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Oce Power Rankings 31/10 - 6/11

Archived with permission from the previous publishers, N0lks1, Fachy and B-Bearz.

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Nutterres - Twitter

Head tournament Admin for Gameroos, Former Pro player and extensive knowledge of the Oceanic Rocket League scene.

Tibore - Twitter

Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

yumi_cheeseman - Twitter

Rocket League addict.

n0lsk1 - Twitter

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania, owner of Phoenix Gaming, Co-creator of OCE Freestylers, Rocket League enthusiast and budding global Twitch mod.

Tournament Results

  1. Serenity

  2. DUMPstered

3/4 TIEDTeam Evade / Blitzkrieg

  1. C7 White

  2. Venomous Gaming

3/4 TIEDC7 Black / Flux

  1. Alpha Sydney

  2. Reloaded

3/4 TIEDFuroX / TBD

  1. Legacy eSports

  2. Abyss eSports

  3. Athletico

  4. Alpha Sydney

  1. Legacy eSports

  2. Athletico

  3. FuroX

  4. Abyss eSports

  1. Alpha Sydney

  2. Mirth

  3. Scarabae

  4. Serenity

News from around the region:

  • $5000 Pax finals with Legacy taking the finals in a reverse sweep!

  • ESL Monthly final now making tags available for oceanians!

  • Rocket Devils have been sponsored and are now named Alpha Sydney.

  • Alpha Sydney (Dumbo, Stoney and Dicky) have disbanded.

  • Gameroos has disbanded.

  • #oceshuffle



1 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Eren, GroovyGrape, Penor | Nil movement

The PAX ESL LAN Champions, albeit by the skin of their teeth in OT of game 7, have been formidable in recent times and have firmly secured their position on top. Having lost early on they still managed to make their way through the loser's bracket and completing their victory via reverse sweep. Their path to glory notwithstanding, their consistency over the last 3 weeks has been commendable; as the current roster continue to gel it's going to take a massive effort from another team to knock them off their perch. - n0lsk1


2 - Abyss eSports Club

Express, Addzey, Cyrix, Debat, Dumpling | + 1

What a showing by Abyss at the PAX LAN! After a few slumping weeks, they came back brilliantly with a big 2nd place, getting to the Grand Final through the Winner's bracket, and taking the Grand final to game 7 overtime. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to convert a few crucial goals, and they went home packing with only loads of money in their belt. Abyss honestly looked the most comfortable of all the teams in a LAN environment, possibly due to preparation, but perhaps just their personalities as well. Let's hope they can keep their strong performance up going back into online events next week. - yumi_cheeseman


3 - Athletico

Bango, SnarfSnarf, Montyconnor | - 1

Athletico dropped a spot this week basically due to the LAN result. Abyss who was shaky previously showed up big at PAX giving Athletico an 0-3 routing. This was the first major OCE tournament that Athletico has not managed to rampage through in a long time. This team can still show up at any time though and the top 3 are so close. OCE had a top 4 at the next level of play and I feel there is now only a top 3 who are all so very close to each other. In a fresh series it is hard for me to pick the victor between Legacy, Abyss and Athletico.

- Tibore


4 - Alpha Sydney

Jake the Tyrant, Drippay, Torsos | + 1

The relatively new line up of Alpha Sydney continue to improve as they climb another position in the power rankings. The underdogs of the PAX ESL LAN failed to produce an upset but still performed very well for a side with very little experience and game time together. Nonetheless, they are showing signs of gelling with wins in Mockit and ESL Go4RocketLeague. At this stage it would take a great deal to surpass their current position, but they are holding steadfast in 4th position and with the Corvidae roster changes it seems unlikely they will be challenged. - n0lsk1


5 - Corvidae

Siki, Daze, Plitz, Ssteve, Daisu | | - 1

With Daisu no longer on the core roster, Corvidae have struggled slightly while they've been looking to find their new core lineup. A tough run against both Legacy and Abyss in the ESL monthly prevented them from earning some fancy gold titles, but we've seen in the past that they have the ability to take on those teams. With further mixed results the week prior, they are going to have to rely on their new core pickup, Plitzinator, to bring them back up to the top. Plitzinator is a very capable offensive player, and it will be exciting to see if he is able to elevate the team to a new level. - yumi_cheeseman


6 - FuroX

0veerBluee, Dreameh, Zepsy, Kapow_power | + 2

Furox are starting to heat up a bit, and with the top teams being away or practicing for the PAX LAN, FuroX have swept in to take some great results including winning the HYPE tournament over Corvidae. They're on the verge of climbing once more, a great feat for a newly formed team, but they'll need to really step up their game to start being able to take series off of the old dogs and reaching new heights. It'll be interesting to see how FuroX perform over the next week to see if they truly have what it takes! - yumi_cheeseman


7 - Serenity

Fachy, Kia, Snowy, Seniaz | New

Following the disbanding of Team Erase and the erosion Mayne eSports, Fachy has formed with Prodigy's star player Kia to form a new team by the name of Serenity. They have cemented themselves as a formidable team, with their most recent results being 4th in Mockit and 1st in RLO. Despite being a young team they have a reasonable amount of experience in previous teams and are expected to keep their performances up. There is lots of potential in this line up and will look forward to see what they can produce. - n0lsk1


8 - Reticent

CJM, ZeN, PanzerShrek | + 3

Team Reticent as a result of teams disbanding and a few decent results throughout the week move up 3 spots to 8th. They have been consistent to their level of late. Even with their recent run up the power rankings they will have some work to do to keep 8th spot once all the new teams of big names come running in.

- Tibore


9 - Blitzkrieg

WaterBlitz, Triggsy, Whitewolf | + 3

Blitzkrieg are still looking for a consistent core 3rd and utilised Daisu as their 3rd during RLO Sunday A's. The interesting thing was that Daisu didn't actually carry the team and the Blitzkrieg players did incredibly well to get to 1 game off of the Grand Final - being beat out by Cyrix, LittleMissDumpling and Dumbo in a reverse sweep. The side is still struggling to regain its previous form after Torsos and Jake the Tyrant Left, however they are still in the mix of teams that can perform on the day.

- Tibore


10 - Phoenix Gaming

Epanai, EyeDeeKay, Noizee, Kubix | - 1

It's been a rough couple weeks for Phoenix Gaming, with EyeDeeKay and Noizee indisposed they have chosen a short respite over playing with fill-ins. They will need to be resolute when they return as the Great OCE Shuffle of 2016 is going to produce a multitude of new and dangerous line ups. It's also the same reason they are given the fortitude of 10th place. Upon return, will they be able to show the form they did not so long ago? Or will the break have taken its toll? Only time will tell. - n0lsk1

Teams to watch

Nutterres: Reticent

Tibore: Serenity

yumi_cheeseman: Scarabae

n0lsk1: Serenity

Here's how the committee ranked the top 10:



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