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Oce Power Rankings {12/9/16 – 18/9/16}

Archived with permission from the previous publishers, N0lks1, Fachy and B-Bearz.

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Nutterres - Twitter

Head tournament Admin for Gameroos, Former Pro player and extensive knowledge of the Oceanic Rocket League scene.

Tibore - Twitter

Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Wolfeeyyy - Twitter

Former player for Singularity, and avid spectator of Oceanic Rocket League.

n0lsk1 - Twitter

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania, owner of Phoenix Gaming, Co-Creator of OCE Freestylers, Rocket League enthusiast and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

At last ESL has made made it way to Oceania after its debut in NA and EU. ESL held the first Go4RocketLeague Cup this past Sunday with Athletico coming on top winning a total of 100 USD. Rocet holds its second qualifier with the likes of Abyss, Corvidae and Blitzkrieg making it through.

Tournament Results

  1. Abyss eSports Club

  2. Legacy eSports

3/4 Tied Corvidae / Alpha Sydney

  1. Corvidae

  2. Abyss eSports Club

3/4 Tied Blitzkrieg / Icarus

  1. Abyss eSports Club

  2. Blitzkrieg

  3. Corvidae

  4. FuroX

  1. Athletico

  2. Alpha Sydney

3/4 Tied Icarus / Team Prodigy

  1. Legacy eSports

  2. Abyss eSports Club

3/4 Tied Team Erase / Gameroos

News from around the region:

  • ROCET holds the second circuit qualifiers this last saturday.

  • ESL hold the first Go4RocketLeague Oceanic Cup!



1 - Athletico

Bango, SnarfSnarf, Montyconnor, Jcooke | Nil movement

Athletico sit pretty firmly in top position this week having taken out the first edition of the ESL Go4RocketLeague Oceanic Cup over Alpha Sydney. Having proven in recent times that they are the team to beat, and with Oceania having a plethora of weekly tournaments to attend, it's no surprise that they entered into the first ESL tournament to hit the scene. After knocking Abyss out in the quarter finals and taking it down to the final game, it never looked like Athletico would lose the tournament and came out worth champions of the first ever ESL tournament in Oceania! Congratulations boys! - Nutterres


2 - Abyss eSports Club

Express, Addzey, Cyrix, Debat | Nil movement

Back on track this week is Abyss eSports Club with some convincing results against the cream of the crop. They had a rough time getting the edge on Legacy last week but have managed to turn it around, beating them twice out of their three head to head match ups. The losses last week perhaps have hardened them as they showed a strengthened resolve against the monsters Athletico in an incredibly tight 2-3 loss in the ESL Go4RocketLeague tournament. The near future looks interesting as Abyss are beginning to show signs of closing the gap between first and second. - n0lsk1


3 - Legacy eSports

Some, Orion, Eren, Penor | Nil movement

Legacy have had a week of mixed results, getting knocked out first round of ESL, barely losing the Grand final of Gameroos Tuesday night to Abyss, but redeeming themselves with a hefty win over Abyss in RLO A's. Legacy seem to be at an all time participation high, and sitting in 3rd place on The Chase standings coming into the final week to earn points, I expect to see them for most tournaments this week as well. Some good performances have been bought out in recent times and should Legacy begin to take a greater hold over Abyss, I can expect to see them jump up into second spot. Definitely looking forward to seeing these boys as they attempt to top the power rankings yet again, but for now it's good to see a string of good performances from one of the strongest in OCE. - Nutterres


4 - Alpha Sydney

Dumbo, Stoney, Dicky | Nil movement

Alpha Sydney are an unpredictable bunch at the moment, with a vast variety of results making it difficult to see where they currently stand. Having not appeared in many events this week, possibly due to GroovyGrape leaving as their substitute to chase are more permanent position, it's more likely that it has simply just been a rough week for them. Despite some unsatisfying results in the ROCET qualifier, they did however manage to make it to the first ESL Go4RocketLeague final against Athletico and performed valiantly. Perhaps the 3 member lineup will produce a more structured game plan? It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks as more and more tournaments become available for OCE. - n0lsk1


5 - Corvidae

Daisu, Siki, Daze | Nil movement

Attention Attention, Corvidae beat Abyss in a Grand Final! They managed to take out the Thursday Gameroos tournament this week with a 3-2 win over Abyss in a tense match where Abyss almost pulled out the reverse sweep. Daisu with 4 goals in the decider got them over the line. A good turn around after being beaten 0-2 in the Tuesday Gameroos by Abyss. Corvidae may be making inroads here into the top 4 if they can start to compete on a consistent basis. They seem to come up against Abyss in almost every tournament they play so the practise is hopefully helping out.



6 - Gameroos XD

aoe_emp, DabeastXD, Plitzinator, Julz*, yumi_cheeseman* | Nil movement

Gameroos XD, each individual player in the team is a powerhouse in terms of performance, their team results seem to lack. Whether it be their rotating roster and their fluid playstyle, the results they are producing do not reflect their real strength as a team. I believe that these guys can do much better, and their recent results do not reflect their real ability as a team. These guys can only move up as a team and I believe they can do so.

- Wolfeeyyy


7 - Blitzkrieg

Jake The Tyrant, Waterblitz, Triggsy, WhiteWolf | + 1

After an outstanding performance in the Rocet Open Qualifiers, losing only to Abyss in the winners bracket and grand final, Blitzkrieg have firmly cemented their place on the power rankings for this week. Having beaten FuroX on both occasions, along with an amazing performance to defeat Corvidae in the losers bracket, I can see why Wolfeeyyy gave them a six, however a poor performance from them in the Gameroos Tuesday tournament could be reasoning for them sitting at 7th. Losing out to Team Prodigy it is definitely showing some small inconsistencies within Blitzkrieg, however making the semi-finals yet again on Thursday shows that these boys are still here to play, and they will keep playing hard. - Nutterres


8 - FuroX

Toxic95, Zepsy, Jcoffee, Kapow_power | - 1

Furox have been losing their potency of late, falling short of expectations amongst teams they used to comfortably beat. This week in particular they've taken no rounds off both Blitzkreig (in two instances) and Gameroos, which is most likely why they've fallen one spot. Not to say that they will be struggling for long as they are still a very strong line up (evident in their victory against Alpha Sydney) and it's most likely their lacklustre performances are burdened by a poor vein of form. They will be fully expected to take this as a wake up call and come back stronger. - n0lsk1


9 - Team Erase

Fachy, Greeny, Lukorice | + 1

Team Erase is again in good hands with the former team member of Greeny returning to the action. They almost managed to beat Legacy (Eren, Soma and GroovyGrape subbing) in the RLO A bracket this week, going down 1-2 in series that had to be seen to be believed. It will be good to see if they can keep the team consistent now and push forward with a solid 3.

- Tibore


10 - Fumble This

Dakotawebber, JusticeRobo, Zer0, Rekt | + 1 New

Fumble this, what to say about this team? A strong mechanical set of skills for each individual player, and together they form a well oiled team. These "men" have proven themselves in multiple tournaments, showing positive results and general improvements overall. It seems like the results improve when Rekt enters the scene combining with Justice Robo and DakotaWebber, destroying much of the competition and beating some of the higher ranked teams. Hopefully we will see them in top 10 in the future.

- Wolfeeyyy

Teams to watch

Nutterres: Team Erase

Tibore: Icarus eSports

Wolfeeyyy: Team Prodigy

n0lsk1: Team Prodigy

Here's how the committee ranked the top 10:



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