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The OCE Power Rankings - 18/09 - 24/09

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Shoutcaster & streamer with extensive knowledge of the Rocket League scene in Oceania.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Colour caster and analyst for ThrowdownTV.

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

Continuing the trend from last week yet again we’ve seen a ton of Rocket League this week, only with more to come as the third season of the ESL AU&NZ Championships are soon to begin. We’re also almost half way through this season of Throwdown league play with five teams tied on 2 wins and 1 loss. Pale Horse eSports are arguably in the best position to finish on top, having already played the top 4 teams. But nothing’s guaranteed in Rocket League as we’ve seen the likes of Conspiracy Esports - the JAM slayers - come out on top in David vs. Goliath match ups.

Tournament Results

1. Cl4rity ESC

2. ScaRooKi

3/4. Pickup haHAA

3/4. Conspiracy Esports

1. Conspiracy Esports

2. Lynx Gaming

3/4. Extricity

3/4. Square One

1. Square One

2. Feint

3/4. (Greeny, NoSanaNoLife, Yeatzy, Nerd)

3/4. (xAimmzzzz, Erit_27, ClassicOldMate, Mxseh)

Rounds 5 through 8. ESL AU&NZ S3 Open Qualifer #2

Qualified: Deft ScaRooKi To Be Decided Lynx Gaming Revival Esports The Trash Pick Up Team Team Obsidium Team Tahit Throwdown League Play Week 2

Pale Horse 3 - 1 Avant Gaming Pale Horse 3 - 2 JAM Gaming JAM Gaming 3 - 1 Noizee Isn’t Toxic Conspiracy Esports 3 - 2 Noizee Isn’t Toxic

Scylla Esports 3 - 1 Conspiracy Esports

Legacy Esports 3 - 1 Chiefs ESC

1. Square One

2. To Be Decided

3/4. Extricity

3/4. Team Excel Gaming

Team News

* Zombiefreak-v4z leaves To Be Decided

* Calamareee joins Cl4rity ESC as substitute. * Element 6 disbands.


1 - Chiefs ESC

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | Nil movement

With Chiefs ESC being our current residents kings of the castle, this week we saw them fall to one of the dirty rascals. For those playing at home you might take a stab at Pale, Jam or Scylla, however it was Legacy that took them down in a tight 3-1 victory. Whilst the loss was uncharacteristic of the boys, it's more likely to light a fire under them rather than be signalling a slump (they were playing well on the pitch, Legacy popped off). If anything I expect that they are about to double down on practice, and come LAN there is going to be a serious monster on our roaming about the field. - Courier

2 - Pale Horse eSports

Kamii, Kia, CJCJ, Julz, xkorez | + 1

It has been a jostle between JAM and Pale Horse for the Number 2 spot after the ESL AU&NZ Championship S2 Finals and this week is no different. Pale Horse move up to 2nd this week with wins over Avant Gaming (4th PR) 3-1 and JAM Gaming (3rd PR) 3-2 in Throwdown League Play this week. There was only 1 deciding game in it this week for me in the JAM matchup. It is such a close top 3 right now with 1 Power Ranker (Courier) even rating the top 3 as equal 1st. Where it lies for me is that Pale Horse and JAM are trading wins right now with the Chiefs unbeatable live. Online though anyone can take a win between the three. It will be interesting to see how things progress in the coming weeks to see if one can emerge as the top or if they will remain just as tight potentially making things very spicy for RLCS qualification at PAX. - Tibore

3 - JAM Gaming

shadey, Montyconnor, Express | - 1

JAM have been through a slight rough patch this week. Despite a close series with their rivals Pale Horse, in recent times they have become used to being victorious in this match up. Losing their Bo5 against them in Throwdown league play from being 2-1 up would indicate there’s some issues that need to be worked on. I would be surprised if they didn’t feel the same way. However, this team has a lot of experience between them and I fully expect them to bounce back this week against Avant Gaming. Keep a close eye on Express; he’s been their heavy hitter over the last few weeks and has steadily been climbing back to the form that had him as one of the best, if not the best player in Oceania. - n0lsk1

