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The OCE Power Rankings - 17/10 - 23/10

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 5 people consisting of:

Shoutcaster & streamer with extensive knowledge of the Rocket League scene in Oceania.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV and co-presenter for The Esports Show.

Colour caster and analyst for ThrowdownTV.

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Captain for Pale Horse eSports and New Zealand’s best player.

Weekly Round Up

It’s PAX week! Which means in a few days time we’re going to see Oceania’s best go at it live to see who gets to go to RLCS in Washington. In suspense for this it’s been a relatively quiet week from the teams in question, focusing mainly on boot camping and travelling. Make sure you’re watching on Sunday 29th from 11am AEDT! In other news, Lynx Gaming make the lower bracket run in the Vapour Nordic League finals, securing themselves as king of the bubble teams. Keep an eye out for these guys in the future as they try to break through the top 7 barrier.

Tournament Results

1. (Noizee, Daisu, ZeN)

2. DedSet Gaming

3/4. Sizzle Gaming

3/4. Deft

1. Deft

2. Kilbluff Isn’t Bad

3. Velocity

4. We Want the W

1. Lynx Gaming

2. Feint

3. DedSet Gaming

4. Extricity

1. Chiefs ESC

2. (LuckyLuke, Fiki, Scarth, Jube)

3/4. Team Obsidium

3/4. Deft ESL AU&NZ S3 Wk 4

Avant Gaming 3 - 1 Square One

Chiefs ESC 3 - 1 Lynx Gaming

JAM Gaming 3 - 0 Legacy Esports

Team News

* Snares moves into core position for DedSet as Azora moves to substitute.


1 - Chiefs ESC

Jake, Drippay, Torsos | Nil movement

Chiefs are still looking in very solid form. A win in ESL against Lynx Gaming puts them at 5-0 and guarantees them for yet another live final; their only big loss in recent times being to Scylla. With that being said their main focus will be PAX and I think they are more than comfortable to take it out and make RLCS. But an upset from Pale Horse in the first round is on the cards, and we could see them make the lower bracket run from there. - Kamii

2 - Pale Horse eSports

Kamii, Kia, CJCJ, Julz, xkorez | Nil movement

No tournament games played this week due to an unfortunate forfeit from Scylla in ESL. But with the form they have been showing of late it would suggest a likely victory for Pale Horse. In fact, I would go as far to predict that for me at least these guys will be going to Washington alongside Chiefs. Pale Horse have shown significant growth over last few months; they’ve secured themselves as a top 3 team and as a force to be reckoned with. The experience they got from the most recent ESL LAN could be enough to see them competing at RLCS. - n0lsk1

3 - JAM Gaming

shadey, Montyconnor, Express | Nil movement

JAM Gaming played the one match this week with a tight 3-0 against Legacy in ESL AU&NZ League Play. I wasn’t enough for them to take 2nd in the PR though but this week is crunch time, where they have to defend their spot at RLCS in such a tight top 4. They will need to improve on their 3rd place at the last LAN at the ESL studio to classify this weekend as a success and will definitely need to bring out their A-game with the teams they are against. They are definitely capable but to show up on the day because any mistakes will be punished. If JAM shows up on the day at PAX they for me will take at least 2nd and qualify for RLCS. - Tibore

4 - Scylla Esports

Dumbo, Kira, Addzey, aoe_emp, Daisu | Nil movement

Scylla has remained stable this week sitting comfortably again in our 4th seed. Whilst no major games to report (due to absences or otherwise), their direction moving forward is where Scylla gets interesting. With momentous play last fortnight (beating Chiefs to boot) they launched their way into the last seed of Throwdown’s Finals, enabling them for the RLCS seed they had strove so hard for last season. The “new” teammate Addzey, who initially gave pause to the team’s direction, has proven his worth and helped take them back to the old heights. Now under the Scylla banner and with decent match-ups against all teams, it might just be their time to shine. - Courier

5 - Avant Gaming

ellusive, Cyrix, Siki, Requiem | Nil movement

Last week I ranked Avant, Legacy and Conspiracy at the same level, this week I was able to separate them but not as cleanly as it might seem. Out of those three teams Avant was the only one to record a win. In saying that, I haven’t seen enough from Avant this week to convince me they’re out of their form slump. With their focus on ESL in the coming weeks it’s only going to get harder, with Chiefs and Pale Horse being their next opponents. Never been a better time than any to snap out of it than now. If this line up were to miss out on two consecutive live finals it might be the catalyst that sees Avant being swept up in the wave of the OCE Shuffle. - n0lsk1

6 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Plitz, ZeN, Penor | + 1

Legacy played one match this week against JAM in what was a close 0-3. Legacy are getting back to their style that I love and works of the pass plays; in which for me gave an easy goal of the week if not month in OCE during game 1. Watching the intricate team pass plays bring back the nostalgia of the Legacy in the Soma, Eren, Orion times. The current times of Soma, Plitz and ZeN are showing they have the synergy to do what they need to be top, but with the high mechanical and timing complexity of their play they need to become more consistent which is easier said than done. - Tibore

7 - Conspiracy Esports

SlurpeeMonster, Hectic, Walcott, Triggsy | - 1

Conspiracy remain in the rankings at a very simple seventh this week, having a lack of results and only power performances coming from the last week of RLCS. With a lack of results and no clear direction for this team, it wouldn't come as a surprise if we see any of these players split off and form a new team, but until such a time we shall just wait and see. Assuming they do come out and play they should be able to hold onto a solid ranking, but their biggest competition comes in the form of Sizzle Gaming, a team in top shape. - Nutterres

8 - Lynx Gaming

Sammy, Blu3y, Delusion | Nil movement

Lynx has set-up shop comfortably outside the “Power 7” maintaining their hold on the 8th seed for another week. At ESL, they managed to snipe a game off Chiefs but when push came to shove, Chiefs were stalwart and took home the safe 3-1. Whilst unable to pick up another league win at ESL, they did however shine in the Vapour Nordic league. After getting knocked down into the lower bracket by Feint (2-3), they clawed their way back; first taking down Extricity (3-1), then Dedset (3-2) and eventually avenging themselves against Feint in the finals twice (both 3-2). Congratulations on the Grand Finals win! - Courier

9 - Sizzle Gaming

JCoffee, Seniaz, Zepsy | Nil movement

Sizzle’s past results still keeping them in 9th position even though still unproven against the top 10 sides. They had an undesirable result against PUG team Noizee, Daisu and Zen in 2KF1-Tahit showing they can lose. I am still waiting to see them against a top 8 side in the PR and am very keen to see how it plays out. - Tibore

10 - Feint

Flawe, Myst, Tulendeena | + 4

An interesting story to be told for the Feint guys. The main reason for their inconsistencies in recent times is a direct result of their open roster philosophy. With their members having wildly varying availabilities they rely on unofficial subs to fill in at times. It’s evident this week especially, with vastly different results in Throwdown Community Night and the Vapour Nordic League finals. Despite using an unofficial sub in the form of rising star Curto they put on a massive show against Lynx Gaming, going to the wire in all three of their matchups. The series of close matches being the reason for their massive jump this week. Next week is highly likely to be a different story. From what I hear these guys are keen on the upcoming OCE Shuffle, and it might be the last time this line up sees the top 10. - n0lsk1

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: Pale Horse

Tibore: Lynx Gaming

Courierlord: Pale Horse

n0lsk1: Chiefs & Pale Horse @ LAN

Kamii: Lynx Gaming

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:

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