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Scylla Esports - Seasoned Veterans, Looking Strong

Scylla eSports is an Oceanic Rocket League team consisting of Dumbo, Addzey and SnarfSnarf, with substitutes Daisu and aoe_emp. The team was started in the later half of 2016, originally named Sand Castle, by Dumbo, Lukorice and aoe_emp, with Mord in a substitute position.

Sand Castle started out with a bang, immediately entering and placing highly in tournaments such as the Sennheiser Classic Finals, and the ESL Monthly tournament. All seasoned veterans of the OCE pro scene, it was no surprise to see them off to such a strong start as a newly-formed team.

Come early 2017, the squad was acquired by Athletico eSports, who were the organisation that held the team that is now JAM gaming. To almost no one’s surprise, the group continued their hot streak, placing third in the ThrowdownTV Season 1 Qualifier, and fourth place in the ESL Season 1 Invitational Qualifier. To the shock and surprise of many fans, starter player Lukorice was dropped from the team and replaced with SnarfSnarf, who previously played alongside Bango and Montyconnor for JAM gaming. This was surprising, as SnarfSnarf had played in the aforementioned roster since season 1 of Rocket League, when the competitive scene was only just beginning.

It was sad to see Lukorice leave the squad. Through his time on the team, he acted as a fantastic shot-setter and scorer. His chemistry with his teammates was not easy to replace. After the acquisition of SnarfSnarf, the team started out looking a bit awkward. Their previously flawless rotations were muddy, and it seemed like they were never quite sure who’s ball was who’s. Nevertheless, after weeks of training and getting to know each other’s play styles, the team came out even stronger than before.

The squad were starting to look like they were serious contenders to take the title of top team in OCE. They performed outstandingly well in the Rocket League Champion Series 3 qualifier, which was big news as this was the first time the Oceanic region had been included in the competition. After an exciting few weeks of league play, the squad finished the season in fourth place, after an incredibly tense series against JAM gaming. The months following the third season of RLCS saw the group improve further, determined to place in the finals of the next RLCS. Scylla eSports recruited the team in June of 2017, and Daisu was named the new substitute. Having to play in place of Dumbo while he was on a holiday, Daisu proved to be a fantastic asset to the team by helping them place well in the ESL monthly tournament. When Dumbo returned to the team, it was straight back to practising and scrimming other teams.

In July, Scylla qualified for the finals of the ThrowdownTV Season 3 Rocket League challenge. Scylla put on a great performance and ended up finishing the tournament in third place, losing out to Pale Horse eSports and old rivals JAM gaming. Going into the fourth season of the RLCS, Scylla again changed their roster, recruiting Addzey (an extremely seasoned player, having played on Abyss eSports and Skyfire) as a starting player and moving aoe_emp to the substitute position. Addzey immediately meshed well with the team, and at the rate they are currently playing, it would not be surprising to see them at the next RLCS LAN.

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