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The OCE Power Rankings - Weeks up until 04/03

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 7 people consisting of:

CJCJ Active player for Tainted Minds and co-host of The Pinch.

Paz Everything OCE for

Avid fan and viewer of Rocket League, more than DMonkey.

Avid fan and viewer of Rocket League, more than Bbouy.

Colour caster and analyst for ThrowdownTV.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV and co-presenter for The Esports Show.

Oceanic Rocket League cognoscente and budding global Twitch mod.

The Round Up

It’s been a long time coming but finally the Power Rankings have returned! After taking a temporary hiatus during the most recent OCE shuffle, the PR team has also undergone a little shuffle too; make them feel welcome and drop them a follow. There’ll be some changes as well to the structure to bring it more in line with the NA and EU models. Additionally, releases will be loosely scheduled around every three weeks.

We’ve watched new teams form and old teams return over the course of the preseason, and with the current season underway we’re seeing some fresh faces as well as the old guard returning to their posts. Currently the position for second is highly contentious, with less than half a vote separating places between second and fourth, while Chiefs are sitting pretty at the top with the unanimous vote.

Tournament Results

Recent Team News

* Rise Esports formed with Luis, Snowy and Viraelia.

* Azure ESC formed with Slurpee, Hectic, xAimzz and Lemoney as substitute. * Change joins Simple Physics as subsitute.

* Extricity roster picked up by JAM Gaming’s academy team, JAM Light.


1 - Chiefs ESC

Drippay, Jake, Torsos, Requiem

Chiefs experienced a slow start to the off-season with defeats in the OCE Throwdown Open Series League play and the newly formed Gfinity AU. They are known for their off-season struggles, but they once again proved to the OCE meta that they’re still at the top. With a significant amount of wins in the weekly Gfinity tournaments and a convincing 4-0 sweep over Darksided to be crowned the Throwdown Open Series Champions; Drippay, Jake and Torsos have earnt the right to be called OCE ‘GOAT’s’.

With the announcement of Throwdown Season 5, the Chiefs will endeavour a journey to remain at the top of OCE. The surrounding OCE teams are now challenging the Chiefs, so there is no guarantee that the dominance of the Chiefs will last throughout this season. Though, the Chiefs are determined to make ‘top 2’ of S5 LAN to once again compete against the giants of NA and EU. Beating G2 at LAN would be better than winning RLCS. - Bbouy

2 - Legacy Esports

Cyrix, Siki, Delusion, Helio

Life has been good for the new Legacy roster, formerly known as 'We win when we can’. The addition of former Lynx/EmproX player Delusion to the ex-Avant Gaming core of Cyrix and Siki has worked wonders all offseason. Living up to their old name, they're the 2nd most successful team in Gfinity weekly tournaments behind Chiefs and recently finished 3rd in the TD Open Series, nearly running the entire gauntlet by beating Love Decks, Retirement Home and Tainted Minds before narrowly losing to Chiefs 2-3 in the semifinal. Although it remains to be seen whether they'll live up to their potential in the long run and break the Avant Gaming curse of 2017, due to their recent form they’ve firmly established themselves as one of the powerhouse teams in OCE -- potential challengers to the Chiefs. - DMonkey

3 - Dark Sided

Shadey, Express, Dumbo

Forever second might be a better name for these boys after a whopping 10 2nd places in Gfinity this year capped off with yet another runner up placing in Throwdown’s Open Series. Their inability to really finish off tournaments may have cost them 2nd spot in the rankings for mine as Legacy were able to take out more tournaments and rival the ‘GOAT’s’ of Chiefs ESC. Their top of the ladder performance during league play of the first major tournament of the year does suggest that they are more than capable of being top dogs. If their gameplay can be as crisp as Shadey’s emote-making skills, they’ll be taking more scalps in the very near future. - CJCJ

4 - Tainted Minds

Kamii, CJCJ, Julz, xkorez

Last year we saw the inception of a new team; they came out of nowhere with a prominent rise to fame and consequently stole away JAM’s coveted second seed to RLCS. Now the boys have solidified themselves as a staple of the domestic scene with consistent top 3 results across the board. Whilst these boys have seen great success which typically would put them alongside Chiefs at the top, the rise of the Legacy plus their continued rivalry with JAM has lead to them on the rough end. However this could easily change on a dime as half the PR staff were fighting for Tainted 2nd and the rest for Tainted 4th. - Courier

5 - Love Decks

Addzey, MontyConnor, CJM, Curto

The first all Kiwi (+ Curto) team have come in higher than personally expected, beating Chiefs, JAM Gaming & Dark Sided in Throwdown’s Open Series but getting less than stellar results in Gfinity’s weeklies with only 2 top 4 finishes within the last 9 weeklies. While they have shown they are better than the current 6th-10th teams, it is not clear whether they can break into the currently highly contested top 4 they have certainly positioned themself at a suitable spot for a new team. - Paz

