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The OCE Power Rankings - 25/09 - 01/10

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Shoutcaster & streamer with extensive knowledge of the Rocket League scene in Oceania.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Colour caster and analyst for ThrowdownTV.

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

The teams for Season 3 of the ESL AU&NZ are now finalised. Joining Chiefs and Pale Horse are JAM, Scylla, Legacy and Avant to complete the big 6, as well as two teams that are not household names just yet: Lynx Gaming and Square One. Both teams are currently participating in the Vapour Nordic League, with Lynx in particular currently comfortably in first place. It’ll could be either a massive experience boost or a baptism of fire for the two teams as they give it their all against Oceania’s best.

Tournament Results

Qualified: JAM Gaming Scylla Esports Lynx Gaming Legacy Esports Square One Avant Gaming

1. Sizzle Gaming

2. To Be Decided

3/4. Lynx Gaming

3/4. (Helio, Fluke, Delusion)

Rounds 9 through 12.

1. Cl4rity ESC

2. To Be Decided

3/4. Team Tahit

JAM Gaming 3 - 0 Avant Gaming

Conspiracy Esports 3 - 2 Legacy eSports

Scylla Esports 3 - 2 Pale Horse eSports

Chiefs ESC 3 - 0 Noizee Isn’t Toxic

1. Sizzle Gaming

2. Team Tahit

3/4. Extricity

3/4. Team So Fresh

Team News

* Nothing to report this week.


1 - Chiefs ESC

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | Nil movement

Chiefs having a quiet one this week as they gear up for the ESL AU&NZ league play next week, focusing on their single league play match against Noizee Isn’t Toxic. Unfortunately for the newer side the Chiefs barely broke a sweat as they dismissed them with ease, only relinquishing one goal over the series. While the performance alone isn’t necessarily telling enough for them to earn the top of the power rankings outright, it’s more a story of being uncontested this week as Pale Horse struggled to seal the deal against Scylla. With ESL AU&NZ league play getting underway very soon we’re likely to get a better picture of the climate around the top three teams. - n0lsk1

2 - JAM Gaming

shadey, Montyconnor, Express | + 1

JAM jumped up to 2nd this week with 3 out of 3 matches won this week for a combined 9-0 win/loss record. They breezed through the qualifiers for ESL AU&NZ Champs S3 and took out Avant 3-0 in Throwdown. JAM are looking impressive but it was not a lot separating them from Pale Horse with 2 PR members ranking them tied second. JAM will have to keep it up to maintain their 2nd on the PR. - Tibore

3 - Pale Horse eSports

Kamii, Kia, CJCJ, Julz, xkorez | - 1

Pale Horse only played the one match this week which was Throwdown. They had a 2-3 loss against Scylla putting them into a 3 way tie for 4th on 2W 2L. They will drop to 3rd place but only just, it essentially hanged on the balance of 1 game 5 against scylla. That is just how close these teams are that every game victory matters at the moment for the PR. It is harsh, but how things have been going don’t be surprised if they are back in 2nd next week if they can win their matches in ESL and Throwdown. - Tibore

4 - Scylla Esports

Dumbo, Kira, Addzey, aoe_emp, Daisu | + 2

Scylla have had an amazing week and are possibly rather unlucky to only be sitting 4th right now. Lovely wins over both Legacy (3-1) and Pale Horse (3-2) have led to Scylla being in a dominating position for RLCS keeping them atop the table. This squad has finally seemed to find their form, and what better time than at the start of a new ESL Season. Combined with League Play going on, I won’t be surprised if we see these boys at PAX and leaves me wondering if Pale Horse might be the team that suffers. - Nutterres

5 - Avant Gaming

ellusive, Cyrix, Siki, Requiem | - 1

Avant managed to charge their way into ESL AU&NZ League play but the drop a spot this week was caused by a 0-3 loss to JAM in Throwdown. Scylla, Avant and Legacy are all very close to that 4th position and they will likely trade places very often in the coming weeks as every match counts. In Throwdown to make the finals for a chance at PAX for then a chance at RLCS they are going to need to win all their remaining games for a shot at a 4-3 record. Don’t count them out of the finals just yet as they definitely could take out Conspiracy, Noizee Isn’t Toxic and Legacy. 4-3 isn’t ideal as there would likely be a tiebreaker rule for who goes to PAX but right now all they need to worry about is winning. There is no more room for error. - Tibore

6 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Plitz, ZeN, Penor | - 1

Legacy are living up being the most inconsistent side in the top 10. They beat the Chiefs last week, and then this week they lost to Scylla and Conspiracy. Legacy at least the first team to beat the Chiefs since JAM Last beat them in August! What to take from this is that this team currently has potential to beat anyone, however they can also lose to teams you wouldn’t expect far too often. Legacy have the ability, I just really want to see consistency come through. - Tibore

7 - Conspiracy Esports

SlurpeeMonster, Hectic, Walcott, Triggsy | Nil movement

Conspiracy have had an absolutely astounding week and it all came down to the final second of the final game in Sundays RLCS group play. Knocking over Legacy with a last second goal to take out an extremely tight series 3-2, these boys are starting to look like they’ve hit their form and might even be challenging for some higher positions. Legacy still sit just above them however as an unsuccessful attempt at qualifying for ESL will be plaguing them for a while. At least their only focus now is RLCS and this could bring out the absolute best from this squad. - Nutterres

8 - Lynx Gaming

Sammy, Snares, Delusion, Blu3y | + 1

Lynx don’t have an awful distance to go now that they’ve breached the realms of ESL AUNZ Championship play but will still be disappointed with a few of their results, including the loss to Sizzle Gaming in 2KF1. Luckily they’re able to sit atop the table of Vapour-Nordic League with some rather simple wins. Hopefully we’ll see some strong performances from them during the ESL Champs but more than likely they could be a dark horse to some of the top 4 teams. Only time will tell. - Nutterres

9 - Noizee Isn’t Toxic

Zest, Noizee, Outlast, Reggles | - 1

Noizee Isn’t Toxic had a very quiet week this time round, losing 3-0 to Chiefs and playing very little else. Soon enough we may even see a drop from the top 10 if the ESL AU&NZ Champs are going to be knocking on the door. Although it may be curtains for their RLCS season already, they can at least say they've had the experience of qualifying into the top 8 at Throwdown where others haven't. A good next week might just see them cling to their spot in the top 10. - Nutterres

10 - Sizzle Gaming

JCoffee, Seniaz, Zepsy | New

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen Zepsy in a competitive team, and it hasn’t taken the new Sizzle Gaming line up long to make their case for the top 10. They play a high pressure style that can hinder teams from getting comfortable and into their groove. All three are veterans of the scene and with the aid of JCoffee and Zepsy being team mates long ago it could be the extra kick they’ll need to hold on to this position. They have the potential to be a real thorn in the side of the higher ranked teams, so keep an eye out for them. - n0lsk1

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: Square One

Tibore: Lynx Gaming

Courierlord: Sizzle Gaming

n0lsk1: Lynx & Sizzle Gaming

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:

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