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With over 4 years of 2v2 tournaments, RL Oceania is proud to present the 200th edition of the weekly event. For this milestone tournament, we will be fronting a $300 AUD prize pool.

We invite the entire Oceanic community to step up and compete in the event. The tournament will take place on Wednesday the 25th of November, following the regular groups into playoffs’ format, with a best of 5 semi-finals and a best of 7 grand final. You can register for RLO 2v2 200 on Smash GG.

We also invite you to come along and watch the monumental tournament as we will be broadcasting the playoffs live from 7:15pm AEDT, over on our Twitch Channel.

However with this news, RLO 2v2 200 will be the final 2v2 event for the foreseeable future. This decision comes with a heavy heart, however we make this decision looking towards a brighter future for RLO and the Oceanic community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank past and present members of our wonderful events team, who run the 2v2 tournaments week in and week out. Additionally we would like to give a big thank you to Liv and Monty, who have recently helped fund the RLO 2v2 events. Without their support we would have never made it to this point.

We look forward to seeing you all out on the pitch this Wednesday. We wish the best of luck to all the competitors and hope the fans enjoy the show!


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