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The OCE Power Rankings - 05/03/18 - 01/04/18

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 7 people consisting of:

CJCJ Active player for Tainted Minds and co-host of The Pinch.

Paz Everything OCE for

Avid fan and viewer of Rocket League, more so than DMonkey.

Avid fan and viewer of Rocket League, more so than Bbouy.

Colour caster and analyst for ThrowdownTV.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV and co-presenter for The Esports Show.

Oceanic Rocket League cognoscente and budding global Twitch mod.

The Round Up

We’re past the halfway point now in Throwdown league play and there’s a team towering over the top of the rest. It’s none other than Chiefs ESC of course, currently undefeated and well on track to go 7 - 0 in this season’s league play. On the other end of the ladder however, there are four teams tied for 5th: Love Decks, Retirement Home, JAM Gaming and Legs are Silly. They’ll be separated by the end of the week with two teams to be tied outside playoff contention as they’re scheduled to face off tomorrow. In internal news, this will be Tibore’s final Power Rankings as he will be stepping down to focus real life commitments. He’s been a long term member of the OCE PR team; I’d like to publicly thank him for all of his help and wish him all the best.

Tournament Results

Recent Team News

* Resurrection Elites disband * Azure disband

* Yeah Right roster is picked up by Surge ESC * Pneumono still not a team


1 - Chiefs ESC

Jake, Drippay, Torsos, Requiem | Nil movement

We finally have confirmation that Chiefs are the strongest team in the region.

Having hit another period of domination; their final test came in the form usurpation from Legacy Esports. However, the Chiefs boys weren't ready to give up the crown. Every game came down to nail biting finishes, with just single goals often separating victory and defeat but the boys eventually fought their way to a 3-1 finish. With strong performances across the board from all 3 players, this week seeing Torsos pulling hat tricks, they’ve set the standard for all to come. - Courier

2 - Legacy Esports

Cyrix, Siki, Delusion, Helio | Nil movement

Clinical 3-1 victories over Legs Are Silly, Retirement Home and Love Decks see Legacy Esports sitting right behind Chiefs in the OCE pecking order. Whilst the whole team has performed spectacularly, the surprise package is Delusion - who slots in so well you could hardly tell he’s a league play rookie and #1 on the fantasy RLCS leaderboard (my team thanks you). Legacy’s excellent start (losing only to the Chiefs) contrasts with that of Dark Sided and Tainted Minds, who are coincidentally their opponents in the final week of league play. Can Legacy take root in 2nd place, or will their closest rivals weed them out? - DMonkey

3 - Dark Sided

Shadey, Express, Dumbo | Nil movement

Like their wings during the series, Dark Sided’s hopes of a clean 4-0 were clipped in a big upset loss to the pickup team meme team that is Retirement Home. The loss not only takes some of the shine off their dominant performances of previous weeks, but also raises doubts about their worthiness as contenders for the Chiefs’ throne. Since they have the toughest remaining schedule of any team in league play (Tainted Minds, Legacy and Chiefs), they’ll need to quickly move past this loss and rediscover their offensive groove to remain in top 2 contention. Coming in 2nd may have been a drag during the off-season, but in league play, securing a spot in Throwdown grand final is preferable to a gruelling playoff run. - DMonkey

4 - Tainted Minds

Kamii, CJCJ, Julz, xkorez | Nil movement

After a rough showing against JAM Gaming which saw the RLCS elites fall in a clean sweep, they’ve been slowly but surely grinding their way out of their slump, thanks to convincing wins against Retirement Home and Legs are Silly. Still a ways to go yet, as we’ve seen this side go blow-for-blow against the best, but were however dispatched with ease by a rampant Chiefs ESC in a recent match up.

