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OCE POWER RANKINGS {22/7/16 – 28/7/16}

Archived with permission from the previous publishers, N0lks1, Fachy and B-Bearz.

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Chrisis - twitter

Lead Rocket League commentator for Gamestah.

Tibore - twitter

Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Cyrix - twitter

Player for Another One.

yumi_cheeseman - twitter

Player for Gameroos, Commentator and Rocket League enthusiast.

Weekly Round Up


Tournament Results

  1. Olympicas

  2. Mayne eSports

3/4 TIED Trinity / Team Erase FD

  1. Legacy eSports

  2. SiDaVehy

  3. dwe da dream team

  4. Abyss eSports

  1. Blitzkrieg

  2. Kronovi notice me

3/4 TIED Trinity / GrandyFachyRobo

  1. Royal Allegiance

  2. Phoenix Gaming

3/4 TIED Set Seven / Prodigy

News from around the region:

  • Velocity have disbanded



1 - AthleticoBH

Bango, SnarfSnarf, MontyConnor, Jcooke | Nil movement

Athletico started the week in a not-so-Athletico fashion where they got knocked out of Erase ODC early on. Now this doesn't tell us the whole story as Athletico were made to face Legacy first, in which they lost 2-1. They then beat Team Instinct 2-0 but straight after they were up against Alpha Sydney in the loser's bracket whom they lost to in a surprisingly 0-2 result. Their games weren't streamed, as all eyes were on IBP, so we can't say for sure what how the game unfolded. For all, we know it could have been an unlucky day for Athletico.

Moving onto their CGp game this week they definitely didn't let the Erase ODC results faze them one bit as they took out Legacy in a 3-2 win which helps them remain undefeated throughout the CGp regular season. Truly a remarkable season for the lads who came out of nowhere.

This weekend they come into the CGp finals as definite favourites looking to take the whole thing undefeated in which they have a really good chance of doing so. Assuming Athletico do, they will have cemented their place in being one of the best Rocket League teams OCE has produced.

- cyrix


2 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Orion, Eren, Penor | + 1

It looks like we're seeing a resurgence of the mighty Legacy eSports, bringing back some of their form from the days they were known as "Sequential". They've been putting in the hard work, participating in any tournament they can get their golden hands on, and it's paid off with a big tournament win in the Erase International ODC amongst big teams like Athletico, Abyss, Alpha Sydney and iBP Cosmic. They even took a series win off the mighty Athletico on their way, and proved that they are no longer a team to be messed with. With their form back, they've climbed back to the number 2 position, and are only one step away from being able to reclaim their old crown as number 1. This weekend is their chance to do it, as they battle it out with the rest of the top 4 to see who will be this season's CGp champions, first up, Athletico! - yumi_cheeseman


3 - Abyss eSports

Express, Addzey, Debat, TheSchoolBus | - 1

Abyss for me has been slipping just a little as they have not been able to play with their core on a consistent basis. They have been playing different variations with their sub Debat that have not been paying off just yet. Losing to SubZero Gaming in round 1 of the A bracket for RLO XII with Express, Schoolbus and Debat playing certainly did not help them in the rankings this week. Abyss did pull out a great showing in the RLO International ODC though, showing they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Debat is a great recent addition, however Abyss use very creative aerial rotations and it's going to be hard to fit into that complicated style right away. Debat being a stronger ground player also raises questions over how effective he can be in this side. Addzey is solid but hasn't been getting the MVP's often. They really need Express and Schoolbus in there producing for the team. If Abyss can field their full side, watch out everybody! - Tibore


4 - Alpha Sydney

Dumbo, Stoney, Dicky, Shawthing | Nil movement

A crazy week for Alpha Sydney, but at this point, Alpha Sydney and crazy go hand in hand. They've been putting in the hard yards with plenty of practice and scrims and have been looking like a fresh new team, combing big individual plays with excellent teamwork. Saying that, when they entered the Erase International ODC, they did not expect to be sent down to the loser's bracket by Feint after a close 1 - 2 series. Pulling through though, they kept their chins high and took a 2 - 0 win over Athletico in loser's bracket! You can't get much better than that, but they got the next best thing taking out some random team called iBuyPower Cosmic, eliminating them from the tournament. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come as they get ready to fight for the prize in this weekend's CGp finals, their first match is Abyss, who they have historically lost to, so let's hope their practice has paid off. - yumi_cheeseman


