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The OCE Power Rankings - 21/08 - 27/08

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Shoutcaster & streamer with extensive knowledge of the Rocket League scene in Oceania.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Colour caster for ThrowdownTV.

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

With Throwdown S4 underway more teams are coming out of the woodworks to fight for RLCS glory. As a consequence we’re going to see a lot more teams competing for the top 15 rankings spots. The Open Qualifier served as a great opportunity for the newer and/or lower tier teams to test their mettle against similar and higher tier teams alike. Expect to see some shuffling beneath the top 6 teams in the coming weeks.

Tournament Results

1. Legacy eSports

2. Chiefs ESC

3/4. Square One

3/4. Extricity

MCS Wk 3

Chiefs ESC 4 - 3 Scylla Esports

Chiefs ESC 4 - 1 Conspiracy eSports

JAM Gaming 4 - 1 Avant Gaming

Legacy eSports 4 - 1 Conspiracy eSports

Legacy eSports 4 - 2 Scylla Esports

Pale Horse eSports 4 - 0 Feint

Pale Horse eSports 4 - 3 JAM Gaming

1. Scylla Esports

2. To Be Decided

3/4. Cl4rity ESC

3/4. Gooses with Nooses

1. Conspiracy Esports

2. Corrupt

3/4. Deft

3/4. Cl4rity ESC

1. Legacy eSports

2. Chiefs ESC

3/4. Gooses with Nooses

3/4. Vapour eSports Throwdown S4 Open Qualifier

Team News

* Addzey leaves Outlaws Gaming and joins Scylla Esports as core. aoe_emp moves to sub. * SToRMCLoRD moves to core for Outlaws Gaming.


1 - Chiefs ESC

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | Nil movement

A couple of hiccups for the Chiefs, losing to Legacy twice, once 1-3 with an unofficial sub in 2KF1 Grand Final, and once being full strengthened in the ESL Go4RL cup Grand Final. They don’t have to worry about Throwdown league qualification due to the new rules from RLCS about top 2 from OCE retaining their spot in league play at least. The Chiefs managed to navigate the MCS this week with 2 wins, just getting by Scylla 4-3 and smashing Conspiracy 4-1. The Chiefs are still the best team in the region right now and have definitely earned top spot back. Online play still has some hiccups to iron out, but any slight mention of a LAN finals associated with the tournament and expect the A team to show up. - Tibore

2 - Pale Horse eSports

Kamii, Kia, CJCJ, Julz, xkorez | Nil movement

Their momentum has finally come to a halt but it's a pretty darn good place to stabilise at. Having never receded since joining the leader board (and the only top 6 team to do so in the past 2 months), Pale is a team that has seen consistent improvement without the normal stylistic changes hurting their performance. With the 4-3 win against JAM as their notable match this week, we will be looking out to see whether or not this month will be the one that they trot into that first seed. - Courier

3 - JAM Gaming

MontyConnor, Express, shadey | Nil movement

JAM are one of the two teams already invited to RLCS League Play for Oceania so they have very little to worry about for at least a couple more weeks. One thing they do have to worry about are Pale Horse edging them out of the MCS with a close 4-3 loss this week. Luckily a solid 4-1 win over Avant keeps them in the running but a lack of tournaments played and with Legacy beginning to show improvements, JAM need to start pushing their weight around and finishing their series strongly. I look forward to seeing them in League Play but want to see some good results before then. - Nutterres

4 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Plitz, ZeN | + 2

The boys are back! Having gone 15 wins for no losses this week, across four competitions, they have flipped our expectations on their heads (not to mention they only dropped 7 games TOTAL). These matches weren’t just a case of them playing down either, with a 3-1 and a 4-2 against our resident champions Chiefs plus a 4-2 against scylla; they are sticking it to the crème de la crème. This is perfect timing too; with RLCS qualifiers just around the bend let's hope they keep making us eat our words. - Courier

5 - Avant Gaming

Cyrix, ellusive, Siki, Requiem | - 1

It’s the status quo for Avant, they’ve been hovering around 5th for the last 4 weeks; the best they could do to escape it was tied 4th last week. In that time, out of the top 6 teams they’ve only managed to beat Scylla Esports. Being favourites to qualify for Throwdown S4 league play, should they make it they’ll have to dig deep to secure a spot at LAN. - n0lsk1

6 - Scylla Esports

Dumbo, SnarfSnarf, Addzey, aoe_emp, Daisu | - 2

Scylla have now added to their roster in the pickup of Addzey from Outlaws, just in time for RLCS and with a view for improvement on the horizon. The only problem at the moment is that they can only use a maximum 4 players for RLCS and their overall qualification hopes will determine who leaves Scylla or sits out of the qualification series. Scylla had a tough run this week losing to both Chiefs and Legacy in MCS, and going 0-3 against Gooses with Nooses (pre-Addzey), but brought it back in the open qualifier with two simple 3-1 & 3-2 games respectively. I look forward to seeing whether this team improves over time with their new acquisition or whether this could be just another fad. - Nutterres

7 - Conspiracy Esports

Slurpee, Hectic, WallcottsPace, Triggsy | + 1

Conspiracy has solidified their position just outside the Power 6 with convincing wins across the board against the teams below but struggling with the likes of Legacy and Chiefs. Although no shame there, it’s those big wins they need to cross over that magic threshold and become that tier 1 team. With the 4-3 win against JAM the week before we know they have the potential, but it’s now a matter grinding out the little inconsistencies and proving they can go the distance. - Courier

8 - Feint

Flawe, Myst, Tulendeena, Calamareee | - 1

The highlight of their week no doubt is making top 16, which all things considered is expected for Feint. They are within a decent chance to make it to league play for Throwdown if they turn up on the day and results go in their favour. Either way it will be a good test for this team to see if they can handle themselves in a high pressure situation against the top teams in Oceania. - n0lsk1

9 - Gooses with Nooses

Sammy, Snares, Delusion, Blu3y | + 1

Gooses with Nooses will be one of the teams really looking to push that move into the top 8 and potentially league play for Throwdown. Each week they have been creeping up the standings and with a 3-0 against Scylla and 2-3 against Chiefs in ESL Go4RL the Gooses are showing they have what it takes to push the best. Will they be able to do it when it comes to crunch time in a bigger tournament? - Tibore

10 - Outlaws Gaming


The Outlaws lost Addzey this week over to Scylla but with SToRMCLoRD stepping in for the RLCS Open Qualifications they breezed through to the next stage without dropping a single game. I would expect the outlaws to look for another core and for SToRMCLoRD to move back to sub/couch as has been his role for so long. Maybe we could see his return to the fray which would be exciting, but I won’t hold my breath. Either way expect from practice before the final Throwdown League qualification. - Tibore

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: Square One

Tibore: Legacy eSports

Courierlord: Legacy eSports

n0lsk1: Conspiracy Esports

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:

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