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RLO 2v2 100 and a 2v2 XBOX/Switch tournaments

After almost 2 years of running the RLO 2v2 tournaments, we have now reached the milestone of 2v2 #100. On behalf of everyone at RLO, I would like to give a massive thank you to everyone who’s played and supported the events from #1 to #99. You are what makes this community great and these events possible week in and week out, and for that, every single one of you should be proud of yourselves.

I would also like to personally give a big thank you to Dumpling and the events team here at RLO for putting these on every week. Dumpling and the team of volunteers have been the lifeblood of RLO events for over a year now and without them, the tournaments wouldn’t even run.

The 100th RLO 2v2 tournament is obviously a huge moment for us at RLO, as well as the community as a whole. With this in mind, we will be putting $175 towards the prize pool, which will also be expanded upon by any donations we receive leading up to the tournament.

The minimum prize distribution will work as follows

1st: Minimum $100 2nd: Minimum $45 3rd/4th: Minimum $15

Donations will be spread across each split in the above portions. If you wish to donate towards the prize pool, head here:

Along with this, the 2v2 tournament will be broadcasted live on and the winners of 2v2 #100 will receive 2v2 #100 Champion tags in the RLO Discord.

The milestone event will take place this Tuesday night (the 2nd of October) at 6:30 PM AEST. We hope to gather as many members from the community to compete in the tournament.

Registrations close at 6:20 PM AEST. To register for the 100th 2v2 tournament, head here:

RLO XBOX and Switch 2v2 tournaments.

Aside from the milestone 2v2 #100, RLO will be trialling monthly Xbox 2v2 tournaments, due to a number of community members requesting the variation. We will be using this opportunity to gauge the community interaction from XBOX players and give them an opportunity to compete in events.

RLO 2v2 #101 on the 9th of October, will be the first PC, XBOX and Switch 2v2 tournament, and will hold a $100 prize pool. Following 2v2 #101, the first 2v2 tournament of every month will host XBOX and Switch players, whilst PlayStation players will be able to compete in the remaining tournaments each month. PC players will be able to play in all tournaments.

With all this in mind, we are really looking forward to the future and seeing what these things will bring. Feel free to approach RLO staff members with any thoughts or questions. We love hearing your feedback and will always look into how we can act on it.

Once again i would like to give a huge thank you to everyone in the community.

See you out on the pitch.


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