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OCE Power Rankings 5/12 - 12/12

Archived with permission from the previous publishers, N0lks1 and B-Bearz.

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Nutterres - Twitter

Former pro player with extensive knowledge of the Oceanic Rocket League scene.

Tibore - Twitter

Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

y0umi_cheeseman - Twitter

Rocket League addict.

n0lsk1 - Twitter

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

Tournament Results


Sand Castle

(Requiem, GroovyGrape, Soma)

3/4 TIED Athletico / Alpha Sydney

Sennheiser Classic Final

Alpha Sydney

Abyss ESC

3/4 TIED Athletico / Sand Castle

ESL Go4RocketLeague



3/4 TIED (MickyB, OssyOsbert, TheStig) / (Zesty, Cyrix, Penor)


Team Reticent

(Requiem, Cyrix, Torsos)

3/4 TIED (Daisu, Disco, IcyMindRacer) / FuroX


2KF1 Gaming

After Image

3/4 TIED Team Infinite Gold / Synergy

News from around the region:

Alpha Sydney win their first major tournament

Mockit will no longer host OCE tournaments

RLO host 2016 Community Awards



1 - Abyss ESC

Express, Addzey, Cyrix, Stoney | Nil movement

One appearance from Abyss 4th is week and they came oh so close to a victory in the Sennheiser. Just like at PAX, 1 game away from taking it all but just couldn't close it out again. Express is looking deadly and the rest of the team is as strong as ever. This team is always in the running for the majors, hopefully the bridesmaids can soon become the brides! - Tibore


2 - Athletico

SnarfSnarf, Bango, MontyConnor | Nil movement

Athletico continue to get good results, this week winning ESL while only dropping 1 game throughout the day. That being said, they have been dropping a few series this week, including a game 7 overtime loss to Alpha Sydney in the Sennheiser finals, and a 0 - 2 loss to and understaffed Legacy in HYPE. While they've proven over the last few weeks that they can be the top team, they aren't quite hitting the form that they will want, and should hopefully be hitting the scrims hard as we start looking towards tournaments coming in the new year! - yumi_cheeseman


3 - Alpha Sydney

Jake the Tyrant, Drippay, Torsos | + 1

With a very strong week, and their only recorded loss being to Sand Castle, Alpha Sydney jump up one spot to third and are now at the peak for this "new" squad. With strong results beating both Athletico and Abyss 4-3 in the Sennheiser finals, they managed to take out the tournament in style. Going into a break over Christmas these boys could easily hold their position well into the New Year as long as they remain strong in this last week. - Nutterres


4 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Eren, GroovyGrape, Penor | - 1

Their absence is proving to be telling amongst the top four as Legacy continue to drop in the rankings. It seems so long ago they were crowned champions of PAX, but their extended break cannot be ignored as the teams above them showing they can keep up with the competition. There's no doubt about their quality however, and when they return they will bring the fervour that brought them their success. - n0lsk1


5 - Sand Castle

Dumbo, aoe_emp, Lukorice | Nil movement

Sand Castle have had what could be a considerably average week, placing last in the Sennheiser tournament, but absolutely dominating HYPE. A solid 2-0 win over Alpha Sydney will be why these boys held this position, proving that Corvidae will still have to pull out amazing performances to stick this high in the power rankings. Whilst it looks unlikely that Sand Castle will move before Christmas, one amazing week could prove me wrong quite easily. Best of luck to them for this week. - Nutterres


6 (tied) - Corvidae

Siki, Daze, Plitz, Ssteve | Nil movement

Corvidae have only played 3 times in the last 4 weeks, and only once with their current core roster. This week, they were knocked out of ESL by Athletico 0 - 3 in a difficult bracket. They've held onto their 6th place position out of benefit of the doubt, as they are a high potential team that could take it to the top 5. While it is getting close to christmas and the number of tournaments are dying down, we hope to see some more results coming out from Corvidae. - yumi_cheeseman


6 (tied) - FuroX

0veerbluee, Dreameh, Untouchable_Gilly, Julz | + 1

FuroX moved up in the standings this week to 6th with Corvidae. An inconsistent week for FuroX but that's understandable since they have dropped Zepsy, moved Gilly to core, and brought in Julz as a sub. In the constant quest for perfection FuroX like to make a lot of roster changes so we will see how this shake up changes things for FuroX in the weeks to come. - Tibore


8 - Team Reticent

CJM, ZeN, PanzerShrek, Arcus | Nil movement

Reticent are proof that sticking together and putting in the hard work yields results. The longest running team outside of the top 2, they've been ever so slowly climbing the rankings, and continually improving. This week, they won their first cash prize, taking out RLO ahead of teams comprised of top players, and in the past weeks have taken games and series off of Sand Castle. They're biting at the heels of Furox right now, and some good results could see them make a quick skip up the rankings, but they still have a long way to go to get into the top 5. - yumi_cheeseman