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The OCE Power Rankings - 08/06 - 14/06

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Shoutcaster with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Analyst for Throwdown and RLCS. Rocket League addict.

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

The OCE shuffle goes on as teams and players continue to run around like headless chooks in a washing machine stuck in a hurricane. When the dust settles there will be only two teams in the regular top 10 that have not made core changes: Alpha Sydney and Sand Castle (now Scylla Esports). The top 2 teams now have the opportunity to pull away from rest as they sort themselves out and work out the kinks. Hopefully it settles sooner rather than later before the gap draws too wide.

Tournament Results

1. Sand Castle

2. Masterminds

3/4. Alpha Sydney

3/4. Pale Horse: Shire

1. Deus Inferos

2. (Yeatzy, Wolfeeyyy, Snares)

3/4. Pale Horse: White Cloud

3/4. Arkus eSports

1. SSU eSports

2. JAM Gaming

3/4. Pale Horse: Shire

3/4. R!OT Gaming

1. Sand Castle

2. Masterminds

3/4. The Tendencies

3/4. Bulletproof RLO

1. (Julz, xkorez, Daze)

2. Prodigy

3/4. Team Tahit

3/4. Deus Inferos 2KF1

1. Alpha Sydney

2. Prodigy

3/4. MCGI

3/4. (Yeatzy, Wolfeeyyy, Snares)

Team News

* xkorez joins The Drongos as sub.

* Soma is released from The Other Team. Siki joins in his place.

* CJM leaves Scylla Esports.

* Triggsy joins Pale Horse: Shire as sub.

* ZeN leaves Masterminds.

* Bango steps away from competitive RL temporarily to focus on year 12 studies.

* 1More reforms as Shadey, Daze and ZeN.

* Scylla Esports disbands.

* Dreameh leaves The Drongos.

* Scylla Esports picks up the Sand Castle line up. (changes will be reflected next week)


1 - Alpha Sydney

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | Nil movement

Alpha Sydney always has some fleeting moments of failure, it’s a real enigma why it happens, but this week they took a 1 - 2 loss to Masterminds. Despite the loss, they are still the strongest team in the region, and they’ll be biding their time for the next on season before we see Alpha Sydney step it up a notch. - yumi_cheeseman

2 - Sand Castle

Dumbo, Aoe_emp, SnarfSnarf | + 1

Sand Castle had their best week in a while, winning both Pale Horse and ESL (in a full tournament clean sweep). Granted they didn’t have to verse anyone else in the top 4 to make it, it’s still a great result. With the recent pickup of a new organisation, it may be the support they need to take it to another level and vie for that #1 position - yumi_cheeseman

3 - JAM Gaming

MontyConnor, Express | - 1

Type F for Bango, after being with JAM Gaming for more than a year, he’s taken a break to be able to complete his studies. This leaves JAM with the unfortunate task of looking for a new teammate, and for this week that was OverZer0. Not all news is bad, since Bango was busy with Year 12, the new roster member should allow JAM Gaming to begin practicing a lot more, and it’s scary to think that they’ll be able to do with a full week’s scrim schedule. - yumi_cheeseman

4 - The Other Team

Cyrix, ellusive, Siki | Nil movement

It’s great to see Siki, picked up for the eponymously named “The Other Team”. He should fit in with the midfield dominated play that Cyrix and ellusive bring, and we saw that reflected in their results, not losing a single game this week! Granted, they also didn’t play a single game this week, but as an old guard team of the region, they keep their fourth spot above the teams below who only just newly formed. - yumi_cheeseman

5 - Masterminds

Kamii, Kia, Requiem | + 1

Another fresh set of faces for Masterminds, this is the fourth iteration of the team we’ve seen, and with newly picked up Zen, they’ve been able to get some great results, including a 2 - 1 victory against Alpha Sydney. They play fast, get good challenges and put their opponents on the back foot, for a new team it indicates that they’ve got the ability to grow into a group that can challenge the top 4, and that’s always exciting. - yumi_cheeseman

6 - SSU eSports

ObeBluee, Sammy, Blu3y | + 3

The fresh roster is still finding their feet, with weeks of alternating form. This week was a good week as they managing to win the ESL Monthly Finals and of course, the highly sought after and ever illusive in-game titles. After being knocked down to the lower bracket by a significantly underpowered JAM Gaming, they managed to turn the tables in the final to take it out. The linkage between Sammy and Blu3y is unique in Oceania and it could turn out to be SSU eSports’ ace in the hole. Hopefully next week won’t be like their last and they’ll be able to build on this week’s success. - n0lsk1

7 - The Drongos

Dreameh, CJCJ, Julz, xkorez | Nil movement

Living up to their name are The Drongos, the consistently inconsistent bunch. One week they have the ability to smack around some of the best in the scene, other weeks they'll disappear entirely. This has been one of those weeks. Now with Dreameh leaving this line up it's unlikely that we'll see them again, and possibly the last time the staff will have to go through the emotional roller coaster of having to rank the topsy-turvy team. - n0lsk1

8 - Deus Inferos

Spiral, Curto, Seniaz, Decka | + 2

These boys have done exceedingly well in the amateur ranks and have all but obliterated the competition of teams below them. Now however is the time where they’ll have to start plying their efforts against teams above them to gain the necessary experience to climb the ranks. They had a rocky start roster wise but if they break the trend and stick together they could really make some noise in the mid table. - n0lsk1

9 - Scylla Esports

C.J.M, Daisu, Luis | - 1

This Scylla roster had a lot of promise but they just could never rise above the 6 to 10 spots they have been shifting around in for months. They made all previous 3 major leagues which is an accomplishment in itself but just couldn't find their way into the finals. This roster just disbanded which is sad to see. However the organisation of Scylla has made a huge pickup in Sand Castle so expect a big jump up the ladder for this team name next week. - Tibore

10 - Pale Horse: Shire

Slurpee, Hectic, WallcottsPace, Triggsy | + 1

These veterans of the scene have been grinding away for some time now under Pale Hose: Shire and it is paying off. Into the top 10 this week! The consistency will get them to the top 10 this week on a scene of doubt and confusion. The question will be is they can start pushing some results against top 10 sides now. - Tibore

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: SSU eSports

Tibore: All of them, so many roster changes.

yumi_cheeseman: Masterminds

n0lsk1: Next week’s Team News section :^]

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:

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