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The OCE Power Rankings - 01/06 - 07/06

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Highly attractive shoutcaster with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Analyst for Throwdown and RLCS. Rocket League addict.

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

The OCE shuffle is back and well underway with shiftings, formings, and disbandings running rampant in all tiers of the scene. The good news is Cyrix and Ellusive have returned this week, and with a tour de force. The bad news however is that this will be the last week we rank the current Corvidae line up, as Siki will be leaving them to join Cyrix’s team ‘The Other Team’. Further notable changes have been listed in the Team News below.

In other news, yumi_cheeseman, Torsos and Express will be doing a post-RLCS AMA in the Rocket League Reddit Discord at 9AM AEST tomorrow. Don’t miss out!

Tournament Results

1. Pale Horse: Shire


3/4. (Kamii, Yeatzy, Nerd)

3/4. Bulletproof

1. Deus Inferos

2. GTX

3/4. Arkus eSports

3/4. Pale Horse: White Cloud

1. Proud Alpha Supporters

2. Deus Inferos

3/4. GTX

3/4. Pale Horse: Shire

1. Proud Alpha Supporters

2. Sand Castle

3/4. Masterminds

3/4. Scylla Esports 2KF1

1. The Drongos

2. Arkus eSports

3/4. Incognito

3/4. Pale Horse: Shire

Team News

* xkorez joins The Drongos as substitute.

* MCGI disbands. * Lukorice and Greeny leave Masterminds.

* Kia leaves Sand Castle as substitute. Joins with ZeN in going to Masterminds with Kamii. Requiem moves to sub.

* Untouchable_Gilly no longer sub in SSU eSports.

* Siki leaves Corvidae to join Cyrix and Ellusive in The Other Team. Soma is released. (changes will be reflected next week) * Daze leaves Corvidae.


1 - Alpha Sydney

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | Nil movement

Alpha Sydney made their grand debut at RLCS and absolutely smashed it. Picking up their first game against Denial and so far the only win for any Oceanic team at RLCS, these boys have done an entire region proud. The only way for these boys is up, but with a return to Oceania will they bring the RLCS meta with them and help develop the scene, or will they just continue to wreak havoc on every team in our region? - Nutterres

2 - JAM Gaming

MontyConnor, Bango, Express | Nil movement

JAM were still on their way back from RLCS this ranking week with a hell of a learning experience. The proverbial punching bag of RLCS went first up against the eventual winners Northern Gaming, only to face OCE killers and FlipSid3 Tactics kryptonite The Leftovers in the lowers. However, that experience may prove invaluable if they work and build on it, and use that knowledge to further improve themselves. - n0lsk1

3 - Sand Castle

Dumbo, Aoe_emp, SnarfSnarf | Nil movement

3rd place again for the Castle made of Sand. One tournament for them this week and a 2nd place to “Pround Alpha Supporters” 2-4 who consisted of Soma, Cyrix and Ellusive at the time. This team still looks strong and should have been able to shaken off any RLCS hangover moving forward by now. It is time for them to start challenging for top 2 again. - Tibore

4 - The Other Team

Cyrix, Ellusive, Soma | New

Cyrix and Ellusive are Gamers, and this week they gamed their way to the top despite having to carry Soma through both RLO and ESL. They managed to take down a strong Sand Castle squad and are showing a lot of potential. It’ll be great to see how the new 1More roster performs going towards next season of tournaments and whether they can make more of a dent into the top teams. This guy thinks they can, but what do I know. - yumi_cheeseman

5 - Corvidae

Siki, Daze, Plitz, SSteve | - 1

Corvidae keep coming hot and cold, and this week is no exception, with big performances in major tournaments, they’ve recently been dropping series to much lower teams, including a 0 - 3 sweep loss to the newly formed Masterminds roster. With the news the Siki and Daze leaving Corvidae, this may be the last week we see Corvidae on the list, but at least they left behind a true legacy, and began the #seeballhitball era of Oceanic Rocket League. That mantle will be passed on, but it’ll forever by Corvidae in my heart. - yumi_cheeseman

6 - Masterminds

Kamii, Kia, ZeN, Requiem | New

Masterminds are an essentially new team to the power rankings, but only due to an almost full core change. Lukorice and Greeny moving away from the team into the usual Oceanic purgatory meant there were some open spots, now being filled by Kia and ZeN. A relatively successful first week sees them sit in at a strong 6th spot and shows that they mean business. With teams now back from RLCS and all the hype died down a bit, this could definitely be a team challenging those at the top but will need to prove themselves for quite a while to really make a jump. - Nutterres

7 - The Drongos

Dreameh, CJCJ, Julz, xkorez | - 1

The Drongos have had an almost successful week, taking out the 2KF1 Tuesday night tournament rather cleanly but being forced up against Corvidae in their first round of the ESL Weekly, leading to them being knocked out early. With the rumors of some teams reforming, players changing and rosters being switched up a bit, The Drongos just might be a team to shoot up the power rankings, but whether they can hold it once these teams are sitting strong will be the question. - Nutterres

8 - Scylla Esports

C.J.M, Daisu, Luis | - 1

Scylla had somewhat of a shaky week but will lose a spot due to Proud Alpha Supporters/The Other Team being ranked this week. Losses to Incognito 1-2 and Sand Castle 2-3 aren’t the greatest but it put them at 2 wins out of 4 games for the week; maintaining a 50% win record. Scylla still don’t look as strong without Outlast in the side so some work will have to be done to move back up the rankings. - Tibore

9 - SSU eSports

ObeBluee, Sammy, Blu3y | - 1

In a less than impressive week SSU eSports find themselves just inside the top 10. Albeit they are a very new lineup but with three short lived tournament runs this week it leaves a lot to be desired. Pale Horse: Shire and Deus Inferos are hot on their heels, they’ll need to improve drastically next week or risk losing their spot. - n0lsk1

10 - Deus Inferos

Spiral, Curto, Seniaz, Decka | New

Deus Inferos are now being ranked and will debut at 10th position. This week they won Friday Night Live and came 2nd in RLO for a second week in a row. With consistent good results over the past few weeks I am excited to see how this team will grow. There are some common and not so common names to the power rankings in this team, will the experience rub off on the newer players to the top 10? This side has potential to grow and I hope they can keep putting up good results. - Tibore

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: Deus Inferos

Tibore: Deus Inferos

yumi_cheeseman: The Other Team

n0lsk1: The Other Team

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:

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