The RL Oceania Staff Code of Conduct

Rocket League Oceania(RLO) has a mission to aid and grow and maintain the Oceanic Rocket League Community by any means necessary. In pursuing its goals, Rocket League Oceania serves the interests of those within the community. The following code of conduct is designed to ensure that our staff uphold the values in which Rocket League Oceania stands by. The following code applies to all Rocket League Oceania Staff members including volunteer and minor staff.


  1. Staff members or not permitted to threaten any community member in any way.

  2. When removing messages from a public forum, Staff members must create a transcript of the messages, in any case they may be needed for evidence. This excludes spam.

  3. Staff members are not permitted to make major decisions without approval of at least one other Staff member. Major decisions include, but are not limited to:

    1. Punishments towards a community member(s), This includes, but is not restricted to:

      • Bans.

      • Kicks.

      • Tournament Removal.

      • Rejection of prizes.

    2. RLO tournament structure changes

    3. Initial contact with another organisation on behalf of RLO.

    4. Breaking RLO’s alliances and partnerships with other organisations.

    5. Editing any RLO rulesets, guidelines or code of conducts, including this one.

    6. Expenditure of any RLO savings.

    7. Publishing new artwork to any public forum on behalf of RLO.

    8. Publishing official statements on behalf of RLO.

    9. Creating accounts or aliases representing RLO.

    10. Editing accounts or aliases representing RLO.

    11. Recruitment of new RLO staff or admins.

    12. Termination of any RLO staff members.

    13. Cancelling an RLO event.

    14. Introducing a new event under RLO’s name.

    15. The handling and distribution of confidential information.

  4. Staff members must uphold mature and respectful behaviour while addressing any community members or public forums. They must act with honesty and integrity on behalf of Rocket League Oceania.

  5. All staff members must take responsibility for their actions and decisions. They must ensure they do not exceed the authority of their position.

  6. Staff members are not to engage in any form of abuse or harm against another community member. All community members are to be treated with respect and equality.

  7. Staff members, must protect all innocent community members, from any form of harm and abuse within the community, at all times possible.

  8. In the case of confrontation within the community, Staff members are required to collect all evidence and material, report to another staff member, and conclude on an appropriate response.

  9. When presenting punishment on a community member, said member must be informed of such punishments, and the public is to be notified of who has been punished and for what reason.

  10. Staff members must respect and maintain the confidentiality of information gained as a volunteer or employee, including, but not limited to, all computer software and files, the Rocket League Oceania business documents and printouts. 

  11. RLO staff are expected to project an approachable, friendly and fair attitude when addressing community members, no matter the circumstance.

  12. When issued with a proposition by a community member, staff must respond with reason and clarity. If a staff membersfeels they’re unable to respond appropriately, they are encouraged to consult another staff member.


Competition Management.

  1. It’s the responsibility of the RLO staff to ensure that there is always a minimum of 2 people managing a tournament at a single time, to fill out the following roles.

    1. Tournament Manager, who’s responsible for the following:

      1. Maintaining their assigned tournament bracket or set of competition matches.

      2. Ensuring their assigned matches are run smoothly, and at the appropriate times.

      3. Ensuring that games which are selected to be casted, have their respective teams notified and informed about the broadcast process.

      4. Ensuring the broadcasters have the information in order to broadcast said matches.

    2. Tournament Representative, who’s responsible for the following:

      1. Delivering the initial tournament brief, stating all necessary information.

      2. Monitoring the competitions Twitch chat.

      3. Monitoring the RLO discord text channels.

      4. Monitoring RLO social media.

      5. Maintaining and responding to questions and statements in any of these when necessary

      6. Responding to competition disputes, and questions.

  2. Staff members who are assigned to these roles are not permitted to abandon their role and other tournament staff, without finding a replacement staff member.

  3. Staff members are only permitted to be absent from these roles for the following reasons:

    1. Use of toiletries.

    2. Quick consumption of food or drink.

    3. Emergencies, or home matters.

  4. It’s the responsibility of RLO staff members to ensure that there is at least one staff member managing each bracket


At no point in time, must this code be breached by a Rocket League Oceania staff member. Any breach of this code may result in position review, demotion or termination of said individual.