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Oce Power Rankings 21/11 - 27/11

Archived with permission from the previous publishers, N0lks1, Fachy and B-Bearz.

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Nutterres - Twitter

Head tournament Admin for Gameroos, Former Pro player with extensive knowledge of the Oceanic Rocket League scene.

Tibore - Twitter

Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

yumi_cheeseman - Twitter

RLCS bound Rocket League addict.

n0lsk1 - Twitter

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania, Rocket League philanthropist and budding global Twitch mod.

Tournament Results


Abyss eSports Club

Legacy eSports

Sand Castle


Rocet Lan Finals



Legacy eSports



Abyss eSports Club

Alpha Sydney

3/4 TIED Masterminds / Prodigy




3/4 TIED C7 / Prodigy




3/4 TIED Pickup / Xbox is lit

Sennheiser Qual #2





Team Reticent

Legends Featuring Turtle(Seductive Turtle, Epanai, Mrdeano343)

Team Evade

Sand Castle

Boundless(Daisu, Ultra, Madz, Kapow_Power)

News from around the region:

Serenity have been sponsored, and are now called Masterminds

Atlitude have been sponsored, and are now called C7

Creed are now called Sand Castle



1 - Abyss eSports Club

Express, Addzey, Cyrix, Stoney | + 1

Back on top again is Abyss with a flawless week, taking down the likes of Alpha Sydney and Legacy eSports on their way. They have been regaining their confidence of late following several weeks of disappointing performances. However they seem to be back to the fighting form that saw them secure their position for several consecutive weeks, albeit with a singular caveat: Athletico. The last time they defeated them was at the PAX LAN three weeks ago, they'll need improve on their performances against them to firmly secure their top spot once again. - n0lsk1


2 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Eren, GroovyGrape, Penor | - 1

Legacy have finally seen a slight drop in form which has lead Abyss into first place. With Legacy losing to Abyss twice in last weeks Mockit tournament, Abyss were strong favourites to top the PR this week and should Legacy perform well this week, could quite easily knock them back off. The key for Legacy at the moment will be to keep strong performances over teams such as Alpha Sydney and Athletico, and attempt to build their way back to the top.- Nutterres


3 - Athletico

Bango, SnarfSnarf, Montyconnor | Nil movement

Athletico won the Rocet LAN Cafe Finals last week but will retain their 3rd Rank. The "Gameroos" side did well to make a serious run after 0-3 Athletico in Round 1 but Athletico managed to overcome Corivdae 3-0, Legacy 3-1 and then revenge on the "Gameroos" in a reverse sweep 4-3. They are looking good and a strong week could see them back to 2 or even 1 again. Tibore


4 - Alpha Sydney

Jake the Tyrant, Drippay, Torsos | Nil movement

Alpha Sydney have been fairly silent this week, only showing up in the ESL weekly tournament. While making light work of lesser teams they failed to defeat Abyss. Recently however they have been able to complete the one thing that Abyss haven't, and that's defeating Athletico. They're closing the gap between 3rd and 4th, but they'll have to produce more convincing performances against the best to climb up. - n0lsk1


5 (tied) - Corvidae

Siki, Daze, Plitz, Ssteve | Nil movement

Corivdae did not show up as a complete side this week using an unofficial sub in Daisu for Rocet LAN Cafe Final. A quiet week won't see then drop but Sand Castle is now creeping up getting a tied 5th place. Tibore


5 (tied) - Sand Castle

Dumbo, aoe_emp, Lukorice | Nil movement

Sand Castle have had quite a poor run of form in this week, with a shock loss to Team Reticent in the Sennheiser qualifiers and losses to both Abyss and Legacy in the Mockit tournament. If these boys are able to pull together a strong week they can cement their spot possibly higher, but will be requiring a full team effort and can't afford to drop many, if any games this week. A standout week could easily see these boys hit their peak. - Nutterres


7 - FuroX

0veerbluee, Dreameh, Zepsy, Untouchable_Gilly | Nil movement

FuroX was another side to play without their strongest lineup this week. Official sub for Mockit where they were swept by Sand Castle. Unofficial Sub for ESL Go4RL being swept by Prodigy. They will retain 7th for now, still unable to beat teams higher ranked. Hopefully with a full side they will be able to make some inroads in the weeks to come. - Tibore


8 - Infinity

Slurpee, Hectic, Lulz, Fake, Rasmus | Nil movement

Infinity have had a fairly strong week, but have kept their 8th position such as last week. With good performances over lower ranked teams, and the occasional loss to Legacy and Sand Castle, we can see why they sit slightly lower on the table. Whilst this team are able to perform well at their peak, showing this with a reverse sweep of Blitzkrieg in the RLO tourney, they need to be on their greatest performance to even stand a chance. If they aren't on top form we see the odd loss to teams such as Anixia and have no guarantees that they can cement a position in the top 10. - Nutterres


9 (tied) - Masterminds

Fachy, Kia, Snowy, Seniaz | - 1

Recently picked up by Masterminds, the ex-Serenity team have been producing mixed results. While having no problem laying waste to newer and less experienced teams, they continue to struggle against top tier teams. That may be expected but nonetheless they've been steadily dropping in the rankings over several weeks. Perhaps with the new representation they can find their feet and be the formidable side they want to be. - n0lsk1


9 (tied) - Team Reticent

CJM, ZeN, PanzerShrek, Arcus | + 1

Bringing out one of the shock performances of the week in beating Sand Castle, Reticent burst onto the power rankings and are looking like they're on a good run of form. Losing to Abyss in the ESL cup, but knocking out Sand Castle in the Sennheiser qualifiers shows that if these boys are on top of their game they stand a chance against any team. I look forward to seeing some more good performances from them and hopefully seeing a rise in the table from them. - Nutterres

Teams to watch

Nutterres: Masterminds

Tibore: Sand Castle

yumi_cheeseman: Infinity

n0lsk1: Sand Castle

Here's how the committee ranked the top 10:



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