Ever since RLO has been hosting tournaments we have looked to improve the Oceanic scene as a whole, trying our best to cater for everyone no matter their differences and always making the scene bigger, better & fun.


To do this we have amazing volunteers who step up and provide whenever they’re needed, making new friends and learning new skills all along the way. If you’re interested in taking up any of the roles below please come find an RLO staff member in the RLO Discord


- Event Managers

Event managers will be responsible for overseeing the operations of any competitive or community events run by RL Oceania. This includes consulting with community members about the events, resolving any issues, communicating with a broadcast team and promoting events prior to start time. 


- Livestream broadcast host/producers

Broadcast hosts will be responsible for the production of broadcasts surround competitive and community events. This includes communicating with commentators, event managers and viewers during broadcasts, as well as running the broadcast will all screen assets and variable information inputs.


- Commentators

Commentators are the voice behind the action during our broadcasts, guiding viewers through their viewing experience as they watch the action on the screen.


- Writers

        The writer will responsible for writing articles surround the competitive and communal space that is Oceanic Rocket                    League.   They must collaborate with editors and community members to ensure they are outputting the best content                they can for the community to read.

- Video Editors

        Video editors will be creating video content for the various social platforms under RLO. The type of content is up to the               creator themselves, however, they'll be promoted and support by RLO in every which way possible

- Graphic Designers
        Graphic Designers will be creating graphic art pieces for the various social platforms under RLO. This includes infographics         Templates, Banners etc. 

Please note the content team is likely to be structured around content ideas that you or others may present, where we’ll support these concepts in the best way we can through RLO.


If you're interested in the above roles, please contact us at admin@rocketleagueoce.com, or come find us on the RLO Discord.


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RL Oceania also holds no rights to various organisation logos and material.

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