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RLO Power Rankings | Edition #15 (6/11/2021)

Welcome to the RLO Power Rankings.

The top Oceanic teams are ranked by a committee of Community Leaders, who base the rankings off tournament results from Majors, Minors and Premier events in the local and international circuits. During the regular season, we will look to update the power rankings around every two or so weeks, however, during offseason periods updates will understandably be made sparingly.

The fifteenth edition of the RLO Power Rankings looks at the results from the following tournaments:


1. - Renegades ( - )

CJCJ, Kamii, Fever, Zukoe (S), LBP (C)

2-Time Champions

Start packing your suitcase, Renegades are on the cusp of going to Stockholm for the Fall Major following a dominant Championship Sunday performance.

Whilst the Renegades walked away victors, it seemed all Regional 1 winners carried some form of curse, withFAZE Clan not making Top 8, Alke losing their first series and Renegades being reverse swept by both R!OT Gaming and Forkidden.

Whilst the roster was able to regain and qualify for Championship Sunday, they were faced with the difficult journey of facing Juicd Bandits and R!OT Gaming on their path to the Grand Finals.

To qualify for the Major, Renegades must win two series in the Swiss Stage to advance as the likely Top Seed for OCE.


2. - Ground Zero ( - )

Express, Torsos, Amphis, Jimmah (C)

Runners Up Again!

A new season and a new role for the boys in green, being the bridesmaids to Renegades' success.

Ground Zero had a successful Swiss Stage walking away 3-0 (9-2), which saw sweeps against Rancid Rats and Juicd Bandits. The only series to go outside of three maps was against The Grogans which went to a nail-biting Game 5 decider.

The Championship Sunday performance against Renegades in the Grand Final was closer than the previous regional final, but they still fell to the boys in red, 2-0 (4-2, 4-2).

With now only ONE qualifying spot left theoretically for the Major, Ground Zero must finish above R!OT Gaming and Dire Wolves to secure the position.


3rd - R!OT Gaming ( - )

Kaka, Finn, Tango, Joshuadx7 (S)

Darkhorse for a Major Spot Steal!

R!OT Gaming is the top challenger to steal the final qualification spot from Ground Zero, following their outstanding performance in the Swiss Stage of Regional 2.

Throughout the Swiss Stage, R!OT Gaming defeated Bros On Their Toes (3-1), Dire Wolves (3-2) and Renegades (3-2).

With a buzz going around the region, anything is possible for the lads.


4. - Dire Wolves ( - )

Fiberr, Misty, Walcott, Vive (C)

Going the Distance

Dire Wolves sure don't enjoy a short series.

Throughout the entirety of Regional 2, Dire Wolves attempted or prevented a total of 3 reverse sweeps. Victories against Rancid Rats, Forkidden, Rubber Duckies and Team Bliss still demonstrate that the team has the ability to stay within the Top 4, however they are just clawing on.


5. Juicd Bandits ( - )

Spratt, Zayd, Hawk

Causing Havoc!

Following a masterclass of late scoring to secure an overall 3-1 (9-4) Swiss Stage result, Juicd Bandits advanced to the playoffs as the third seed, looking to establish themselves as strong contenders in the Top 4.

However, Renegades following their rough day at the office would have other ideas, shutting down the high powered offensive powerhouse. Whilst the defeat after such a strong display in the Swiss Stage can be demoralising, the roster is on the brink of stealing a Top 4 spot in the Power Rankings.


6. - Forkidden ( +1 )

Superlachie, Bananahead, Scrubbed, String (C)

Power of the Kids Returns?

Following our previous article, question marks were raised following the concerning lack of continuity within the Forkidden roster during the Off-Season.

The young kids on the block look to be finding their feet, following the reverse sweep on Renegades and almost completing another against Dire Wolves in the Playoffs.


7. - Team Bliss ( +2 )

Vortexioz, Snowy, Cobbo, Lunr (S), 7111 (C)

A New Streak Begins

Vortexioz and Snowy are a Playoff qualifying team once again.

