Recently you may have seen that our discord server [discord.gg/rlo] has had an influx of bot accounts that have direct messaged and called some of our members & players.


Please be aware that RL Oceania will not tolerate this, and thus moving forward will be implementing measures to prevent similar actions from happening again in the future.


We strongly advise you to never click any sort of link that you do not trust. Whether it be a giveaway link, tournament link or anything of the sorts.


All RLO related giveaways and tournaments will be posted here on our website (rloceania.com), social channels (Twitter: @RLOceania) (Facebook: @RLOCE) and news channels within our Discord server.


It's when a person sends you a link to a malicious site made to look real. This is mainly used to try and get you to enter your login information so they can gain access to your account.


- The URL is spelled incorrectly (or the site itself has any misspellings).


- Their offer sounds too good to be true (there are no free credits, no free items, 40 items vs 1 big ticket item)


- Steam shouldn't ask you to re-enter your info once logged in. If a site asks for you to re-enter your username/password open https://steamcommunity.com/ in a new tab to make sure you're already logged in.


- Being sent links out of the blue - The site forces you to login before viewing its content, especially for something simple that can be done over discord/adding a friend on steam, like trading or signing up for a tournament.


- The site isn't secure, doesn't have the padlock to the left of the URL, and the site doesn't start with "https://"


- It's a website/service you've never heard of before.