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OCE Power Rankings 14/11 - 20/11

Archived with permission from the previous publishers, N0lks1, Fachy and B-Bearz.

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Nutterres - Twitter

Former head tournament Admin for Gameroos, Former Pro player with extensive knowledge of the Oceanic Rocket League scene.

Tibore - Twitter

Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

yumi_cheeseman - Twitter

Rocket League addict.

n0lsk1 - Twitter

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Tournament Results


Abyss eSports club



Legacy eSports



Abyss eSports Club

3/4 TIED Infinity / Anixia

Sennheiser Semi Finals #1

Abyss eSports Club

Alpha Sydney




3/4 TIED Reticent / Fast Players

ESL Monthly

Abyss eSports Club


Alpha Sydney


News from around the region:

Abyss and Alpha Sydney make it throguh the Sennheiser Semi Finals!

Abyss take out ESL Monthly finals!



1 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Eren, GroovyGrape, Penor | Nil movement

Outside of winning the Cross Pacific Championship Cup between OCE and SAM, Legacy have been relatively lacklustre this week. With disappointing losses to Creed and Infinity, they will have to bounce back next week with the form that saw them rise to the top of the power rankings. Abyss are in fighting form at the moment which means Legacy will have to stay vigilant to subvert their return to #1. - n0lsk1


2 - Abyss eSports Club

Express, Addzey, Cyrix, Debat, Dumpling | + 1

Abyss appear to be coming back into form. After a good few weeks coming through some off and on performances, they've refound their confidence and are taking names once more. They come through with some great results, including winning the ESL Monthly, Qualified first for the Sennheiser Finals and winning Mockit. While they went down to Athletico in the HYPE finals, they are on the cusp of taking back their previous #1 spot on the power rankings, and a win next week against Legacy would concrete their status as the best. - yumi_cheeseman


3 - Athletico

Bango, SnarfSnarf, Montyconnor | - 1

Athletico had a fairly quiet week, managing to win the Hype Tournament 3-1 over Abyss, however just fell short of qualifying for Sennheiser Finals going down to Alpha Sydney 2-3. The drop 1 spot this week to Abyss even with the win against them most likely due to Abyss winning the ESL monthly Championship. Athletico still look good though and can beat any team on the day. Tibore


4 - Alpha Sydney

Jake the Tyrant, Drippay, Torsos | Nil movement

Signs early in the week seemed to show that this roster was still trying to find it's feet. However they fought back strongly mid week to produce a formidable performance in the ESL Monthly competition, as well as taking down Athletico twice in a Bo5 in the first Sennheiser Semi Final. If they keep this up they'll be taking the 3rd spot off them, which is fantastic for a team that has been together for roughly a month. - n0lsk1


5 (tied) - Corvidae

Siki, Daze, Plitz, Ssteve | Nil movement

Corvidae have had what can be considered a relatively strong couple of weeks, and are now sitting in tied 5th place with "Creed" (name unconfirmed?!). With Creed looking like one of the tougher challenges for Corvidae, I believe that over the next few weeks we may see a shakeup in the power rankings and possibly a solidified top 6, rather than a top 4. It feels like Corvidae are just starting to work together and seeming just as strong as when they had Daisu, with the relatively new addition of Plitz to the core, and playing the odd tournament with Ssteve. - Nutterres


5 (tied) - Creed

Dumbo, aoe_emp, Lukorice | New

Creed/Sandcastle/Wannabe/Exist/Blaa are the newest kids on the block, with powerhouse players from Alpha Sydney, Gameroos and Erase, they have quickly shown that they are capable of winning against any team. Their first showing saw them win an ESL weekly, and this week they went on to come second in both Mockit and the ESL Monthly, falling at the last hurdle to Abyss. These guys are playing like a top 3 team this week, but we don't yet have the data or consistency from them to really see where they'll end up, but if they continue growing as a team, they'll only go up from here. - yumi_cheeseman


7 - FuroX

0veerbluee, Dreameh, Zepsy, Untouchable_Gilly | - 1

FuroX have remained consistent but that hasn't been enough to hold their spot at 6th. They have still struggles to make inroads into beating higher power ranked teams. With the arrival of Creed forming as a team to be ranked we see FuroX drop to 7th. They are still a strong team and their main strength right now is consistency, however they need to start getting wins against the big teams to start moving back up the rankings. Tibore


8 (tied) - Serenity

Fachy, Kia, Snowy, Seniaz | - 1

It's been a rough week for Serenity, failing to show up against newer and less experienced teams leading to bowing out of tournaments early. They did end the week on a high note, finishing second to Furox in the ESL Go4RocketLeague weekly tournament, managing to defeat Creed in a Bo5 on their way. However, aside from winning tournaments, beating FuroX is what they'll have to do to rise back to 7th. - n0lsk1


8 (tied) - Infinity

Slurpee, Hectic, Lulz, Fake, Rasmus, Freak | New

Infinity have come into the power rankings with what is, on paper a very strong line-up. With the likes of Slurpee, Hectic and Lulz, with the possible addition of their amazing 3 subs, I'm expecting to see some amazing performances from Infinity over the course of the next few weeks. Assuming they're able to keep a strong core line-up and play consistently I believe they may be able to slowly rise up through the power rankings. - Nutterres


10 - Team Reticent

CJM, ZeN, PanzerShrek, Arcus | Nil movement

Team Reticent admitted themselves that their performance this week was amongst their worst since the team's inception. Defeating the now defunct Phoenix Gaming being the highlight of their week, they will have to bounce with great fervour to maintain their position in the top 10 of the power rankings. With teams like Scarabae and Blitzkrieg hot on their tails, now will be the time to prove they deserve to be ranked above the rest. - n0lsk1

Teams to watch

Nutterres: Creed

Tibore: Creed

yumi_cheeseman: Creed

n0lsk1: Creed

Here's how the committee ranked the top 10:



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