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Introducing OCE Pick’Ems!

RL Oceania is proud to reveal our new Pick’Em competition that will be centred around the LPL Pro Oceanic Championship, starting this Sunday!

Head over to the Pick’Em hub to submit your match and score predictions for a chance to win a free RL Oceania hoodie and 15 keys!

You will score 1 point for every correct match prediction, 1 point for every correct score prediction and 3 points if you predict a round perfectly.

Pick’Ems can be submitted up until one hour before the next round of League Play begins! The Pick’Ems leaderboard will be updated every Monday night and will be made available with the next round’s Pick’Ems.

Head over to the Pick’Em FAQ to find out more information! Also be sure to share you predictions on social media by screenshotting the summary page!


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