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RL Oceania's Road Map for 2019 and Beyond!

As we move towards the tail end of 2019, RL Oceania will begin a slow transformation process in an aim to provide greater contributions to the OCE Rocket League community, at every level possible.

Admittedly for over 12 months, RL Oceania has been operating on nothing more than a weekly loop of small events and community promotion. Moving forward we will ultimately be aiming to extend ourselves further than this weekly loop, where we will push our capabilities in larger events and creative content.

We want to focus on providing a greater experience within the community and it’s competitive events, aiming to provide the likes of more broadcasts, more incentives and the possibility of a return to multi-division tournaments.

To begin this transformation, we’ve mapped out a road map of small steps and major goals which will begin immediately. The roadmap is supported by a consistent stream of community content and events which will also contribute to larger projects.

The first stage of the roadmap will see RL Oceania putting emphasis on broadcasting competitive events whenever possible. We’ve developed an efficient package of tools and assets to be used for tournaments that would otherwise not be broadcasted. Designed towards ease of use and efficiency, the package aims to bring an abundance of competition broadcasts to the RL Oceania Twitch Channel, regardless of skill range, and/or whether or not there are casters available. VODs of these broadcasts will also be uploaded to the RL Oceania Youtube channel whenever possible.

The larger purpose of this is aiming to provide further exposure to events and the community, in turn hopefully bringing in more players to the competitive space. If we find that the player count increases in events such as the RLO weekly events, we are likely to strongly consider providing two or more skill divisions.

We've also investigated ideas such as talk shows, highlight videos, promotional graphics and other forms of content to accompany the broadcasts and further highlight the competitive space within the region. However, we must stress these are currently ideas that require further development.

Furthermore, almost all broadcasts and other assorted content will feature a donation goal where appropriate. The donation goal will contribute to funding prize pools for large projects, the first of them being the next iteration of our State of Origin tournaments, this time featuring two divisions.

Head here for more information on State of Origin. We are aiming to collect $1000 in order to fund the prizepool of the tournament, where RL Oceania will begin by providing $300. We hope to reach our goal in around 4 weeks so that we can complete the event without distrupting RLCS OCE League Play. Once the goal has been reached we will announce the dates of competition and begin drafting Division One teams.

Competitively, this will aim to test the players and their own abilities to adapt to abnormal team environments whilst also getting the opportunity to compete alongside players they would not usually compete with. Production will be aiming for premium quality with a focus on highlighting key players within each team.

As an outcome, we will be looking to use the event as a base line moving forward into other large projects. We will be looking to take the experience we gain in this event, and use it to lead us into our next large project that we aim to reach by December this year.

This project is under the working title of ‘The OCE Summer Cup’ and is aimed at providing a testbed for a larger concept we look to operate in 2020. It will feature a multi-stage format that will start from community events, working its way up to the top 4 teams, giving everyone a chance to compete.

Provided this initial event goes well, we hope to take what we learn and move into 2020 operating this competition on a loop every 3 months, expanding upon the format and scale of the competition. For now there’s not much more to share about the project as we’re still conceptualising important elements. We will aim to have a more concrete plan by the time State of Origin begins. For now, stay tuned for updates!

Lastly, as we begun working towards these goals, RL Oceania will also be seeking to consistently improve it's current platforms. The first being the RL Oceania Discord, as we understand many within the community have critisicms over it's layout and overall effectiveness in promoting community content). As we begin broadcasting more events and creating more cotent, feel free to provide us with feedback on anything that we can improve! We're always open to new ideas and better ways to execute them.

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