They have a huge match coming up tomorrow against Dark Sided where both teams are looking for the win. Tainted Minds will be looking to take the win to ease their path into the playoffs as it will put both teams at 3 wins and 2 losses going into the final week. - n0lsk1

5 - Love Decks

Addzey, MontyConnor, CJM, Curto | Nil movement

Love Decks had a pretty rough opening to the RLCS road this year. Whilst they may have successfully qualified through the upper bracket, crushing the dreams of Simple Physics, their ride quickly became bumpy. With some uncharacteristic performances from Monty and Addzey, the offensive powerhouse of CJM was forced into defense to hold back the onslaught (now with highest saves in the league). After cutting their teeth on the top 3, Love Decks gained back their confidence against JAM with Addzey and Monty stepping up, and stepping up big. They pulled a massive 9 goals between them and are now the highest pass% per goal team in the league. With this new playstyle mastered, they are now flourishing and could potentially close out consecutive wins to finish the season. If they can keep the ball rolling they could punch their way into the top 4. - Courier

6 - Retirement Home

Daze, Ellusive, Kia, Aza | + 1

Retirement Home began the Throwdown season looking like a mother of three at a Black Friday sale, with their frantic nature in matches being a major factor in finding themselves 0-3 on the road to RLCS. Fortunately for them they were on their toes like a midget at a urinal last week, as they took down Darksided in a much more structured affair. Hopefully this is the start of an upward spiral for our favourite pensioners, as they have now ripped a hole in a top 4 team. It won’t be as easy as their meals on wheels, but if they can take a couple more scalps in the coming weeks then we could see a real contender in the finals series. - CJCJ

7 - JAM Gaming

Bango, Walcott, Decka | - 1

An unfortunate position change from 6th to 7th for JAM Gaming, picking up the 3-0 against Tainted Minds unfortunately cannot cover for the loss against Chiefs, Dark Sided & Love Decks. They are currently sitting equal 5th with Love Decks, Retirement Home & Legs are Silly they are in the 2nd worst position to win a W/L tiebreaker meaning unless they pick up the slack against Legacy, Legs are Silly & Retirement Home they won't be looking good for a top 6 finish this season. Although the odds are currently in their favor (55% chance statistically for a top 6 finish) they haven’t been looking very sharp as of late, not at all like the side that 3-0’d Tainted Minds. Has the jam been spread too thin? - Paz

8 - Legs are Silly

Plitz, ZeN, Sammy | + 1

The Legs are Silly boys are more gifted than Lynx Africa body spray sets but their problem always comes from their ability to work together cohesively on both offence and defence. Fortunately, they have been playing more as a team lately and less like a nest of mice at a cheese convention. With a thrilling 3-2 reverse sweep over Retirement Home, these guys are right in the hunt for a finals spot. We know they have got the ability, but we will have to see if they can put it all together on game day. Another win or two for these young goannas could see them clawing at the top 4 before we know it. - CJCJ

9 - Weasel Mafia

Justice Robo, Bullet, Angel | + 1

Off the back of not making Throwdowns RLCS League Play Weasel Mafia have positioned themselves as a sturdy 9th place in the Oceanic region. From being knocked out by Legs are Silly to being a consistent 3rd in every ESL & Throwdown weekly since it makes sense that they are still a ways off from breaking into the top 8 spot. Justice Robo, the only known player on this team before RLCS Qualifiers, has built a very scary team with Bullet and Angel, coming top 3 in every weekly they play and only losing to Pneumono consistently. I feel this is a team that everyone should have eyes on by the time the next RLCS season comes around. A potential hiccup for this team however is that Justice Robo has the possibility of being drafted in Gfinity AU so there’s a chance we won't see these guys vs anyone above the top 4 for a while. - Paz

10 - Surge ESC

Scarth, Synisc, Jelly | New

At the time of the previous PR release these boys had just formed and had performed remarkably well in the Throwdown OCE Champs open qualifier, notably beating Legs are Silly. Having made it into the Top 16 playoffs in the upper bracket they had arguably the toughest run, getting knocked down by Legacy Esports and knocked out by Retirement Home. A baptism of fire indeed. They spent the next few weeks cementing themselves in the upper echelons of the bubble teams.

Both Jelly and Scarth are recognisable names amongst the newer generation of players, but Synisc however is much newer addition to the competitive scene, which for me is brilliant to see. Personally I’m glad to see this roster doing well and would suggest keeping an eye on these guys; they’re certainly not pushovers. Will be keeping a keen eye on their progress. - n0lsk1

Teams to watch:

CJCJ: Retirement Home

Paz: Legacy Esports

Bbouy: Surge ESC

DMonkey: Dark Sided

Courier: Love Decks

Tibore: JAM Gaming

n0lsk1: The group of players that may seem like a team but apparently are not.

Here's how the committee ranked the teams:

On the bubble:

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