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State of Origin Premiership Series 2019

During the Anzac day of 2016, RL Oceania held the very first iteration of a State of Origin tournament in the ‘Anzac Day Allstars’. The concept returned in September of 2017 for the ‘State of Origin Premiership Series’. Now after a long absence, State of Origin returns with the next State of Origin Premiership Series!

Now featuring two divisions as well as open qualifiers, the stage is set to find Oceania’s greatest homeland. This will be RL Oceania’s first step in building a bigger future for OCE, full of great events and community content.

Following the main event of DreamHack Pro Circuit Montreal, we will aim to provide a 3 week format.

During the first week, open qualifiers will be held for each state, where self formed teams will fight for their home’s single slot in division 2. Anybody is welcome to compete in the open qualifiers, alongside players from the same state. The open qualifiers will follow a double elimination format played over a single day.

Week 2 will feature the teams who’ve qualified from the previous week, as they battle it out for the Division 2 Championship and the chance to face the Division 1 Teams. Division 2 will feature a groups into single elimination format played over 2 days.

Finally, week 3 will see the conclusion of the State of Origin Premiership Series as the best of the best will fight it out for home bragging rights and prize money. Division 1 will follow a single elimination format over 2 days where every match will be a best of 7. Division 1 teams will be selected by team captains, where each team captain will be elected by a committee of notable community members.

To fund the prize pool for the tournament, RL Oceania will initially be providing $300 whilst we also hope to raise more money through community donations. As we broadcast community tournaments and produce creative content, we’ll be providing links to a donation goal of $1000, that will show the current funds raised for the event.

If you would like to donate to the prize pool, you can donate here! To see the progress of the prize pool, head here!


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