4 - Avant Gaming

Ellusive, Cyrix, Siki, Requiem | Nil movement

Avant Gaming will hold onto 4th this week after only playing one match against Pale Horse in Throwdown League Play; going down 1-3. It's not an unexpected result as Pale Horse have had the better of Avant for some time now. The hold though was a split decision with Legacy for 4th as Legacy are creeping up with a bit win against the Chiefs in the same tournament. The Avant Gaming side has been stuck around this 4th and 5th position for some time now and they will no doubt be trying to work out how to break into the Top 3 as this side has been so close but yet so far for a long time now. - Tibore

5 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Plitz, ZeN, Penor | + 1

Legacy, Legacy, Legacy. They may not have played many tournament games this week but when push came to shove they shoved hard. What am I talking about? The took down Chiefs ESC! It was a tight 3-1 match where every single game was inched out by a single goal. The star of the game was surprisingly their sub, Pen0r, who gave Plitz the opportunity and confidence to go absolutely nuts. This huge success for the team is not only going to revitalise them as they march towards RLCS but also lead to some interesting questions regarding team composition. - Courier

6 - Scylla Esports

Dumbo, Kira, Addzey, aoe_emp, Daisu | - 1

Scylla lose their 5th spot this week mainly down to the fact of Legacy beating out Chiefs, but Scylla still having a strong performance against Conspiracy. The recent addition of Addzey has seemingly helped this squad and with a bit more practice we could see Scylla finally back into the top 3-4, mainly based around a fast playstyle and great team synergy that we’re accustomed to. Scylla can be relatively happy this week as one of the ‘top’ teams for Throwdown league play given they’ve only played three matches, but there is definite room for improvement. - Nutterres

7 - Conspiracy Esports

SlurpeeMonster, Hectic, Walcott, Triggsy | Nil movement

These lads have consistently proved dominant against the teams below them and it’s almost as if that the 7th spot on the Power Rankings now belongs to Conspiracy, as is evident by their run through 2KF1 this week. But when it comes to teams above them they seem to always struggle, bar the miraculous one-off against JAM Gaming which was some time ago. Even against a depleted Scylla they were made light work of in Throwdown league play. Now it’s not to say that they’re not impressive, especially with the likes of Walcott on their side, but it would be fair to say that there is something missing from their gameplay, or rather their current style is not suited for top tier gameplay. In my opinion I feel they play at a slower pace than the teams above them and that’s what they struggle to overcome. I’d like to see them evolve their style into a pace that rivals their top 6 rivals; to believe in themselves and their skill to try something new in order to bridge the gap between 6th and 7th. - n0lsk1

8 - Noizee Isn’t Toxic

Zest, Noizee, Outlast, Reggles | + 1

There was no Noizee this week, so we saw their substitute Reggles step in for the first time in this line up, and he did not disappoint, with the newly formed team managing to take the first round off JAM Gaming in Throwdown league play. While they did lose the next three, it did set them up with a confidence boost for their next game against Conspiracy. The two teams showed to be very well balanced and in the end the side with the more experience came out on top, with their match going all the way. Next week they’ll have arguably the hardest task possible going up against Chiefs, so hopefully we’ll see them in one of the weekly tournaments to get a better idea of where they stack up against other bubble teams. - n0lsk1

9 - Lynx Gaming

Sammy, Snares, Delusion, Blu3y | + 1

Lynx Gaming have been playing in nearly everything they can get their hands on, and boy has it paid off. Whilst they’ve had some poor results against teams like Conspiracy and even Cl4rity, the odd win here and there solidifies their position as a top 10 team. The problem now is to keep up with the high standard of game play and attempt to keep Square One & Cl4rity off their heels for the time being. With Cl4rity now rising into the top 10 Lynx will be looking to a win or two against them this week if they want to stay just that step higher. - Nutterres

10 - Cl4rity ESC

Azora, Ryful, Thelulz, Calamareee | New

Cl4rity jump into Top 10 this week with a new roster for this team name. A very strong week moved them over Feint to claim 10th place. Going 9 wins and 1 loss for the week including a 3-0 win over Conspiracy (who had an unofficial sub) showed that they have the consistency and ability to beat teams around this area on the PR. Being in the top 10 isn’t a new thing for a lot of these players though and they will be looking to not only maintain their position but move up the ladder. This team could be a scary lineup for the future. - Tibore

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: Cl4rity ESC

Tibore: Cl4rity ESC

Courierlord: Legacy eSports

n0lsk1: JAM Gaming

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:

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