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It’s been too damn long! The Gauntlet is back!

That’s right, after almost half a year, it’s back! Starting on the 9th of September, Oceania’s powerhouse teams will return to The Gauntlet. We’ve lined up 5 weeks of competition where teams will also fight for points, in order to qualify for the Season 4 playoffs!

We’ll be broadcasting every match over on our Twitch channel, starting at 6:30pm every Thursday night. Our regular team of talent will also return, presented in classic RLO fashion! Along with The Gauntlet, The Glove returns as a qualifying stage, where community broadcasters can cover the competition.

The Glove returns as a weekly open qualifier where everyone can compete for minor points and their shot at The Gauntlet! The Glove will be every Thursday night at 6:30pm AEST, alongside the Gauntlet. The winner from each week will advance to take on The Gauntlet in the following week. To keep teams in the game, the teams placed from 2nd to 4th in The Glove each week will automatically qualify for the playoffs in the next Glove.

Head here to register for the first Glove!

Head here to apply to be a community broadcaster!

Make sure to follow us on twitter @RLOceania for updates on the tournament. We can't wait to bring you some of the best Oceanic Rocket League action! See you out on the pitch!


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