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Oce Power Rankings {2/9/16 – 11/9/16}

Archived with permission from the previous publishers, N0lks1, Fachy and B-Bearz.

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Nutterres - Twitter

Head tournament Admin for Gameroos, Former Pro player and extensive knowledge of the Oceanic Rocket League scene.

Tibore - Twitter

Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Wolfeeyyy - Twitter

Former player for Singularity, and avid spectator of Oceanic Rocket League.

n0lsk1 - Twitter

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania, owner of Phoenix Gaming, Co-Creator of OCE Freestylers, Rocket League enthusiast and budding global Twitch mod.

Tournament Results

  1. Abyss eSports Club

  2. Blaa

3/4 Tied FuroX / Legacy

  1. Icarus eSports

  2. Enigma

3/4 Tied Set Seven / Rusty af

  1. Alpha Sydney

  2. Abyss eSports Club

3/4 Tied FuroX / Legacy

  1. Team Prodigy

  2. Team Virtue

3/4 Tied Cloud Nein / Enigma

  1. Legacy eSports

  2. Abyss eSports Club

  3. Phoenix Gaming

  4. We Dem Prospects

  1. Abyss eSports Club

  2. We Dem Prospects

3/4 Tied Mayne / Alpha Sydney

  1. Abyss eSports Club

  2. Razzle Dazzle

3/4 Tied Gameroos / Blitzkrieg

  1. Legacy eSports

  2. Athletico

  3. Gameroos

  4. Team Erase

News from around the region:

  • Rocet Circuit Holds Qualifier #1

  • RLO Moves to

  • Gameroos move to Battlefy



1 - Athletico

Bango, SnarfSnarf, Montyconnor, Jcooke* | Nil movement

Athletico; It's pretty safe to say that these four players are the most consistent and formidible team in the OCE region. Their teamplay and positioning skills are on point, as seen in their systematic playstyle. Even though they aren't as active as some other teams in the region, this doesn't take away from the fact that when they show up, they turn up. We clearly see this in the result of the ROCET open qualifier, coming a close second to Legacy, but playing incredible none the less. In the coming weeks we should see some impressive results from these boys in the future.

. - Wolfeeyyy


2 - Abyss eSports Club

Express, Addzey, Cyrix, Debat* | Nil movement

Abyss eSports, these guys have consistently shown up to tournaments and dominated the competition, Their consistent performances have influenced their high position on the Power Rankings, and this week was unlike any other. Winning RLO A's, coming second in the ROCET Pop-up as well as coming first in both gameroos tourneys reveal this rocksteady playstyle. Although some of these games were close, Express' aerial skills outmatch their opponents and give them the upper hand in any matchup, expect big things from Abyss this week and the rest to follow.

. - Wolfeeyyy


3 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Orion, Eren, Penor* | Nil movement

For a while it's been a two horse race at the top, however this week Legacy have put in some of the biggest results we've seen in OCE in a long time. Earlier in the week they managed to beat Abyss twice in finals, finishing on a 5-0 clean sweep aggregate in the ROCET Popup tournament. With respect to Abyss, it's not as impressive as their recent Athletico scalp in the ROCET open qualifier after having come through the loser's bracket to beat them 3-2. It's the first time Athletico has lost a competitive match in almost 100 tournament games. However, the question remains. Have Legacy found a rich vein of form? Or have they figured out how to knock the top two teams off the pedestal? Suffice to say, the coming weeks will be very interesting.

. - n0lsk1


4 - Alpha Sydney

Stoney, Dumbo, Dicky, GroovyGrape | Nil movement

The top 4 is slowly starting to shake up! After a relatively unsatisfying performance in the ROCET Popup tournament, Alpha Sydney have bounced back to take out this week's RLO tournament in style. On their way they managed to take out both Legacy in the semi final, and Abyss in the final. It's their first time in a while to achieve RLO success and they sent a message dominating the best to do so. They are definitely a surprise package, right down to showing up with 0ver Zer0 to last week's RLO tournament; don't be too quick to write them off next tournament! - n0lsk1


5 - Corvidae

Daisu, Daze, Siki | Nil movement

Having been inactive in Gameroos tournaments this week, along with have no notable victories, Corvidae are lucky to have held on to 5th spot over Gameroos. Having lost to Gameroos in the Rocet popup tournament, they are beginning to show some inconsistencies and barely scraped through into 5th position. With Gameroos hot on their heels they are expected to show up to the bigger tournaments in the coming weeks just to hold this position. Is Corvidae vs Gameroos the game we all want to see? Hopefully we'll get that matchup and see who is really deserving of this 5th place. - Nutterres


6 - Gameroos XD

DabeastXD, aoe_emp, Julz, yumi_cheeseman* | Nil movement

With the Cheesman making a move into more commentary and coaching type role in the RL scene it will be interesting to see what happens with the Gameroos side. Gameroos have been playing with Plitz quite a lot lately and Plitz is LFT, wink wink. Gameroos have been in the final stages of tournament a lot lately but haven't been able to get over the line for a Tournament win in a while now. In the Rocet open Qualifier 1 they got to the Winners Bracket Final after beating Legacy however Loses to Athletico and then Legacy prevented them from seeing the grand final. We will see what they can achieve with their new roster changes.

- Tibore


7 - FuroX

Toxic95, Zepsy, Jcoffee, Kapow_power | Nil movement

A formidable team of consistent performers, however it seems they're struggling to surpass the Gameroos squad. FuroX are a nightmare to deal with for the lesser experienced teams but they find it hard to offer the same challenge to the top teams, evident by their recent results where they're yet to pass the semi final stage. Nevertheless there is no doubt of their quality and if they can overcome semi finals then the community can expect them to overcome 7th position. - n0lsk1


8 - Blitzkrieg

Jake The Tyrant, WaterBlitz, Triggsy109, Whitewolf* | Nil movement

Blitzkrieg have had a relatively mediocre week, having been knocked out first round in the Rocet popup, along with losing to Lemons but Nothing in their first round of RLO XVII. Blitzkriegs most notable performance of the week was in Gameroos Thursday night tournament, in which they won their group and followed it up by beating Mayne in the quarter finals. Having kept a strong squad together and avoiding any recent roster changes we expect Blitzkrieg to continue with some powerful performances in the future, but currently see them residing down in 8th place in this weeks rankings. - Nutterres


9 - Phoenix Gaming

Epanai, EyeDeeKay, Tenacity, Wolfeeyyy | + 1

Phoenix Gaming made it out of the pool stage of the new format RLO, however in the QF fell to FuroX 1-2. Phoenix have been up and down recently pulling out strong performances here and there. Consistency will be the key for this side. They will also have to try to start cracking the teams higher than them on the rankings, they manage to get games consistently, but 1 game out of 3 isn't going to get them the win. Concentration and not going on tilt will be the key.

- Tibore


10 - Team Erase

Fachy, Lukorice | - 1

Inconsistent performances and inconsistent appearances are mirrored by the team's inconsistent line up. Team Erase absolutely have the capability to upset the stronger teams. In order to do that however they should endeavour to find some stability in their roster and get into some matches. The scene is ever changing and it waits for no one; should they find their answer they will return to getting results more accustom to their quality. - n0lsk1

Teams to watch

Nutterres: FuroX

Tibore: Lemons But Nothing

Wolfeeyyy: FuroX

n0lsk1: Team Prodigy

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:



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