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Hi everyone! With the introduction of 'The Gauntlet' we will be making small changes to the weekly RLO 3v3 tournaments, as they now serve as the qualifier for the 'The Gauntlet'.

The most notable change is that from this week moving forward, teams who place 4th and above in the RLO 3v3 playoffs, will be invited directly into the playoffs of the following week, without having to compete in the group stage. This also includes the team that has most recently been relegated from 'The Gauntlet'.

These 4 teams will be seeded in the playoffs above all other entrants who qualify via the group stage. We believe this will help improve the experience of all participants as the group stage would have a more even range of skill, whilst helping higher tier teams avoid heavily one sided matches in the group stage.

This change will be in effect from now and that the following teams are invited directly to the playoffs: of RLO 3v3 93:

- Order (or the next relegated team from 'The Gauntlet')

- Manlet Chess Apparatus

- Celestial Eclipsed

- Carried By Golden Striker

We've updated the rule documents to reflect these changes. In the event of a roster change within any of the advancing 4 teams, rosters must retain 2 players from the previous roster in order to be eligible for direct entry into the playoffs. The quarter-finals and the semi-finals will now be played as best of 5's, the grand final will remain as a best of 7 whilst all other games will be a best of 3.

If you have any further questions please be sure to contact any of the RLO staff members at

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