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Rocket League Oceania makes major changes to it's community platforms in preparation for the fut


- Changes to RLO's Community Platforms

- RLO is looking for new volunteer staff.

Changes to Rocket League Oceania's community platforms

As most of you already know, Rocket League Oceania temporarily closed it’s Discord server at 11:00PM AEST on August the 16th. During this period RLO staff members took to rearranging the Discord server, in what is the first step to encouraging a healthier and stronger community within the Oceanic Rocket League scene.

We have made many changes in and out of the Discord server, before and after the beginning of the maintenance period, thus here are the main points;

RLO's New Competition Calendar

Rocket League Oceania will now service the community with a competition calendar which is constantly updated with past, present and upcoming events. The calendar displays 8 different kind of events, separated in a colour code. This calendar is aimed at helping teams and players easily identify the upcoming events and where to find it’s relevant information. Every organisation that runs events has permissions to add and edit events within this calendar, thus some events may include registration links, schedules, twitch links and more in the description.

The calendar can be found in the header of our website, in the #notice-board channel on the RLO Discord, or here.

RLO's New Cross-Promotional Support Guidelines

Rocket League Oceania has made heavy changes in the way it supports other organisations. For a long time Rocket League Oceania has been proud supporters of all competitive events within the region. This will continue to be the case, as we are always encouraging more input and competition within the scene, however organisations must agree to abide by a small document of guidelines ensuring they act and behave in a healthy and respectful manner towards to community, as well as protect the RLO brand. Discussion between the numerous organisations occurred a number of weeks ago when we finalised the document, and all organisations came to an agreement with Rocket League Oceania.

RLO's Preparations for New Content Creation

Rocket League Oceania has made preparations to move towards focusing more on content creation. We will continue our current practises such as running events and servicing the community, however we will now be making an increased effort to produce more community focused content. You may have seen slight glimpses of this in our recent twitter posts. In saying this, RLO is looking for new volunteer staff to come on a do creative works, granted this may become a small paying job in the future. We are especially looking for; writers, broadcast commentators, and broadcast hosts (stream hosts). To find out more, head here:

RLO's Website Redesign

We have redesigned our website for ease of use and access to information. Granted the website will be a forever expanding project, we are proud to bring you this new version with it’s possibilities moving forward. The home page has been updated to show news articles and Power Rankings in separate sections. The menu has been cleaned up for ease of navigation. The RLO Team page has been cleaned up and the support RLO section has been added to show the various ways in which people can support Rocket League Oceania. We’ve added the competition calendar to the top of the website and have done a vast general clean up of all the web pages and mobile versions.

RLO's Updated Rules, Regulations, Code of Conduct and other Documents

We have reviewed and updated all of our rules, regulations and code of conducts as well as implemented detailed guidelines outlining the prohibited behaviour in our Discord server. We take the safety and well-being of all our community members very seriously, thus we’ve been working hard to ensure we’re doing everything in our power to ensure the entire community can feel safe and happy within this communal space. We’ve made a number of small changes to a number of our existing documents, however the biggest addition will be the prohibited behaviour within the Discord server. This document is a list of prohibited behaviours possibly shown by community members. It also lists the respective consequences for the given behaviour. This is aiming to first increase the safety and security of everyone in the Discord server, secondly to make it very clear to perpetrators why consequences are being given, and finally to ease the load on our moderators, ensuring they know how to retaliate to a wide range of scenarios. We never wish to neglect the safety and well-being of our community, and will do everything in our power to ensure that the Oceanic Rocket League Community is the safest space it can possibly be.

The Removal of the #wasteland Channel

As a part of the restructuring of the RLO Discord server, we have removed the #wasteland text channel. Our goal is to grow and nurture the Rocket League scene in Oceania and to explore opportunities for all of its members, providing a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. We felt strongly that the presence of the #wasteland channel was in direct hindrance of that objective. We also understand the reason why a chat like that existed was partly due to the absence of a clearly outlined set of rules and expectations of the behaviour of our Discord members. To combat this, we have constructed a detailed set of server guidelines publicly viewable at all times in both the #notice-board channel (under Read Me’s), as well as in the channel description in #general (top of the window). In light of this, we will also be resetting some longstanding bans. We acknowledge that despite their actions, at the time due to either a lack of common sense, or generally unacceptable behaviour that nonetheless, they did not have access to the above guidelines. Those select users will be unbanned over the coming days and will undergo a 2-month probationary period. Should they trigger any mute within that period they will be rebanned permanently. We’re grateful to everyone who respects and understands our decisions as we work towards the benefit of the community as a whole.

Entire Changelog:

  • Added an entry channel to the Discord server, requiring people to formally acknowledge that they agree to abide by the Player Code of Conduct and Discord Prohibited Behaviour documents before being able to access all public text and voice channels.

  • Implemented the RLO Competition Calendar which will list all competitive events within the region. This will be replacing a number of our text channels.

  • Updated the Player Code of Conduct document

  • Implemented the RLO Discord Prohibited Behaviour document

  • Updated the #notice-board and #support-rlo text channels to look nicer

  • Changed the #donators text channel to #support-rlo, which now also shows a link to our volunteer page

  • Updated the RLO Competition Rules document

  • Updated support policies between Rocket League Oceania and the organisations in which it supports.

  • Redesigned the Rocket League Oceania website in preparation for a number of content streams.

  • Renamed the #clips-and-gifs text channel to #showcase,

  • Re-enabled reactions in the #showcase text channel through restricted reactions added by the new Moderation Bot

  • Added RLO Moderation, RLO Messages and auxiliary bots to the Discord server to tend to the needs and safety of our members.

We understand some of you may be confused or concerned about the above changes. If you do have any feedback, please feel free to approach an RLO Staff member, your feedback is very important to us. Keep a lookout for many more changes to come, as we have a lot planned for the Discord server and the space it creates for this amazing community. We’ll be making updates to the bots in the near future which will aim to increase effectiveness of certain text channels for users, increase effectiveness of outputting certain content, and overall make the Discord server more useful and enjoyable to be a part of.

RLO Is Looking for New Volunteer Staff Members

Ever since RLO has been hosting tournaments we have looked to improve the Oceanic scene as a whole, trying our best to cater for everyone, no matter their differences, and always striving to make the scene bigger, better & more fun.

To do this we have amazing volunteers who step up and provide whenever they’re needed, making new friends and learning new skills all along the way. If you’re interested in taking up any of the roles below, please contact the respective team leader.

Content creators - Team leader: Dover

- Broadcast Commentators

- Broadcast Hosts (Stream hosts)

- Content Leaders - Writers - Editors - Video Editors - Graphic Designers Please note the content team is likely to be structured around content ideas that you or others may present, where we’ll support these concepts in the best way we can through RLO.

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