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The OCE Power Rankings - 01/06 - 07/06

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:


Highly attractive shoutcaster with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.


Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.


Analyst for Throwdown and RLCS. Rocket League addict.


Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

The OCE shuffle is back and well underway with shiftings, formings, and disbandings running rampant in all tiers of the scene. The good news is Cyrix and Ellusive have returned this week, and with a tour de force. The bad news however is that this will be the last week we rank the current Corvidae line up, as Siki will be leaving them to join Cyrix’s team ‘The Other Team’. Further notable changes have been listed in the Team News below.

In other news, yumi_cheeseman, Torsos and Express will be doing a post-RLCS AMA in the Rocket League Reddit Discord at 9AM AEST tomorrow. Don’t miss out!

Tournament Results

Pale Horse Alpha Cup

1. Pale Horse: Shire


3/4. (Kamii, Yeatzy, Nerd)

3/4. Bulletproof

Vapour Esports Friday Night Live

1. Deus Inferos

2. GTX

3/4. Arkus eSports

3/4. Pale Horse: White Cloud


1. Proud Alpha Supporters

2. Deus Inferos

3/4. GTX

3/4. Pale Horse: Shire

ESL Go4RocketLeague

1. Proud Alpha Supporters

2. Sand Castle

3/4. Masterminds

3/4. Scylla Esports 2KF1

1. The Drongos

2. Arkus eSports

3/4. Incognito

3/4. Pale Horse: Shire

Team News

* xkorez joins The Drongos as substitute.

* MCGI disbands. * Lukorice and Greeny leave Masterminds.

* Kia leaves Sand Castle as substitute. Joins with ZeN in going to Masterminds with Kamii. Requiem moves to sub.

* Untouchable_Gilly no longer sub in SSU eSports.

* Siki leaves Corvidae to join Cyrix and Ellusive in The Other Team. Soma is released. (changes will be reflected next week) * Daze leaves Corvidae.


1 - Alpha Sydney

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | Nil movement