy have really turned around their season, after going into somewhat of a slump once becoming “Legacy” they have been a lot more active in the scene, playing any tournament they can, and the real match practise is being shown off as they try and make their way back to the top of the OCE power rankings. This coming week they have a chance Against Athletico in the last CGp match for the season. We will be watching to see if they can rectify their loss to them in the RLOC and what effect that match will have on the power rankings.

- Tibore


Tied 4 - Alpha Sydney

Dumbo, Stoney, Dicky, Shawthing* | - 1

Unfortunately for Alpha, RLOC was on a Saturday this week and Dumbo couldn’t make it. With that being said, it was time for the almighty Shaw to step in and fill some big shoes!

Alpha were in Group B along with Another One, Gameroos and Legacy. With a tough group ahead of them, Dumbo was sorely missed and Alpha sadly did not win a game. Their results were 1-3 against Another One, 1-3 against Legacy and 1-3 against Gameroos. They should hold their heads high though as they did not give up and gave the other teams a tough game.

Later in the week Alpha Sydney had their last CGp game of the regular season against Invidious. They came out victors in a close fought game which ended in 3-2.

It’s hard to fault Alpha this week because of their roster issues but they will definitely be looking forward to the CGp finals in which they should be aiming for nothing less than a grand final.

- cyrix


Tied 4 - Gameroos

yumi_cheeseman, aoe_emp, DabeastXD, SToRMCLoRD* | + 4

First and foremost thank you for having me. Not only am I excited for this opportunity, but also the chance to write about a team with so much happening this week.

Where to start?

Taking 2nd in RLOC with the dream run that left us on the edge of our seats, Gameroos won 3-1 over the #3 team, Alpha Sydney. Despite losing 0-3 to the #4 team (Legacy), they climbed their way back against Another One (#5, 3-2) to take second in their pool qualifying them in the semifinals. Awaiting them was the #2 team Abyss, which just had an astonishing victory over the #1, and previously undefeated, Nuovo, now named Athletico. This led to a back-and-forth battle, with Gameroos clutching 4-3 in the end to secure their place in the Grand Finals. Unfortunately they fell short to an on point Nuovo who woke up after their loss the previous day.

After beating FuroX (3-2) in a separate tournament (CyberGamer) and taking 2nd in the largest OCE tournament to date, there's no question as to why Gameroos are moving up in the ranks this week. Make sure to check them out in the CyberGamer top 4 finals as well as the coming weeks to see if they can provide consistency. - Lawler


6 - Another One

Cyrix, Stig, OssyOsbert, Plitzinator* | - 1

The theme for Another One this week is “So close yet so far”. Another One showed up big in RLOC coming out guns blazing, and almost taking down Legacy in an incredible series where Legacy just managed to make the reverse sweep 3 - 2. They then had to fight for their semi final life against Gameroos in a series that went down to the last 2 seconds of the 5th game. If they had won either one, they would have been into the semi finals and looking to take names. They did manage a solid win over Alpha Sydney, but then in Cybergamer this week they lost a series 2 - 3 against Velocity while A1 were playing with their sub Plitzinator. I’m sure Another One are hugely frustrated right now, but they’ve shown that they are able to take close series against all of the top teams at this point, and I’m hoping they can use this as a confidence boost going into the next few weeks. ? ? ?_? ?? A1 TAKE MY ENERGY ? ? ?_? ?? - yumi_cheeseman


7 - Control eSports

Daisu, Drippay, Turtle, Floppers* | - 1

Control had an up and down week this week. To start things off they were taken down in surprising fashion by Team Erase FD in a 4-1 loss. This ended up being Control’s first loss in CGi this season. The following day Control were scheduled to play RLOC in group A which consisted of Nuovo (now Athletico), Abyss and Furox. Unfortunately, just like Alpha, Control also had to use a sub with Drippay not being able to play and Floppers being the replacement.

Control definitely weren’t favourites to make it out of the group even with the full roster and having a sub didn’t help either. They end up with a 1-2 record going 2-3 against abyss, 1-3 against Nuovo and finished it off with a 3-2 win against Furox. They will be disappointed but they did much better than I think people would have expected considering they were using a sub.

After a bad run of games they ended the week with on a good note beating out Supremacy in a 3-2 win. CGi finals are just around the corner for Control and they will have high hopes in taking out the whole thing as they will be vsing some top teams who are all looking to make CGp next season.

- cyrix


8 - Velocity

Siki, Fachy, Seeker, Fake | + 2

Velocity had a very quiet week, having not been able to play any weekend tournaments since it was dominated by RLOC. However, Velocity show they still have some spark taking down Another One 3 - 2. While Another One played with a sub, it’s still an impressive victory and allows them to hold onto a top 10 position. Velocity do need to look out though, as there are some hungry teams right now sitting just outside of the top 10, and if they want to keep their position they’ll need to up their game. I hope to see perform in this weekends tournaments or show up to some more weekday tournaments to show that they still have their metal. - yumi_cheeseman


9 - FuroX

Outlast, Ultra, Kapow_power, Turbul4nc3* | - 2

FuroX was looking unstoppable in the CGi at the start of the season. Since the trade week though some cracks have started to show. This week Furox went down 2-3 against the Gameroos in the CGi, however since the Gameroos are in such fine form from the RLOC it is hard to hold that against them. Picking up Turbul4nc3 in the trade week proved a great roster move as coming into the match against the Gameroos at 0-2 down he almost carried the team to a reverse sweep.

FuroX has not been playing as many tournaments of late and this might be an issue for team synergy. Their true test to remain in the top 10 going into coming weeks will most likely be hanging on the result of the CGi finals on the 31st of July. The other finalists of Control, Gameroos and Erase FD are hitting form and they need to pick up their play if they are going to contest for a spot in the CGp next season. - Tibore


10 - InVidious

Sparks, Coleslaw, FrenchFries | Nil movement

InVidious hold onto a Top 10 spot for another week thanks to a surprising performance against Alpha Sydney in the Cybergamer competition. They played with a sub and still managed to trip up their opponents, forcing a fifth game decider before Alpha Sydney took them out. This team has so much potential and could recapture the glory days of CG Season 1 with some hard work. It’s promising to see them appearing not just in their CG match but in other competitions too - it’s the road to glory and the means to halting their slide down the rankings! - Chrisis

Teams to watch

Chrisis: Gameroos

Tibore: Team Erase FD

Cyrix: Gameroos

yumi_cheeseman: Legacy eSports

Lawler: Team Erase FD

Here's how the committee ranked the top 10:



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