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Whilst the curtains begin to close for another great year in the RL Oceania community, we turn our focus to the upcoming 2019 RL Oceania Community Awards. Ever since our formation in 2016, we have held the annual event to highlight the best competitors and contributors in the community.

This Year’s Categories Are:

- The 2019 Player of the Year

- The 2019 Team of the Year

- The 2019 Rising Star

- The 2019 Caster of the Year

- 2019's Best New Caster

- The 2019 Streamer of the Year

- The 2019 Community Member of the Year

- 2019’s Best Premier Event

- 2019’s Best Open Weekly Event

- 2019’s Event Administrator of the Year

- 2019’s Goal of the Year

Similar to last year, everyone from the Oceanic community will have the opportunity to place votes on nominees to determine winners from each award category. Saying this however, the Player of the Year, Team of the Year and Rising Star categories, will be voted upon a committee of notable community members, who will hold a majority vote over the community vote.

Additionally, prior to the voting period, some categories will be open to having their respective entrants nominated by the community. This comes with the understanding that RL Oceania is not capable of monitoring all corners of the Oceania community, thus we invite members of the community to nominate entrants for the Streamer of the Year, Community member of the Year, and Goal of the Year. If you wish to make nominations towards any of the above listed categories, please head here. Please remember that this is simply to nominate an entrant for the opportunity to receive votes in the main voting period.

The schedule for the 2019 RL Oceania Community Awards is as follows;

  • 1st of November - 17th of November: Nomination period for the Streamer of the Year, Community member of the Year, and Goal of the Year.

  • 18th of November - 30th of November: Community voting period, excluding Goal of the year.

  • 7th of December: The 2019 RL Oceania Community Awards Night.


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