Welcome to the RLO Power Rankings.

The top Oceanic teams are ranked by a committee of Community Leaders, who base the rankings off tournament results from Majors, Minors and Premier events in the local and international circuits. During the regular season, we will look to update the power rankings around every two or so weeks, however, during offseason periods updates will understandably be made sparingly.

The third edition of the RLO Power Rankings looks at the results from the following tournaments:

RLCS X - Fall Split: Event #2

XP Sports - RL Open Demolition

BlueBird Rivals - Mini League: Season 1 Final

1. - Renegades (+1)

CJCJ, Kamii, Siki

Revenge! Renegades were successful in avenging their defeat against Cringe Society from RLCS Event #1, finally achieving the elusive championship title. An MVP performance from CJCJ allowed for a dominant 4-1 victory against a Cringe Society roster which struggled to hit the ground running in the Grand Final. Now with both Renegades and Cringe Society equal first on Fall Split Rankings, the 3rd and final event for the split is shaping to be a battle for the ages.

2. - Cringe Society (-1)

Decka, Drippay, Torsos

Unfortunately the view from the top step didn't last long for Cringe Society, as Renegades swiped it back.

Cringe Society will be looking to flip the script, as they aim to settle who is the top seed heading into the OCE Major.

All eyes will be on these two and with no clear winner in sight, its gonna be a cracker.

3. - Ground Zero ( - )

Amphis, Express, Julz

Signed, sealed and delivered. Ground Zero have now officially locked themselves in as the third best roster in the region with a outstanding performance in RLCS Event #2. With only going down to Renegades in Stage 2 and Playoffs, the roster continues to move positively with the newest addition of Amphis.

4. - Mindfreak ( - )

Cavemanben, Fever, Requiem

Similar to Ground Zero, Mindfreak are locked in fourth position on the PR board. Mindfreak only went down to Cringe Society throughout the entire event, but they continue to show dominance against the pack below with no sign of easing up.

5. - Vort Central (+2)

Sammy, Tango, Vortexioz

Consistency of achieving strong performances grants Vort Central fifth place on the PR Board. Moving up from seventh place comes as no shock, as they continue to put in strong performances with only losi