6 - JAM Gaming

Bango, Walcott, Decka

JAM Gaming is an organisation that has consistently been at the top tier of Rocket League in OCE. Constantly changing rosters throughout the seasons, they look to bring in some fresh faces and Bango to once again grind to the top. Walcott, Bango and Decka have showed that they’re a force to be reckoned with as they challenge the top 5 of OCE. The current roster has lacked consistency in the off-season with some memorable wins and poor performances in Throwdown Open Series. Each week, you don’t know which JAM was going to show-up. From, the JAM that 2-1’d Legacy and Tainted Minds to the JAM that got slapped by Love Decks. The off-season started with the rise of the Bango/Walcott duo as they pub-stomped kids in ranked, to trialling players as their 3rd, to evidently settle with Decka.

This season, if Walcott can carry and JAM can find their consistency, then they’ll be a contender to make Throwdown LAN or even further make RLCS. - Bbouy

7 - Retirement Home

Daze, ellusive, Kia, Aza

Retirement Home are a meme team in the region. Daze and ellusive join forces with ex-Pale Horse RLCS player Kia coming into the team to make their core. It is an incredibly strong team on paper, but focus will be the key to victory. Yumi_cheeseman brought into question how much they were practicing going into the Throwdown Open series and they couldn’t manage to get past a hot new Legacy lineup of mostly old Avant (Cyrix and Siki) on a breakout tear. The skill level of these players is high enough for them to not worry about practicing too much, as they do have the ability to turn it on, especially with Daze’s aggressiveness. The key to qualifying for Throwdown RLCS S5 League Play will be to not go on tilt. They have to keep a cool head if things aren't going just right. If they can do that, they are a team that can challenge top 4 for a TD LAN spot. If they can’t and get caught up tilting or memeing, they might not even make the league. - Tibore

8 - Simple Physics

Daisu, Lim, aoe_emp, Change

Simple Physics has been living on the borderlands of the OCE competitive scene after their quick inception days before the RLCS Qualifiers were announced last year. Since then, they have reliably pulled top 8 placements across all tournaments but have never managed to fully hit their stride. This can be primarily be seen in Gfinity, where the large volume of matches gives a great sample size; their results have remain pretty consistent. However, their last week performance at the Throwdown RLCS Qualifiers that has piqued my interest. Throughout the entire qualifiers they didn't drop a game - which is a feat only a single other team can claim. The conclusion saw them go out with a bang, stomping Azure 3-0 (Last years Conspiracy, 5th seed) and only dropped a single goal in the process. And whilst the opponents thus far haven't shown clear RLCS potential, the domination they’ve had thus far is promising. It makes me keen to see how they go against the big boys and whether they can continue to hit those home runs. For being one of last years pick-up teams, I hope they’ve now had enough time. - Courier

9 - Legs Are Silly

Plitz, ZeN, Sammy

One of the last teams to finalise their third, the Legs are Silly lineup have been a bit of hit and miss in recent weeks; more miss than what we’re usually used to seeing from the Plitz and ZeN duo. The biggest miss of late was their upper bracket run in the Throwdown OCE Championships qualifier, losing in the final game to a previously untested and relatively inexperienced team Yeah Right. They still made it through in the lower bracket to the top 16 but there’s no doubt a loss like that will have a huge effect on their confidence.

It’s not all doom and gloom however; the former Rumpus Room Wizard Sammy has been a valuable addition to their line up according to the mainstays. Having never as been as comfortable with their team that ever before, they’ll need to look toward that positivity in order to get them through this rut, as well as focusing on their strengths and Rocket League fundamentals. - n0lsk1

10 - Weasel Mafia

Justice Robo, Bullet, Angel

Justice Robo, a long-time presence in the OCE scene, and two newer faces, Bullet and Angel, form the bubble team known as Weasel Mafia. A 3-1 upset over TD Cup champions Pneumonoultra in the upper bracket of RLCS open qualifiers sees them in the top 16 with an outside chance of making league play. Defeating their bogey team for the first time - with thousands of onlookers - shows that an off-season long commitment to grinding weeklies has started to pay off.

Despite having the shortest run to League Play of any bubble team on paper (potentially versing ‘Legs are silly’ in the lower bracket), their opponents in the top 16 will be much tougher than open qualifiers. Weaseling their way into the top 8 will require another exemplary defensive showing and enough offence to grind out games against mechanically superior teams. They’ll be off to a good start if Angel can find angles faster than Yumi can say ‘pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis’ out loud. - DMonkey

Teams to watch:

CJCJ: Weasel Mafia

Paz: Weasel Mafia

Bbouy: Yeah Right

DMonkey: Weasel Mafia

Courier: Simple Physics

Tibore: Legacy Esports

n0lsk1: Yeah Right

Here's how the committee ranked the teams:

On the bubble:

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