5 - Gameroos XD

yumi_cheeseman, DaBeastXD, aoe_emp, SToRMCLoRD | - 1

I make no bones about the fact that Gameroos is one of my favourite teams playing Rocket League in the region. They're brimming with potential, have top class skill, some of the best minds in Rocket League - and they don't rest, always looking for ways to improve, new insights and better tactics. Whenever they take the field there's a sense of anticipation, a sense that anything can happen. They're exciting to watch and thoroughly deserve their top 5 placing. They are surely favourites to take out CG's Intermediate division. That's possibly a new feeling for them because until now they've had the underdogs mantle to keep the pressure off. The CGI Finals will be a good test for them and I expect they'll relish the chance. - Chrisis


6 - Control eSports

Daisu, Drippay, Turtle, Floppers | + 1

Control eSports have not shown up as a full side this week however Daisu's form playing with pick up teams grants a raise this week. Control goes into the Cybergamer Intermediate finals as the top seed. It is going to be good seeing this team all play together again as they have been distant in recent weeks. We will have to wait and see if the teamwork is still there after the absence.

- Tibore


7 - Another One

OssyOsbert, Stig, Cyrix, Plitzinator | - 1

Another One end the season much like they started it, with a loss against a team they really should have beaten. To be fair, their season has really struggled and they might be happy to see the back of it. With wins in CG overall limited to beating Legacy and Heart & Swole, they are a team that did not reach their full potential and they should be looking to use the off season to restore their form to the glory that took them almost all the way in Season 2. - Chrisis


8/9 Tied - Team furoX

Outlast, kapow_power, Ultra, Turbul4nc3 | + 1

Team FuroX have been alternatively climbing then dropping in rankings from week to week thanks more to what's going on with everyone else than within their own team. After gaining 2 rankings, then losing 2, they're back to a +1 this week and hold on to their top 10 spot. They've not been playing much - but they did enough in the early season to make it through to the Intermediate Division's top 4, and will be playing in the Finals as a result. They'll have a chance to cement their spot in the Power Rankings and prove that they deserve it. - Chrisis


8/9 Tied - Team Erase FD

Lukorice, Greeny, Nerd, Zer0 | + 3

We have some new blood to the top 10! Coming in at 9th spot we have Team Erase FD. Now this is a team who have been sitting on the outskirts of the top 10 for a long time and have finally pushed forward into that top 10! This isn't just a fluke either. Team Erase FD have been putting in the work and with the edition of Nerd and Epanai this season they have bolstered their line-up with some great talent.

Erase had a fairly good week to be fair. They started with the Erase ODC in which they first came up against 2KF1 gaming where they came out victorious in a 2-1 win. This was a game they definitely wanted to win because next up were the special guests of the tournament iBuyPower! As if the boys of Erase weren't content with getting to face iBuyPower they actually won! The boys showed up and beat iBuyPower 2-0. Even though iBP had a huge ping difference it is still a massive achievement for the boys of Erase and they were ecstatic about the result.

Continuing along with the Erase ODC, they were next up against a random team of (Julz, Noize, cyrix) who they lost to 2-0. Erase were then dropped to losers bracket where they went on a good win streak beating Singularity 2-0 and Feint 2-1 before losing against Abyss 2-0. A very valiant effort from Team Erase which showed they have been putting in the effort. Erase also entered the Gameroos Tuesday tournament in which they made into the semi-finals before losing to a strong opponent in Olympicas.

Erase will be playing in the CGi finals this Sunday. They come into the finals as the lowest seed but definitely should not be under-estimated if we look at the current form of this team. A good showing in these finals will definitely have them shooting up the rankings next week but can they do it?

- cyrix


10 - InVidious

FrenchFries, Sparks, Coleslaw | Nil movement

Not a peep from Invidious this week. With cybergamer over and having not qualified in the top 4, Invidious did not appear in any tournaments. With hungry teams sitting just outside the top 10, they will need to show up next week if they want to hold onto their spot. - yumi_cheeseman

Teams to watch

Chrisis: Gameroos XD

Tibore: Mayne eSports

Cyrix: Alpha Sydney

yumi_cheeseman: Feint

Here's how the committee ranked the top 10:



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