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Introducing RL Oceania's Goals of the Week - $100 Up for Grabs!

This is a series that is dedicated to tournament clips that are sent in by the OCE community. These clips will be included in a weekly video on the RL Oceania youtube channel, where the community can vote for their favourite clip. There will be one winner every week who will advance towards the Goals of the Month and furthermore, the Goal of the Year. Note that this is restricted to goals that are scored in an OCE tournament. Clips can be sourced from tournament broadcasts, or player livestreams during a tournament match.


  • Top clips from each week will be featured in a 'Goals of the Week' video where the community may vote on a winner.

  • Winners from each week will progress into a Goals of the Month, where the community can once again vote on a winner.

  • Winners from Goals of the Month will progress into a Goal of the Year! The goal of the Year will be announced at the RL Oceania community awards, where the winner will recieve $100 AUD!

Submition Process:

  • In the RL Oceana Discord, head down to #showcase and submit your twitch clip alongside your in game name. If your clip is sourced from a player broadcast, RL Oceania will investigate the legitimacy of the goal and whether or not the goal was scored during competitive play.

  • Note that submissions are not restricted to clips in #showcase. RL Oceania will be sourcing additional clips if deemed appropriate.

If you are needing help with submitting a clip, head over to the help-desk in the RL Oceania Discord and where the team can help you with whatever you need!


  • Goal of the Week: 'Goal of the Week Winner' tag in the RL Oceania Discord

  • Goal of the Month: 'Goal of the Month Winner 'tag in the RL Oceania Discord

  • Goal of the Year: 'Goal of the Year Winner'tag in the RL Oceania Discord + $100AUD

RL Oceania hosts, as well as promotes several tournaments that take place throughout the week. We would love to see some amazing clips, so why not take some shots on target!

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