Team Bliss find themselves breaking into the Top 8 this Regional, where their last attempt was prevented by their former teammate in Tango on R!OT Gaming.

Starting the Swiss Stage 0-2, losses to Dire Wolves and Bros On Their Toes placed Bliss in a do-or-die scenario against Eros, Wildcard and Rats, all in which they walked away victors.


8 - Rancid Rats Reborn ( - )

delusioN, SSteve, Lerky

Narrowly Misses Playoffs

Following the Rats' strong performance in Regional 1, formidable competition in the Swiss Stage for Regional 2, resulted in the team narrowly falling short of the Playoffs.

Battling against the likes of Ground Zero, Dire Wolves, Team Bliss, Fire Breathing Ducks and Bros On Their Toes resulted in the Rats finishing with a 2-3 (8-10) record, which still displays that the team is fighting hard in the trenches.


9. - Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies ( +3 )

Baked Potato, Laxin, Mel kin, Leviathan (S), Grantaa (C)

Ducks on Fire!

The Duckies have now narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Top 8 in back-to-back Regionals following their 2-3 record in both Swiss Stages.

Battling against the likes of Renegades for the final qualifying spot, was a hard pill to swallow after scrapping together victories against The Grogans and Deft to stay alive.


10. - Bros On Their Toes ( NEW )

Airmac, Azmo, Negative

Clinches Playoffs Berth

Bros On Their Toes did it for the kids during Regional 2, scrapping into the Top 8 following Game 5 victories against The Grogans and Red Crown Esports.

The roster would sadly be tasked with competing against a determined Ground Zero on Saturday and sadly walked away 0-4, which provided them with good experience in playing against a top-side and on a major broadcast.


11. - Wildcard Gaming ( -5 )

Cavemanben, Siki, Cruzza


12. - The Grogans ( -2 )

Mock, Zenulous, Shorez


13. - Red Crown Esports ( NEW )

Tigr, Kachow, Scarth, Morse (S), Brabes (C), Bloop (C)

14. - Team Eros ( -3 )

RemiK, Gussy, Sour

15. - Deft ( -1 )

Homie, Change, Ceeva, Cyrix (S)


JBL Quantum Team on the Rise

Following their outstanding performance in RLCS 2021-22 Fall Regional 2, Bros On Their Toes has shown outstanding growth and grit against the bubble by achieving a Top 8 finish in the recent Regional. Superb results on a consistent basis see them awarded with the 'JBL Quantum Team on the Rise'.

We look forward to observing their continued development ahead of the next RLCS Regional event.


RLCS 2021-22 - Fall Split: Regional 2


1st Renegades 2nd Ground Zero 3rd/4th R!OT Gaming 3rd/4th Dire Wolves 5th/8th Forkidden 5th/8th Juicd Bandits

5th/8th Bros On Their Toes

5th/8th Team Bliss

9th/11th Rancid Rats Reborn

9th/11th Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

9th/11th Red Crown Esports

12th/14th Wildcard Gaming

12th/14th The Grogans

12th/14th Deft

15th/16th Team Eros

15th/16th Collateral eSports


Wrap Up

That's a wrap for the RLO Power Rankings fifteenth edition, be sure to keep up to date on our Twitter for live updates on tournaments, rosters and news.

Join the discussion around the power rankings in our Discord!

Power Ranking Committee:

Joshua "Basincc" Rickwood - RLO Events Director

Max "FormalCasting" VonNeumann - RLCS Commentator

David "Yumi_cheeseman" Lane - RLCS Analyst

Cameron "CJCJ" Johns - Professional Player for Renegades

Sean "Vive" Green - Dire Wolves Coach/Manager

Article Edited By:

Benjamin "Dover" O'Connor

© RL Oceania 2021

RL Oceania also holds no rights to various organisation logos and material.

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